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not the first Angel de Oro


Ángel de Oro
Ángel de Oro
Name Ángel de Oro
Real name José Miguel Chavez Velazco
Nicknames "El Joven de 24 Kilates"
Name history Ángel de Oro (debut -)
Family Apolo Chávez (father), Ángel de Plata (brother)
Maestro(s) Gran Cochisse, Corsario Rojo, Diabolico, Satanico, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location March 21, 1988, Gomez Palacio
Obituary date
Debut, location July 14, 2005, Gomez Palacio
Lost mask to Cuatrero - March 16, 2018 - Arena Mexico
Height 178 cms/5'10"
Weight 83 kg/183 lbs
Signature moves La Mecedora, Arras de Oro, Moonsault
Titles: Reyes del Aire (2011, 2011), Mexican National Trios Titles (w/Diamante & Rush), CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship, CMLL World Middleweight Championship, Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, 2020 Leyenda de Azul, CMLL Copa Independencia 2022


Angel de Oro made his CMLL in-ring debut in 2008, and is a rapidly rising tecnico high flyer. One of many Laguna based wrestlers to find success in CMLL since the late 00s, Oro has been notable for winning or placing well in many rookie tournaments. Oro can perform spectacular moves, but his greater trait is the reliability of his moves; Oro is one of the more consistent performs of his age range. CMLL seems to be building him as a younger, more aerial version of La Mascara. Both use classic lucha submission holds as their trademark finishers, and neither are the first men to use their names in CMLL. This Angel de Oro was preceded by Angel de Oro (Original)

Angel de Oro started out in Laguna arenas, most notable Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio. He worked against Guerrero Inca in almost all of his early matches. Inca was actually Oro's brother, the future Angel de Plata. Oro and Plata made their CMLL debuts at Dos Leyendas, 2008. They did not have a match, but posed with Hector Garza before his hair match with El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. There was actually a third Angel (de Bronce?) with Garza, who's existence is mentioned whenever Oro's debut is retold, but never appeared again. In addition, one of the Angels (believed to be Plata) suffered an injury soon after, postponed the group's debut.

Angel de Oro's in ring debut was in late summer '08. He and Plata joined up with Angel Azteca Jr. to form Los Angeles Celestiales, a segunda/tercera trios team battling the likes of Guerreros Tuareg, trading wins and losses without going anywhere. Angel de Oro's singles surge started with a surprise mask win over Fabian el Gitano in June of 2010, and really took off when he won the 2011 Reyes del Aire. Angel de Oro was split off from his teammates, and united with Diamante & Rush to win the Mexican National Trios Championship. The championship and the reign did not amount to much, but spotlighted the three as future stars of the company. Oro also won the long Forjando un Idolo tournament, participated in various tournaments, and challenged Dragon Rojo Jr. for the CMLL World Middleweight Championship. Oro started of the next year by winning the 2012 Reyes del Aire, against a slightly tougher field than the year before.

Oro did not continue his momentum much post that point. He established himself as an upper midcarder and won the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship in 2014, but seemed to be stuck without a major feud until 2018 when he feuded with Cuatrero which lead to a mascara contra mascara match between the two at Dos Leyendas, 2018.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2010/07/18 mask (1) Ángel de Oro Fabián el Gitano Arena México - Mexico City
2018/03/16 mask Cuatrero Ángel de Oro Arena México - Mexico City
2019/03/15 hairs Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja Bestia del Ring & El Terrible Arena México - Mexico City
2023/09/16 hair (2) Volador Jr. Angel de Oro Arena México
(1) Final Ruleta: Infierno En el Ring; (2) Finals of Relevos Increíbles con Final Suicida with Averno and Ultimo Guerrero



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9.16.22, Winning the Copa Independencia
Winning the 2020 Leyenda de Azul