Reyna Isis

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Reyna Isis
Reyna Isis
Name Reyna Isis
Real name
Name history Reyna Isis
Maestro(s) Arkangel, El Hijo del Gladiador, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location February 8, ??
Obituary date
Debut, location May 12, 2012 - Plaza San Mateo Naucalpan
Lost mask to
Signature moves Corner Slingshot Splash
Titles: Mexican National Women's Championship


When she was 11 years old, on a summer vacation afternoon, she turned on the TV and found a wrestling show. The luchadoras caught her attention, and she hoped so much one day that she would be like them. When she was attending high school, she decided to enroll at Gimnasio Latinoamericano, to train lucha libre, however, her mother objected and did not allow her. When she finished high school, she began teaching Zumba, spinning and fitness classes. Eventually, she discovered that one of her neighbors was a wrestler, La Medusa, who recommended that if she wanted to train wrestling, she should go to Arena México. Her first maestro was Arturo Beristain, but the one who taught her all the basis in this sport and gave her great support was Arkangel de la Muerte. Franco Colombo also contributed to its preparation. Soon after, Arkangel invited her to join Guerreros Tuareg as their valet. Arkangel named her as Reina Isis, a name inspired on the historic queen of Ancient Egypt. Her professional debut was on May 12, 2012 at Plaza San Mateo Naucalpan. Competed in the 2012 CMLL Bodybuilding Contest placing third. It was on March 17, 2015 when she made her debut at the CMLL, where, along with Dalys and Tiffany went against Silueta, Princesa Sugehit, and Goya Kong at the Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. On May 29, 2015, she began what would be a three-month tour in Japan with the women's wrestling promotion REINA. Her first experience in Japanese ring was in a match for the QUEEN World Championship against Kana. In that same tour she also participated in the Diana promotion. In later years she had more tours to Japan with promotions such as REINA, Sendai Girls, Marvelous, JAST and FukumenMania. On August 19, 2017, she had a notable match at the Sendai Girls in which she beat Jarochita at the Miyagino Ward Bunka Center in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. She also fought in the WWC in Puerto Rico and in independent promotions in the United States. On September 25, 2020, at the CMLL 87th anniversary show, Reina Isis became the 21st modern women's national champion by defeating La Metálica at the Arena México. On October 30 she won her first defense against Lluvia.



Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
CMLL: Mini: ShockercitoSuper Light: Vacant
Welter: TitánMiddle: Vacant
Light Heavy: Niebla RojaHeavy: Hechicero
Tag: Volador Jr. & TitánWomen: Princesa Sugehit
Trios: Vacant
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: MisticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
National: Light: ElectricoWelter: Soberano Jr.Middle: TemplarioLight Heavy: Ángel de Oro
Heavy: VacantWomen: Reina Isis
Tag: Felino Jr. & PólvoraWomen's Tag: Jarochita & Lluvia
Trios: Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Virus, Cancerbero, Raziel)
Tournaments: Leyenda de Plata: TitánUniversal: Terrible
Reyes del Aire: TemplarioGran Alternativa: Star Jr. & Valiente
La Copa Jr.#2021: Angel de Oro Parejas Increíbles: Templario & Volador Jr.
Occidente: Welter: ExplosivoMiddle: Principe Daniel
Light Heavy: EsfingeHeavy: Exterminador
Tag: Flash & Gallo
Trios: Fantástico, Explosivo & Star Black,
Misc: Arena Coliseo Tag: vacant

Leyenda de AzulCopa de Arena Mexico Tournament
Pequeño Reyes del AireEn Busca de un Ídolo
Japan TagJapan Women's
DF: LightWelterMiddle
CMLL-REINA: Intl JuniorIntlTag Team