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The La Copa Junior tournament is a reoccurring CMLL event featuring second (or greater) generation wrestlers. The exact name of the tournament has varied at times, sometimes including VIP to indicate the top wrestlers or Nuevo Valores to indicate younger ones but always keeping the same concept. As with many CMLL tournaments, the concept appears some years and not others.

The son of a luchador concept is mostly kept too, though CMLL has snuck in worked relationships and allowed nephews of sons to participate.

Year #Participants Winner Runner Up
1996 16 Emilio Charles Jr. Hector Garza
2004 16 Shocker Dr. Wagner Jr.
2005 16 Dos Caras Jr. Hector Garza
2010 20 Dragon Rojo Jr. Averno
2012 20 La Sombra Tama Tonga
2014 12 Super Halcón Jr. Canelo Casas
2014 (VIP) 16 Maximo Mephisto
2016 16 Esfinge Puma
2017 16 Soberano Jr. Sanson
2017 (VIP) 12 Niebla Roja Mephisto
2019 20 Universo 2000 Jr. Esfinge
2021 20 Angel de Oro Caristico

The first three incarnations were held near the beginning of the year. Copa Junior returned in 2010 as an end of year tournament, then went back to being a start of the year tournament in 2014.,

The forerunner to this tournament may have been the 1995 CMLL Second Generation Tag Team Tournament.


The first (known) occurrence was in 1996. The 16 participants in the first tournament were Apolo Dantes, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Gladiador, El Hijo del Santo, Emilio Charles Jr., Espectro Jr., Hector Garza, Humberto Garza Jr., Karloff Lagarde Jr., La Fiera, Mano Negra, Rambo, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Scorpio Jr., Silver King and Shocker.

The tournament was held over two Arena Mexico shows. The first, on 02/23, contained 8 opening round matchups. The second show, on 03/01, featured an 8 man tournament to decide the winner.

02/23/96   03/01/96   03/01/96   03/01/96
 Dr. Wagner Jr. W  
 Espectro Jr.      Dr. Wagner Jr.  
 Hector Garza W    Hector Garza W    
 Rambo        Hector Garza W  
 Rayo de Jalisco Jr. W        Apolo Dantes  
 Karloff Lagarde Jr.      Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
 Apolo Dantes W    Apolo Dantes W      
 Hijo del Gladiador        Hector Garza
 Silver King W        Emilio Charles Jr. W
 Humberto Garza      Silver King W  
 Mano Negra W    Mano Negra  
 El Hijo del Santo        Silver King
 La Fiera W        Emilio Charles Jr. W  
 Scorpio Jr.      La Fiera W
 Emilio Charles Jr. W    Emilio Charles Jr.  

Son                     Father
Apolo Dantes            Alfonso Dantes
Dr. Wagner Jr.          Dr. Wagner
El Hijo del Gladiador   none; NOT El Gladiador
El Hijo del Santo       Santo
Emilio Charles Jr.      Emilio Charles
Espectro Jr.            none; Espectro I's nephew
Hector Garza            Humberto Garza
Humberto Garza Jr.      Humberto Garza
Karloff Lagarde Jr.     none; Karloff Lagarde's nephew
La Fiera                Hercules Poblano
Mano Negra              El Rebelde
Rambo                   Pepe Mendieta
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.     Rayo de Jalisco
Scorpio Jr.             Scorpio
Shocker                 Pato Soria


In 2005, the event was revived (though presented as a new concept) with the idea of making it a yearly event. This time, it was a (for the time) standard 16 man tournament over three weeks: two 8 man tournaments on January 21 (won by Shocker) and January 28 (Dr. Wagner Jr.), followed by the bracket winners meeting on February 4th.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Alan Stone  
 Apolo Dantes W      Apolo Dantes W  
 Averno    Negro Casas    
 Negro Casas DQ        Apolo Dantes  
 Blue Demon Jr. W        Shocker W  
 Misterioso II      Blue Demon Jr.
 Brazo de Plata    Shocker W      
 Shocker CO        Shocker W
 Felino W        Dr. Wagner Jr.
 Mascara Magica      Felino W  
 Dos Caras Jr. W    Dos Caras Jr.  
 Mephisto        Felino
 Dr. Wagner Jr. W        Dr. Wagner Jr. W  
 Volador Jr.      Dr. Wagner Jr. W
 Rayo de Jalisco Jr.    Rayo de Jalisco  
 Brazo de Oro  

