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Reyes del Aire (Kings of the Air) is CMLL's high flyers tournament. The tournament usually works as a cibernetico with mostly young and undercard tecnicos, with the idea of focusing more attention on the winner. Reyes del Aire grown in importance each year.

The size of the tournament varies year to year. The tournament is usually held in Arena Mexico, but some have taken place in Arena Puebla. CMLL will occasionally run multiple tournaments in a year for no explained reason.

Past Winners

2005: Volador Jr.
2006: La Mascara
2007: Volador Jr. (2) & Virus
2008: Valiente
2009: Volador Jr. (3)
2011: Angel de Oro
2012: Angel de Oro (2) & Valiente (2)
2013: La Sombra
2014: Stuka Jr.
2015: La Sombra (2)
2016: Bárbaro Cavernario
2017: Angel de Oro (3)
2019: Titán
2020: Templario
2022: Stuka Jr. (2)
2023: Dragon Rojo Jr.
2024: Mistico


This year's Reyes del Aire match was held on June 10, in Arena Mexico.

Order of Elimination

  1. Leono (by Tigre Metalico)
  2. Stuka Jr. (by Tigre Blanco)
  3. Tigre Metalico (by Misterioso II)
  4. Tigre Blanco (by Alan Stone)
  5. Alan Stone & Virus (double pinfall)
  6. La Mascara (by Misterioso II via La Rosa Driver)
  7. Misterioso II (by Volador Jr. via Spanish Fly)

Volador Jr. defeated Ricky Marvin with a Dos Caras Clutch for the victory.


This year's Reyes del Aire match was held on June 18, in Arena Coliseo.

Order of Elimination

  1. Valiente (by Leono)
  2. Danger (by Tony Rivera)
  3. Loco Max (by Oro II)
  4. Leono (by Stuka)
  5. Oro II (by Neutron)
  6. Tony Rivera (by Mascara Purpura)
  7. Stuka Jr.
  8. Mascara Purpura (double countout with Stuka Jr., suffered an injury on a dive)
  9. Neutron

La Mascara defeated Neutron with his La Campana for the victory.


There were two Reyes del Aire tournaments in 2008.


The first Reyes del Aire of the year was held on February 16th in Arena Mexico.

Order of elimination

  1. Sombra de Plata
  2. Super Nova
  3. Valiente
  4. Metro
  5. Leono
  6. Misterioso II
  7. Stuka Jr.
  8. Virus
  9. Felino
  10. Alex Koslov (double pin with Felino)
  11. Sagrado
  12. Averno
  13. Mephisto
  14. La Mascara
  15. Sangre Azteca

Volador Jr. was the winner, pinning Sangre after a Spanish Fly.


The second Reyes del Aire of the year was held on October 2nd in Arena Coliseo. This tournament featured lower level wrestlers as compared to the early Reyes del Aire

Wrestlers included:

Virus was the winner, defeating Valiente for the win.


This year's Reyes del Aire was held on May 9th in Arena Mexico.

Order of Elimination:

  1. Loco Max
  2. Stuka Jr.
  3. Virus
  4. Flash
  5. Diamante Negro
  6. Mascara Purpura
  7. Euforia
  8. Ephesto
  9. Volador Jr.
  10. Mr. Aguila (draw with Volador Jr.)
  11. La Mascara
  12. Misterioso II
  13. La Sombra
  14. Sangre Azteca
  15. Valiente

Valiente was the winner.


This year's tournament was held on October 12. Breaking with the usual pattern, this was held in Arena Puebla.

At the time, it was unclear if this was meant to be the official Reyes del Aire tournament. White it was promoted using the name Reyes del Aire, this sort of annual events had never been held outside Mexico City and the list of participants more resembled a usual cibernetico than a group of pure flyers. Since no named cibernetico was ever held in Mexico City this year, Puebla's tournament has been confirmed as the actual 2009 tournament.

Order of elimination (from Fuego en el Ring

  1. Flash (by Sangre Azteca)
  2. Sangre Azteca (by Mascara Dorada, double pin)
  3. Mascara Dorada (by Sangre Azteca, double pin)
  4. Ephesto (by Valiente)
  5. Sagrado (by Black Warrior)
  6. Black Warrior (by La Mascara)
  7. Valiente (by Texano Jr.)
  8. Texano Jr. (by La Mascara)
  9. La Mascara (by Averno)
  10. Averno (by Volador Jr.)
  11. Mephisto (by Volador Jr.)

The winner was Volador Jr.


There was no 2010 Reyes del Aire.


This year's tournament was held back in Arena Mexico on January 1st, the first show of the year. The tournament featured lower status wrestlers than the previous tournament, and included half tecnicos and half rudos.

Guerrero Maya Jr. was scheduled to be in the match, but replaced by Molotov due to illness. Pegasso was also scheduled for the tournament and was replaced by Sensei. No reason was given at the time, but Pegasso explained he had a knee injury when he returned months later.

