NWA World Historic Championships

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A family of CMLL championships the promotion established in 2010, as replacements for the NWA sanctioned championships of the same weight divisions. CMLL changed the physical belts but continued to use basically the same names.

This odd change seemed to be due to an issue with ownership of NWA at the time, which had given the territory of Mexico to another promotion (NWA Mexico.) CMLL apparently believed they were still fine using the "NWA" name, just not the actual belts. CMLL would waver on using the "NWA" name in the following decade-plus and quietly dropped the 'NWA' initials in early 2022 after another attempt to run an NWA promotion in Mexico.

As of 2022, these championships are referred to just as "World Historic." Most people, and often luchadors themselves, still refer to them with the NWA name. Wrestlers and fans outside of CMLL will often confusing them with the CMLL championships of the same name.