Son               Father
Alan Stone        El Greco
Apolo Dantes      Alfonso Dantes
Averno            Rodolfo Ruiz
Blue Demon        Blue Demon
Brazo de Oro      Shadito Cruz
Brazo de Plata    Shadito Cruz
Dos Caras Jr.     Dos Caras
Dr. Wagner        Dr. Wagner
Felino            Pepe Casas
Mascara Magica    El Troyano
Mephisto          Kahoz
Misterioso II     none; Misterioso is his uncle
Negro Casas       Pepe Casas
Rayo de Jalisco   Rayo de Jalisco
Shocker           Pato Soria
Volador Jr.       Volador/Super Parka

Apolo Dantes took the place of Hector Garza, who was stuck in the US during the show. Mascara Magica took the place of Olimpico, who suffered a neck injury the week before the match. Brazo de Oro took the place of Emilio Charles Jr., who suffered a hand injury.


The 2006 version of the event was a one night, 16 man tournament. Dos Caras Jr. was ultimately the winner. Due to the format, no match lasted ten minutes, and nothing really came of the win.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Perro Aguayo Jr. W      Perro Aguayo Jr.  
 Dr. Wagner Jr. W    Dr. Wagner Jr. W    
 Mephisto        Dr. Wagner Jr.  
 Dos Caras Jr. W        Dos Caras Jr. W  
 Heavy Metal      Dos Caras Jr. W
 La Mascara    Apolo Dantes      
 Apolo Dantes W        Dos Caras Jr. W
 Hector Garza W        Hector Garza
 Brazo de Plata      Hector Garza W  
 Mascara Magica    Hijo de Lizmark  
 Hijo de Lizmark W        Hector Garza W
 Volador Jr.        Olimpico  
 Olimpico W      Olimpico W
 Misterioso II    Negro Casas  
 Negro Casas W  

Participant       Father
Dr. Wagner Jr.    Dr. Wagner Sr.
Brazo de Plata    Shadito Cruz
Dos Caras Jr.     Dos Caras Sr.
La Mascara        Brazo De Oro
Lizmark Jr.       Lizmark
Heavy Metal       Pepe Casas
Volador Jr.       Remo Banda
Negro Casas       Pepe Casas
Perro Aguayo Jr.  Perro Aguayo Sr.
Olimpico          Roy Aguirre
Hector Garza      Humberto Garza
Apolo Dantes      Alfonso Dantes
Mascara Magica    El Troyano
Mephisto          Kahoz
Misterioso II     Misterioso
Averno            Rodolfo Ruiz


Dragon Rojo Jr.

This year's tournament included twenty wrestlers in a new single elimination tournament format. The field was split into two blocks of 10. The traditional battle royals to determine seeding also offered a bye to the block final. The first eight were seeding in the tournament as normal. The final two left in the ring immediately faced off in a normal one fall match, with the winner advancing directly the block finals (the overall semifinals) and the loser eliminated.

All matches were held in Arena Mexico. The first block was held on December 10, 2010. The seeding and tournament structure required Dragon Rojo Jr. to win consecutive matches over La Mascara, Sombra and Volador Jr.. Dragon pulled off the feat to win this block.

The second block was be held on December 17, with Averno earning the short road to the block final and defeating his long time rival Mistico to advance to the final.

The final took place on a special December 25th show. After the referee was knocked down, Dragon Rojo fouled Averno and covered. However, the referee argued with Averno's second Mephisto instead of realizing there was a cover. Dragon Rojo let go to cover, and Averno took advantage to foul Dragon Rojo. The referee noticed the second foul, and disqualified Averno.

