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For his replacement in 2023 see Máscara Dorada 2.0 EMLL previously had another Mascara Dorada (1949)


Máscara Dorada
Máscara Dorada
Name Máscara Dorada
Real name
Nicknames "El Joven Maravilla" (Wonder Boy/Boy Wonder), "The King of the ropes"
Name history Gitano Jr. (2002? - ?), Plata II (July 2007), Metalik (August 2007 - 11/4/08, 2023-), Máscara Dorada (11/7/08-2016, 2021-2023), Gran Metalik (WWE, 2016-2021)
Family Gitano (father), Metalik II (brother[1])
Maestro(s) Gitano, Gran Cochisse, Satánico, Indio Vitela
Birth date, location August 24 (was listed as November 3 on NJPW website), 1988 - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location July 14, 2005
Lost mask to
Height 172 cm/5'8"
Weight 78 kgs/172 lbs
Signature moves Brillo Dorado/Brillo Metalik (inside springboard tope con giro), various craziness, torito, Dorada Screwdriver/Metalik Driver, Moonsault, tope suicida
Titles: Occidente Welterweight Championship, CMLL World Welterweight Championship(2),CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship, Mexican National Trios Championship (w/Metro & Stuka Jr.), CMLL World Trios Championship (2, w/La Sombra & La Máscara and w/Valiente & Místico II), CMLL National Parajes Increíbles Tournament (2 w/Atlantis), NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship, FantasticaMania Tag Team Tournament 2015 (w/Atlantis), WWE 24/7 Championship


Got his start in Guadalajara, and turned up in YouTube clips for his spectacular spots as Metalik. Formed a Fuerza M técnico trio with Metatron and Metal Blanco, but was clearly on the fast track to Mexico City. Won the Occidente Welterweight Championship before he left and didn't lose it before the name change; titles in limbo were not unusual for Guadalajara in this era.

Wresteled for a few months in CMLL as Metalik, looking spectacular but inconsistent. CMLL had Mascarita Dorada reintroduce him as his full sized associate, Máscara Dorada. CMLL billed Máscara Dorada as a brand new wrestler, only later acknowledging his former identity. Echoing the debut of Grey Shadow the prior year, Dorada was given a big push out of the gate but was rejected by the Mexico City's audience due to frequent botched spots. Dorada's disappionting performance appeared to be the breaking point for CMLL's relationship with the trainers who were running Arena Coliseo Guadalajara at the time; they were removed, with new trainers Gran Cochisse and Satanico (part time) criticizing the work of the previous management when taking over.

Dorada was shuffled to lower on the card, and given on the job retraining. For many months, Dorada squared off with either Virus or Felino in every match, with the veterans forcing him to improve. Dorada regained some lost confidence and turned into a more solid midcard performer. CMLL rewarded him by having him win the reborn CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship, winning a cibernetico over wrestlers who were normally positioned a spot or two below him.

Once held 4 championships at once: the CMLL World Welterweight Championship, CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship, CMLL World Trios Championship, and the Mexican National Trios Championship.

Had a fairly uneventful run in WWE as Gran Metalik, as part of the Lucha House Party group alongside Kalisto and Lince Dorado. They were never pushed and never got over. Since leaving has pretty much taken exclusively US bookings. Announced he was reverting to the Metalik ring name on his debut for ROH in 2023 as he actually owns that name, unlike the murky situation with Máscara Dorada.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2008/05/18 hair Metalik Jeque Arena Coliseo - Guadalajara, Jalisco


as Gitano Jr. (age 14), w/Mascarita Sagrada
as Metalik
as Metalik
w/ Fuerza M
as Metalik