NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship

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Current Champion

Volador Jr. won the championship on August 3, 2018 from Matt Taven in Arena Mexico.

History of Championship

On August 12, 2010, CMLL announced a change with the NWA group of championships. The current physical title belts were all retired, replaced by newly belts with a different design. The old belts are now part of CMLL's mobile museum, though copies of them have turned up elsewhere.

CMLL referred to the new championships as the CMLL Historic Championships and said the former NWA champions would be the first champions of the new belts. Outside not getting the physical belt back, that appeared to satisfy the NWA's complaints about using their trademarks. However, within weeks of that press conference, CMLL had changed course. The championships were referred to as NWA World Historic Championships. It's even been casually referred to by it's old name by the promotion, but is now considered a separate championship with NWA Mexico reviving the original named championship.

Mephisto made a few defenses of his championship over his 20 month reign. He feud with Hijo del Fantasma during the late stages, retaining his championship via an illicit brass knuckles punch. The two were expected to rematch down the line. Meanwhile, Mephisto, Averno and Ephesto challenged Generacion Dorada for their CMLL World Trios Championship in early March of 2011. The champions retained, Mephisto taking the final fall to previous champion Sombra. Sombra immediately challenged for a singles title match, and Mephisto agreed the following week. The two had a reported thirty minute match, with Sombra regaining the championship.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
Mephisto, the previous NWA World Welterweight Champion, was awarded the championship by CMLL
1 (58) Mephisto - 2010.08.12 Arena Mexico - Mexico City
1 El Hijo del Fantasma 2011.01.14 Arena Mexico - Mexico City
2 (59) La Sombra [2] Mephisto 2011.03.13 Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
1 Psicosis II 2011.04.10 Arena Mexico - Mexico City
2 Volador Jr. 2011.09.18 Arena Mexico - Mexico City
3 Volador Jr. 2012.01.22 Korakuen Hall - Tokyo, Japan
3 (60) Negro Casas [2] La Sombra 2012.02.13 Arena Puebla
1 Ángel de Oro 2012.04.29 Arena Mexico
2 Ángel de Oro 2012.09.02 Arena Mexico
3 Ángel de Oro 2012.12.11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
4 Guerrero Maya Jr. 2012.12.25 Arena Mexico
5 Valiente 2013.02.04 Arena Puebla
6 Mascara Dorada 2013.04.07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
7 Ultimo Dragon 2013.04.14 Sala de Armas Magdalena Mixhuca
4 (61) Mascara Dorada Negro Casas 2013.06.02 Arena Mexico
1 Averno 2013.06.18 Arena Mexico
5 (62) Volador Jr. Mascara Dorada 2013.11.19 Arena Mexico
1 Averno 2014.01.06 Arena Puebla
2 Mascara Dorada 2014.01.19 Korakuen Hall
3 Negro Casas 2014.04.07 Arena Puebla
4[1] Misterioso Jr. (Los Angeles) 2014.05.17 Boys and Girls Club, Pacoima, California
6 (63) La Sombra [3][2] Volador Jr. 2014.06.06 Arena Mexico
7 (64) Volador Jr. [2] La Sombra 2014.08.01 Arena Mexico
1 La Sombra 2014.10.06 Arena Puebla
2 Gran Guerrero 2015.01.18 Korakuen Hall
3[3] Negro Casas 2015.05.31 Arena México
4 Mephisto[4] 2015.10.12 Arena Puebla
5 La Sombra[5] 2015.10.30 Arena México
6 Negro Casas[6] 2015.11.17 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
7 Mephisto[7] 2016.01.24 Korakuen Hall
8 Negro Casas[8] 2016.02.15 Arena Puebla
9 Mephisto 2016.04.03 Arena Mexico
10 Kushida[9] 2016.07.08 Arena México
11 Barbaro Cavernario 2016.10.07 Arena Mexico
12 Mephisto 2016.11.22 Arena Mexico
13 La Mascara 2017.01.02 Arena Puebla
14 Ephesto 2017.02.21 Arena Mexico
15 Barbaro Cavernario 2017.06.20 Arena Mexico
16 Negro Casas 2017.11.13 Arena Puebla
17 Carístico 2017.12.29 Arena Mexico
18 Barbaro Cavernario 2018.01.21 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
19 Barbaro Cavernario 2018.03.12 Arena Puebla
8 (65) Matt Taven Volador Jr. 2018.03.30 Arena Mexico
9 (66) Volador Jr. [3] Matt Taven 2018.08.03 Arena Mexico
1 Barbaro Cavernario 2018.10.08 Arena Puebla
2 Dragón Lee 2019.08.05 Arena Puebla
3 Mephisto 2019.08.27 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
4 Templario 2020.03.02 Arena Puebla
5 Templario 2020.09.25 Arena Mexico
6 Bandido 2021.03.26 Arena Mexico
7 TJP 2021.11.26 Arena Mexico
8 Fugaz 2022.02.11 Arena Mexico
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


Gallery of Champions

Mephisto, 1st/58th & 6th/63rd Champion
La Sombra, 2nd/59th Champion
Negro Casas, 3rd/60th Champion
Mascara Dorada, 4th/61st Champion
Volador Jr., 5th/62nd Champion
La Sombra, 6th/63rd Champion

Volador Jr., 7th/64th Champion
Matt Taven, 8th/65th champion
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Trios: Vacant
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: MisticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
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