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
       Volador Jr.  
       battle royal  
         Volador Jr. W  
       battle royal  
         Volador Jr.  
 La Sombra W      Dragon Rojo Jr. W  
 Mephisto      La Sombra W  
 Olimpico W      Olimpico  
 Rush      La Sombra
 La Mascara W      Dragon Rojo Jr. W  
 Felino      La Mascara  
 Dragon Rojo Jr. W      Dragon Rojo Jr. W  
 Maximo        Dragon Rojo Jr. DQ
       battle royal  
       Averno W
       Hijo del Fantasma  
       Hijo del Fantasma  
       battle royal  
       Averno W  
 Texano Jr. W      Mistico  
 Rotoporky      Texano Jr.    
 Negro Casas W      Negro Casas W    
 Angel de Oro      Negro Casas
 Hector Garza W      Mistico W  
 Delta      Hector Garza
 Mistico W      Mistico W  
 Misterioso II  


Participant Father
Angel de Oro Apolo Chavez
Averno Rodolfo Ruiz
Brazo de Plata Shadito Cruz
Delta Trueno (original)
Dragon Rojo Jr. Dragon Rojo[1]
Felino Pepe Casas
Hector Garza Humberto Garza
Hijo del Fantasma Fantasma
La Mascara Brazo de Oro
La Sombra Brillante
Máximo Brazo de Plata
Mephisto Kahoz
Misterioso Jr. Misterioso[2]
Místico Dr. Karonte
Negro Casas Pepe Casas
Olímpico Roy Aguirre
Rush Poder Boricua
Shocker Pato Soria
Texano Jr. Texano
Volador Jr. Volador
  1. Dragon Rojo Jr. is billed as Dragon Rojo (70s)'s grandson, but the two are actually unrelated
  2. Misterioso II is actually Misterioso's nephew


This year's tournament again included twenty wrestlers in two blocks of ten. The format was again changed, from single elimination to ciberneticos. The cibernetico themselves were split between five rudos and five tecnicos, with no battle royal for teams.

All matches were held in Arena Mexico. The first block was held on November 30, 2012.

eliminated by
Delta Tiger
Olímpico La Mascara
Mascara Dorada Mephisto
Tiger Angel de Oro
La Mascara Volador
Mephisto La Sombra
Angel de Oro Negro Casas
Negro Casas La Sombra
Volador Jr. La Sombra

That left La Sombra as the winner.

eliminated by
Misterioso Jr. Guerrero Maya Jr.
Super Porky Puma
Stuka Dragon Rojo
Puma Shocker
Guerrero Maya Jr. Tama Tonga
Felino Maximo
Dragon Rojo disqualified for fouling Maximo
Maximo disqualified for pulling off Dragon Rojo's mask
Shocker Tama Tonga

Tama Tonga advanced to the final.

The final took place on a special December 14th show. Sombra defeated Tama Tonga in a best out of three falls match. The finish was controversial, as Tonga appeared to be kicked out before 3.


La Copa Jr. (January)

The entry list and format changed again in 2014. This time, only young juniors were in the tournament, including luchadors who were debuting in Arena Mexico in the tournament. The tournament itself was a 10 man cibernetico, held on New Year's Day.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Robin Hijo del Signo 11:48
Herodes Dragon Lee 15:16
Dragon Lee Cachorro 16:03
Hijo del Signo Super Halcón Jr. 18:43
Oro Jr. Guerrero Negro Jr. 19:46
Black Panther Stigma 20:47
Stigma Canelo Casas 21:19
Cachorro Super Halcón Jr. 22:39
Hombre Bala Guerrero Negro Jr. 23:32
Canelo Casas Super Halcón Jr. 25:05
Super Halcón Jr. won the cibernetico

La Copa Jr. VIP (September, October)

The tournament was brought back for a VIP version later in the year. This time, bigger names were included and the tournament switched back to a single elimination format.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Mephisto W  
 Guerrero Maya Jr.      Mephisto W  
 Shocker W    Shocker     September 26
 Misterioso Jr.        Mephisto W  
 Volador Jr. W        Volador Jr.  
 Tiger      Volador Jr. W
 La Mascara W    La Mascara      
 Felino        Mephisto
 Delta        Maximo W
 Stuka Jr. W      Stuka Jr.  
 Maximo W    Maximo W   October 3
 Puma        Maximo W[1]
 Angel de Oro[2]        La Sombra  
 La Sombra W      La Sombra W
 Rush W    Rush  
  1. DQ for Sombra ref attack
  2. a replacement for Brazo de Plata


This year's tournament included sixteen wrestlers in two blocks of eight. There was a cibernetico for each block.