Order of elimination

  1. Tiger Kid (by Molotov)
  2. Sensei (by Puma King)
  3. Scorpion (by Rey Cometa)
  4. Molotov (by Arkangel de la Muerte)
  5. Puma King (by Angel de Plata
  6. Rey Cometa (by Cancerbero)
  7. Raziel (by Fuego)
  8. Fuego (by ?)
  9. Arkangel de la Muerte (by Angel de Plata, double elimination)
  10. Angel de Plata (by Arkangel de la Muerte, double elimination)
  11. Cancerbero (by Delta)
  12. Diamante (by Virus)
  13. Polvora (by Delta)
  14. Delta (by Virus)
  15. Virus (by Angel de Oro)

Angel de Oro was the winner.


Arena Mexico (February)

This first version of this year's tournament was held back in Arena Mexico on February 3rd. The cibernetico was expanded to 18 wrestlers for the first time ever, 9 rudos and 9 tecnicos.

Order of Elimination:

  1. Rey Cometa
  2. Puma King
  3. Raziel
  4. Titán
  5. Hijo del Signo
  6. Fuego
  7. Euforia
  8. Guerrero Maya Jr.
  9. Tiger
  10. Pólvora (double elimination with Stuka)
  11. Stuka Jr. (double elimination with Polvora)
  12. Delta
  13. Virus
  14. Valiente
  15. Rey Escorpion
  16. Máscara Dorada (by Mr. Aguila)
  17. Mr. Águila (by Mascara Dorada)

Leaving Ángel de Oro as the winner.

Ángel de Oro joined Volador Jr. as the only multi-time winners, and became the first back to back winner.

Arena Puebla (October)

A second version of the tournament was held October 15th in Arena Puebla. It's only the second time the tournament was held in Puebla, the first since 2009. This version was a twelve man tournament, six rudos, six tecnicos.

Tritón was announced for the tournament, but replaced by Titán.


  1. Niebla Roja (by Mistico)
  2. Titán (by Rey Escorpion)
  3. Angel de Oro (by Averno & Escorpion)
  4. Rey Escorpion (by Mascara Dorada)
  5. Euforia (by La Mascara)
  6. Mistico (by Mephisto)
  7. Averno (by Valiente)
  8. Mascara Dorada (Dragon Rojo)
  9. La Mascara (double pin with Mephisto)
  10. Mephisto (double pin with La Mascara)
  11. Dragon Rojo (disqualified for pulling Valiente's mask)


This year's Reyes del Aire was expanded to thirty two luchadors, the largest ever field. Two sixteen luchador ciberneticos led to a singles match between the two survivors. All matches took place in Arena Mexico.

February 1st Cibernetico

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Sagrado Tiger 7:15
Stuka Jr. Namajague 10:20
Tiger Titan 11:44
Namajague Rey Cometa 13:00
Hijo del Fantasma Polvora 13:58
Felino La Mascara 14:29
Rey Cometa Euforia 15:40
Delta Dragon Rojo 17:00
Mr. Aguila La Sombra 20:28
Polvora Titan 24:16
Euforia La Mascara 25:44
Titan Averno 27:00
La Mascara drew Dragon Rojo,
both are eliminated
Averno La Sombra 37:12
La Sombra won the cibernetico

February 8th Cibernetico

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Sangre Azteca Valiente 11:20
Virus Guerrero Maya Jr. 12:38
Angel de Oro Rey Escorpion 14:26
Mephisto injury 16:54
Puma Maximo 17:38
Triton Niebla Roja 18:26
Diamante Niebla Roja 19:08
Fuego Psicosis 20:01
Valiente Volador Jr. 21:08
Psicosis Mascara Dorada 22:09
Niebla Roja Maximo 23:22
Maximo Volador Jr. 24:08
Rey Escorpion Mascara Dorada 25:19
Guerrero Maya Jr. Volador Jr. 26:37
Mascara Dorada Volador Jr. 28:50
Volador Jr. won the cibernetico

February 15th Final

La Sombra defeated Volador Jr. to win the tournament.


The 2014 tournament was held on April 27th in 2014.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Triton Tiger 7:15
Ephesto Guerrero Maya Jr. 7:53
Guerrero Maya Jr. Niebla Roja 10:28
Rey Cometa Puma 11:31
Tiger Delta 12:23
Puma Valiente 13:51
Delta Averno 15:37
Niebla Roja Stuka Jr. 17:00
Valiente Averno & Mephisto 19:26
Averno Stuka Jr. 20:51
Mephisto Stuka Jr. 27:08
Stuka Jr. won the cibernetico

As in 2012, a second tournament was held in Arena Puebla. This tournament took place on August 4.

Order of elimination is currently unknown. Rey Escorpion defeated Mascara Dorada to win the tournament. Other participants were Ángel de Oro, Dragón Rojo Jr., Stigma, Stuka Jr., Gran Guerrero, Misterioso Jr., Puma, Ripper


The 2015 tournament was held on May 1st in Arena Mexico. All times are as aired on TV, which was an edited version of the match.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Triton Tiger 2:34
Guerrero Maya Jr. Puma 4:12
Fuego Virus 5:42
Puma Angel de Oro 7:16
Delta Kamaitachi 8:58
Tiger Dragon Lee 9:50
Kamaitachi drew Dragon Lee,
both are eliminated
Misterioso Jr. Stuka Jr. 10:13
Virus Niebla Roja 10:58
Angel de Oro Gran Guerrero 11:35
Gran Guerrero Barbaro Cavernario 12:17
Niebla Roja La Sombra 14:08
Barbaro Cavernario Stuka Jr. 15:37
Stuka Jr. La Sombra 21:40
La Sombra won the cibernetico

La Sombra won with help from a distraction from Rush.


