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Leyenda de Azul is an annual CMLL tournament to honor the original Blue Demon, similar to the Leyenda de Plata tournament. The Azul tournament is considered a slightly lesser tournament. In recent years, they've try to differentiate the two by having the Azul tournament feature bigger stars, while Plata features better workers. Still, CMLL has been inconsistent about promoting the tournament, seemingly only bringing it back when El Hijo del Santo was unavailable for the Plata tournament, and changing the format in 2005 to accommodate allied promotion New Japan.

The winner of the tournament gets a special belt or plaque. The championship is not defended thru the year.

The tournament has always been held in Arena Mexico.

Champion Listing

2000 Blue Panther
2003 Tarzan Boy
2004 Universo 2000
2005 Lizmark Jr.
2006 Rey Bucanero
2008 Terrible
2011 Mr. Niebla
2012 Diamante Azul
2014 Atlantis
2016 Ultimo Guerrero
2017 Rush
2020 Angel de Oro
2021 Soberano Jr.
2022 Euforia


Blue Panther, 1st Champion

The 1st Leyenda de Azul was held on October 27th. The match was a 16 man cibernetico, and only the last half of eliminations were shown on television.

  1. Apolo Dantes
  2. Villano III
  3. Universo 2000
  4. Shocker
  5. Mascara Ano 2000 (self pin to beat Shocker)
  6. Satanico
  7. Mr. Niebla

Leaving Blue Panther as the winner.

Source: CANZ


Tarzan Boy, 2nd Champion

The 2nd Leyenda de Azul was held on August 8th, once again as a 16 man cibernetico. Particpants, in order of elimination

  1. Villano IV
  2. Mascara Ano 2000
  3. Pierroth
  4. Violencia
  5. Takemura
  6. Black Tiger
  7. Mr. Niebla
  8. Blue Panther
  9. Lizmark Jr.
  10. Vampiro
  11. Rey Bucanero
  12. Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
  13. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  14. Ultimo Guerrero
  15. Shocker

leaving Tarzan Boy as the winner.


Universo 2000, 3rd Champion

The 3rd Leyenda de Azul was held on October 8th, as a 16 man cibernetico. Particpants, in order of elimination

  1. Apolo Dantes
  2. Mascara Sagrada
  3. Satanico
  4. Cien Caras
  5. Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
  6. Black Tiger
  7. Vampiro
  8. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  9. Terrible
  10. Brazo de Plata
  11. Mr. Niebla
  12. Black Warrior
  13. Hector Garza (double elimination with Warrior)
  14. Pierroth
  15. Canek

leaving Universo 2000 as the champion, his first major victory after losing his mask, beating the man who took his mask in the process.


Lizmark Jr., 4th winner

The 4th Leyenda de Azul was held on July 15th, as a 16 man one night tournament. In addition, the winner would be considered CMLL World G1 Heavyweight Champion and earn a spot on a following New Japan tour. It is believed New Japan decided the winner of the event instead of CMLL, to choose who'd come on tour with them.

Lizmark Jr.---------
                    |Lizmark Jr.---------
Olimpico------------                     |
                                         |Lizmark Jr.---------
Black Warrior-------                     |                    |
                    |Black Warrior-------                     |
Mascara Sagrada-----                                          |
                                                              |Lizmark Jr.---------
Pierroth------------                                          |                    |
                    |Pierroth------------                     |                    |
Blue Demon Jr.------                     |                    |                    |
                                         |Hector Garza--------                     |
Brazo de Plata------                     |                                         |
                    |Hector Garza--------                                          |
Hector Garza--------                                                               |Lizmark Jr.
Dos Caras Jr.-------                                                               |
                    |Dos Caras Jr.-------                                          |
Tarzan Boy----------                     |                                         |
                                         |Dos Caras Jr.-------                     |
Heavy Metal---------                     |                    |                    |
                    |Rey Bucanero--------                     |                    |
Rey Bucanero--------                                          |                    |
                                                              |Ultimo Guerrero-----
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.-                                          |
                    |Rayo de Jalisco Jr.-                     |
Canek---------------                     |                    |
                                         |Ultimo Guerrero-----
Bronco--------------                     |
                    |Ultimo Guerrero-----
Ultimo Guerrero-----


The 5th Leyenda de Azul was held on November 4th, as a 16 man one night tournament.

