Micro Gemelo Diablo I

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Micro Gemelo Diablo I
Micro Gemelo Diablo I
Name Micro Gemelo Diablo I
Real name
Name history Gemelo Maldito I, Mini Zybor, Micro Gemelo Diablo I (CMLL)
Family Micro Gemelo Diablo II (Brother), Micro Sagrado (Borther-in-law)
Birth date, location Aguascalientes
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves
Titles: CMLL World Micro Champion


His grandfather trained with Fili Estrella, Gran Nikolai, Arturito and Gulliver, but never debuted in lucha libre.

He trained for 8 years and debuted in CMLL on 3 Decembre, 2021 in a trios match involving his twin borther Micro Gemelo Diablo II and Mije against Chamuel, Atomo and Ángel.

Alongside his twin borther Gemelo Diablo II and his brother-in-law Micro Sagrado forms the Micro Malditos.

On 15 march, 2022 he unsuccesfully challenged Chamuel for the CMLL World Micro Championship. He won the title on the second chance on 30 october 2022.

He is also a paralympic athlet.