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A CMLL rudo trio formed in 2011.

TRT1 1.jpg

Former Members

La Comandante often accompanies Terrible to ringside and wears TRT gear.

Terrible and Texano Jr. both had turned rudo to become part of Perros del Mal, and stayed in CMLL when the leaders of the group left the promotion. Remaining members Terrible, Texano Jr., Averno, Mephisto and Ephesto formed Hijos del Averno as a replacement group, but Terrible & Texano drifted away from the trio as time went by. Terrible and Texano formed short lived unofficial trios with Hector Garza and Vangelis before TRT. Rey Bucanero had been part of Pesta Negra, but was unhappy with the silliness of the group (and was generally keeping the spot warm for the frequently absent Mr. Niebla.)

Bucanero split from Peste Negra and formed a new group with Terrible & Texano. The name of the group is based on the first letters of each team member. Terrible & Texano had been wearing "TT" gear, which was modified to fit an R in the middle. Zacarias el Perico accompanied and an actual dog accompanied the trio in their first appearances, but Zacarias was kicked out (and back into La Peste Negra) and the dog was not mentioned again. La Comandante replaced the parrot as the second of the group.

Texano left CMLL in late 2011. Bucanero had been a mentor of Tiger on the El Luchador show, and was the obvious replacement. Tiger has since claimed he wasn't just added to the group because his name started with T (noting they could've picked Titan or Triton) but he was not treated as a star on the level of his partners before being put into this trio. Rey Bucanero missed a lot of 2012 due to injuries and personal matters, and the new trio has not had momentum as a team. Terrible has had singles success while being the only stable member of the group, and appears to be the defacto leader.

In 2015 after Tiger started to team with his family an Vangelis seemingly disappeared from the group, Shocker joined Bucanero and Terrible to become Los Terriblemente Guapos y un Rey

Terrible . Rey Bucanero . Tiger
Former: Texano Jr.