The 2016 tournament was held over two weeks on September 23 & September 30 in Arena Mexico, being the first night a cibernetico with the last two survivors heading to a match the next week.

September 23th

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Dragon Rojo Jr. Valiente 5:36
La Mascara disqualified, unmasked Dragon Lee 7:32
Mascara Dorada Negro Casas 8:39
Valiente Euforia 9:01
Máximo Sexy Mephisto 10:03
Negro Casas Dragon Lee 12:21
Dragon Lee Bárbaro Cavernario 12:48
Euforia Mistico 14:10
Mistico Bárbaro Cavernario 14:43
Mephisto Volador Jr. 24:16
Bárbaro Cavernario and Volador Jr. won the cibernetico

September 30th Final

Bárbaro Cavernario defeated Volador Jr. to win the tournament.


The 2017 tournament was held on April 7 in Arena Mexico.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Luciferno Volador Jr. 6:14
Titan Barbaro Cavernario 10:15
Gran Guerrero Máximo Sexy 12:01
Dragon Lee Hechicero 14:32
Mephisto Volador Jr. 14:32
Valiente La Mascara 17:39
Barbaro Cavernario Mistico 18:22
Máximo Sexy Hechicero 19:57
La Mascara Caristico 20:25
Hechicero Volador Jr. 21:41
Caristico Euforia 23:41
Mistico Niebla Roja 24:15
Niebla Roja Volador Jr. 24:47
Volador Jr. Euforia 29:35
Euforia Angel de Oro 29:44
Angel de Oro won the cibernetico


The tournament was held on January 4, 2019

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Universo 2000 Black Panther
Drone Virus
Sagrado Triton
Black Panther Tiger
Virus Flyer
Esfinge Polvora
Tiger Rey Cometa
Polvora Audaz
Rey Cometa Vangellys
Audaz Kawato San
Vangellys Titan
Triton drew Kawato San,
both are eliminated
Flyer Templario
Templario Titán
Titán won the cibernetico


The tournament was held on January 14, 2020

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Akuma Drone 09:22
Principe Diamante Disturbio 10:50
Hijo del Signo Black Panther 11:55
Drone Kawato San 12:34
Black Panther Virus 14:05
Kawato San Rey Cometa 14:46
Rey Cometa Templario 15:18
Disturbio Esfinge 16:15
Esfinge Templario 18:03
Virus Star Jr. 19:16
Star Jr. Templario 23:22
Templario won the cibernetico


Teams were tecnicos vs rudos.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Negro Casas Titan
Dragon Rojo Jr. Soberano Jr.
Titan Cavernario
Soberano Jr. Gran Guerrero
Cavernario Volador Jr.
Templario Atlantis
Volador Jr. Gran Guerrero
Gran Guerrero Stuka Jr.
DQ for mask removal Atlantis
Stuka Jr. won the cibernetico


Teams were tecnicos vs rudos.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Barbaro Cavernario Mistico
Fugaz Stuka Jr.
Atlantis Jr. Gran Guerrero
Stuka Jr. Soberano Jr.
Soberano Jr. Templario
Panterita del Ring Jr. Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mistico Gran Guerrero
Gran Guerrero Templario
Templario Dragon Rojo Jr.
Dragon Rojo Jr. won the cibernetico


Teams were determined in a seeding battle royal

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Villano III Jr. Titan
Esfinge Volador Jr.
Star Jr. Templario
Flip Gordon Angel de Oro
Zandokan Jr. Máscara Dorada
Titan Templario
Soberano Jr. Mistico
Volador Jr. Angel de Oro
Máscara Dorada Templario
Templario Mistico
Angel de Oro Mistico
Mistico won the cibernetico
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
CMLL: Micro: Micro Gemelo Diablo IMini: Ultimo Dragoncito
Super Light: StigmaWelter: TitánMiddle: Templario
Light Heavy: Barbaro CavernarioHeavy: Gran Guerrero
Tag: Ángel de Oro & Niebla RojaTrios: (Atlantis Jr., Star Jr., Volador Jr.)
Women: Stephanie VaquerWomen's Tag: Stephanie Vaquer & Zeuxis
Historic: Welter: Mascara DoradaMiddle: MisticoLight Heavy: Atlantis Jr.
National: Light: FuturoWelter: Magia BlancaMiddle: Guerrero Maya Jr.
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Reyes del Aire: Dragon Rojo Jr.Gran Alternativa: Panterita del Ring Jr. & Mistico
La Copa Jr.: Soberano Jr.Parejas Increíbles: Mistico & Averno

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