Rey Bucanero, 5th Champion
Hector Garza----
Olimpico--------          |
Ultimo Guerrero-          |         |
                |Ultimo---          |
Terrible--------                    |
Rey Bucanero----                    |         |
                |Rey------          |         |
Damian 666------          |         |         |
                          |Rey------          |
Black Warrior---          |                   |
                |Warrior--                    |
Heavy Metal-----                              |
                                              |Rey Bucanero
Dr. Wagner Jr.--                              |
                |Wagner---                    |
Pierroth--------          |                   |
                          |Wagner---          |
Alex Koslov-----          |         |         |
                |Koslov---          |         |
Hirooki Goto----                    |         |
Lizmark Jr.-----                    |
                |Lizmark--          |
Halloween-------          |         |
Atlantis--------          |
Ultimo Dragon---


Terrible, 6th winner

The Leyenda de Azul returned in on December 12, 2008. The Cibernetico format returned as well.

Order of elimination

  1. Máximo
  2. Ephesto
  3. Valiente
  4. Misterioso II
  5. Sagrado
  6. Villano V
  7. Toscano
  8. Rey Bucanero
  9. Blue Panther
  10. Shocker
  11. Mr. Niebla
  12. Atlantis
  13. Dos Caras Jr.
  14. Texano Jr.
  15. Marco Corleone

Terrible was the winner, with some help from his Los Hijos del Averno friends Ephesto and Texano Jr..

Lizmark Jr. was announced for the tournament, but was replaced by Villano V.


Mr. Niebla, 7th winner

The Leyenda de Azul took place on July 29 in Arena Mexico. Again, it was a cibernetico.

Elimination Order

  1. Metro (via Psicosis)
  2. Psicosis II (via Hijo del Fantasma)
  3. Angel de Oro (via Bucanero)
  4. Ultimo Guerrero (via Strong Man)
  5. Strong Man (via TRT)
  6. Rey Bucanero (via Shocker)
  7. Hijo del Fantasma (via Texano)
  8. Texano Jr. (via Rush)
  9. Shocker (via double pin with Terrible)
  10. Terrible (via double pin with Shocker)
  11. Blue Panther (via Hector Garza)
  12. Hector Garza (via Rush)
  13. Rush (via Mr. Niebla)
  14. Maximo (via Atlantis)
  15. Atlantis (via Mr. Niebla)

Mr. Niebla won clean. Niebla was handed the trophy by Alejandro Munoz, Blue Demon's biological son.


Diamante Azul, 8nd Champion

The 2012 Leyenda de Azul took place on October 12 in Arena Mexico. Mr. Niebla was scheduled to participate, but was replaced by Volador Jr.. Tama Tonga made his CMLL debut in the match.

  1. Misterioso Jr. (by Super Porky)
  2. Diamante (by Euforia)
  3. Kraneo (by Diamante Azul)
  4. Brazo de Plata (by Super Porky)
  5. Terrible (by Rush, double pin)
  6. Rush (by Terrible, double pin)
  7. Marco Corleone (by Euforia)
  8. Tama Tonga (by Atlantis & Shocker)
  9. Mr. Aguila (by Shocker)
  10. Euforia (by La Sombra)
  11. Mr. Aguila (by Atlantis)
  12. La Sombra (by Volador Jr., via mask steal)
  13. Atlantis (by Ultimo Guerrero)
  14. Volador Jr. (by Diamante Azul, via mask steal)
  15. Ultimo Guerrero (by Diamante Azul)

Diamante Azul won the trophy.


Atlantis, 9nd Champion

The 2014 Leyenda de Azul took place on June 20 in Arena Mexico. A battle royal determined the sides for the cibernetico.