All matches were held in Arena Mexico. The first block was held on January 5, 2016.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Hijo del Signo Oro Jr.
Magnus Skandalo
El Cuatrero Hombre Bala Jr.
Oro Jr. Puma
Skandalo Blue Panther Jr.
Hombre Bala Jr. Puma
Blue Panther Jr. Puma
Puma won the cibernetico

The second block was held on January 12, 2016.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Soberano Jr. Sanson
Espanto Jr. Super Halcón Jr.
Canelo Casas The Panther
Super Halcón Jr. Tiger
Sanson Esfinge
The Panther Tiger
Tiger Esfinge
Esfinge won the cibernetico

The final took place on January 19. Esfinge defeated Puma in a best out of three falls match.


This year's tournament included sixteen wrestlers in two blocks of eight. There was a cibernetico for each block. All matches were held in Arena Mexico.

The first block was held on April 14, 2017.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
El Hijo del Signo The Panther 08:14
Oro Jr. Canelo Casas 09:03
Espanto Jr. Drone 14:04
The Panther Cuatrero 15:40
Canelo Casas Soberano Jr. 19:39
Drone Cuatrero 26:00
Cuatrero Soberano Jr. 30:34
Soberano Jr. won the cibernetico

The second block was held on April 21, 2017.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Artillero Star Jr. 08:20
Stigma Forastero 10:18
Star Jr. Sansón 12:12
Magnus Blue Panther Jr. 14:10
Esfinge Sansón 17:03
Forastero Blue Panther Jr. 18:47
Blue Panther Jr. Sansón 22:36
Sansón won the cibernetico

Sansón defeated Soberano Jr. in the final on April 28th.

2017 VIP

A "VIP" tournament of higher ranked wrestlers was held on December 1st in Arena Mexico. Sansón, who finished second in the first 2017 tournament, was included. Winner Soberano Jr. was not included.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Stuka Jr. Euforia 07:39
Felino Dragon Lee 09:35
Dragon Lee Sansón 14:18
Euforia Caristico 15:00
Shocker DQ (foul to Volador) 16:54
Volador Jr. DQ (foul to Shocker) 16:54
Negro Casas Caristico 18:00
Mistico Sansón 19:00
Sansón Caristico 23:22
Caristico Mephisto 23:56
Mephisto Niebla Roja 27:45
Niebla Roja won the cibernetico


This year's tournament included twenty wrestlers in two blocks of ten. There was a cibernetico for each block.

All matches were held in Arena Mexico. The first block was held on December 3, 2019

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Leono Oro Jr. 07:08
Sangre Imperial Hijo del Signo 07:42
Toro Bill Jr. Drone 09:08
Yago Tiger 10:12
Hijo del Signo Blue Panther Jr. 11:04
Oro Jr. Guerrero Maya Jr. 11:29
Drone Tiger 13:03
Tiger Blue Panther Jr. 14:01
Blue Panther Jr. Guerrero Maya Jr. 19:53
Guerrero Maya Jr. won the cibernetico

The second block was held on December 10, 2019

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Principe Odin Jr. Magnus 08:02
Bengala Robin 10:01
Halcon Suriano Jr. Espanto Jr. 11:35
Magnus Stigma 14:19
Espanto Jr. Universo 2000 Jr. 15:46
Robin Black Panther 16:25
Black Panther DQ (Esfinge mask removal) 17:19
Stigma Universo 2000 Jr. 18:58
Esfinge Universo 2000 Jr. 20:36
Universo 2000 Jr. won the cibernetico

Universo 2000 Jr. defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. in the final on December 17.


The tournament originally was scheduled on December 18, 2021 but postponed due Mexico City shutting down after a spike in COVID cases. The tournament was rescheduled to March 26th in Arena Mexico, remaining a one night cibernetico.

Dragon Rojo Jr. made his return to CMLL after two years off due to injury, replacing Niebla Roja (who was replaced after the Decemeber show was postponed.) The December date was meant to be the debut of Tiger as Felino Jr.; he held of the official name change for three months until coming into this match.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Mephisto Stuka Jr.
Felino Mistico
Star Jr. Caristico
Stuka Jr. Negro Casas
Soberano Atlantis
Negro Casas Dragon Rojo Jr.
Felino Jr. Mistico II
Atlantis Jr. Angel de Oro
Mistico II DQ
Dragon Rojo Jr. Caristico
Caristico Angel de Oro
Angel de Oro won the cibernetico

Mistico II was DQed for accidentally unmasking Dragon Rojo Jr.

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