All times from the television version, which included some editing.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Vangellys Brazo de Plata 6:35
Rey Escorpion Dragon Rojo 14:32
(disqualification) La Sombra 19:12
(disqualification) Euforia 19:36
Brazo de Plata Mr. Niebla 20:44
Mr. Niebla Shocker 23:20
Terrible Maximo 23:57
Dragon Rojo Valiente 24:04
Shocker La Mascara 24:59
Maximo Rush 27:22
Rey Bucanero Valiente 27:56
Valiente La Mascara 28:22
La Mascara Atlantis 28:51
Rush Ultimo Guerrero 30:23
Ultimo Guerrero Atlantis 33:54
Atlantis won the cibernetico


Último Guerrero, 10th Champion

The 2016 Leyenda de Azul took place on November 18 in Arena Mexico.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Stuka Jr. Gran Guerrero 7:21
Blue Panther Máximo Sexy 9:00
Rey Bucanero Diamante Azul 12:21
Gran Guerrero La Mascara 15:31
Mascara Año 2000 Máximo Sexy 17:59
Marco Corleone Kraneo 20:28
Hechicero Euforia 22:04
Kraneo Atlantis 22:47
La Mascara Valiente 23:11
El Terrible Último Guerrero 23:48
(disqualification) Diamante Azul 24:34
(disqualification) Euforia 24:34
Máximo Sexy Ultimo Guerrero 25:37
Atlantis Valiente 27:37
Valiente Ultimo Guerrero 34:34
Último Guerrero won the cibernetico


Rush, 11th Champion

The 2017 Leyenda de Azul took place on December 22 in Arena Mexico.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Misterioso Jr. Sanson 9:10
Vangellys Hechicero 13:11
Mascara Año 2000 Pierroth 13:34
Shocker Euforia 14:12
Forastero Rey Bucanero 15:16
Rey Bucanero Mr. Niebla 17:58
Gran Guerrero Mr. Niebla 21:30
Mr. Niebla Gran Guerrero 21:33
Hechicero Rush 22:20
Sanson Kraneo 23:05
Kraneo El Terrible 23:32
El Terrible Ultimo Guerrero 24:33
Ultimo Guerrero Rush 25:44
Pierroth Euforia 26:54
Euforia Rush 28:40
Rush won the cibernetico


This year's tournament was held on November 27, 2020 in Arena Mexico. This was an empty arena show airing live. Teams were rudos versus tecnicos.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Ephesto Diamante Azul 9:18
Kraneo Terrible 12:45
Blue Panther Jr. Sanson 16:08
Vangellys Stuka 18:45
Rey Bucanero Valiente 20:01
Guerrero Maya Jr. Cancerbero 22:36
Stuka Jr. Forastero 26:34
Valiente Cuatrero 26:34
Forastero Diamante Azul 29:54
Niebla Roja Sanson 32:23
Cuatrero Ángel de Oro 33:41
Sanson Ángel de Oro 36:20
Terrible Diamante Azul 38:20
Diamante Azul Ángel de Oro 40:00
Ángel de Oro won the cibernetico


Eliminated Eliminator Time
Dark Panther Angel de Oro 7:54
Esfinge Stuka Jr. 10:00
Sagrado Blue Panther 11:29
Gemelo Diablo I Dragon Rojo 13:41
Blue Panther Terrible 15:57
Gemelo Diablo II Gran Guerrero 18:32
Dragon Rojo Atlantis Jr. 20:55
Angel de Oro Hechicero 22:30
Stuka Jr. Ultimo Guerrero 23:41
Terrible Soberano Jr. 25:31
Ultimo Guerrero Hechicero 26:40
Barbaro Cavernario Gran Guerrero 27:33
Hechicero Atlantis Jr. 30:16
Gran Guerrero Soberano Jr. 32:08
Atlantis Jr. Soberano Jr. 41:04
Soberano Jr. won the cibernetico


Euforia won the 2022 Leyenda de Plata on November 25th, 2022.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Rey Bucanero Volcano 7:32
Esfinge Yota 9:30
Gemelo Diablo II Gran Guerrero 11:03
Volcano Valiente 13:01
Gemelo Diablo I Niebla Roja 16:09
Yota Angel de Oro 19:46
Valiente Ultimo Guerrero 21:56
Atlantis Mesias 22:12
Mesias Niebla Roja 23:20
Gran Guerrero Euforia 24:55
Niebla Roja Ultimo Guerrero 26:36
Ultimo Guerrero Euforia 29:26
Angel de Oro Euforia 30:44
Euforia won the cibernetico


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