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Rey Bucanero (Buccaneer King)
Rey Bucanero (Buccaneer King)
Name Rey Bucanero (Buccaneer King)
Real name Arturo García Ortiz
Nicknames Pirata de Pandemonium, Corsario del Amor, El Rey de los Siete Mares
Name history Rey Bucanero Jr. (debut - 95), El Hijo de Pirata Morgan/Pirata Morgan Jr. (1995), Rey Bucanero (95 - ), Rey "Pirata" Ortiz (WWF, 98 - 99), Hatena Dos (Hustle; 10/21/04)
Family see: Pirata Family
Maestro(s) Pirata Morgan, Hombre Bala, Verdugo
Birth date, location July 19, 1974 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location November 18, 1991 - Puebla, Puebla
Lost mask to Shocker - July 17, 1999 - Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
Height 5'10"/178 cms
Weight 207 lbs/94 kg
Signature moves top rope somersault senton, Buca Storm, slingshot double knee facebreaker, Castigo Bucanero
Titles: CMLL World Tag Team Titles (4, thrice w/Ultimo Guerrero, once w/Tama Tonga), CMLL World Trios Titles (w/ Satánico & Emilio Charles Jr.), PRI Circuito Tag Team Titles (w/ Ultimo Guerrero), CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title, Gran Alternativa 1996 (w/ Emilio Charles Jr., 5th Annual Leyenda Azul Tournament, TNA 2008 World X Cup (W/ Volador Jr., Ultimo Guerrero & Averno), NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship (2), FULL World Championship


Rey Bucanero is a CMLL wrestler since the 90s, who was also briefly seen in WWE and TNA. He's most well known for his early 2000s tag team with Ultimo Guerrero, acclaimed as the best team in Mexico and perhaps the world during their run. Bucanero has spent most of his career as a rudo.

Bucanero is the nephew of Pirata Morgan, and moved in with his uncle after his parents divorced. Bucanero has talked about being around Arena Mexico a lot as he grew, kind of becoming an unofficial mascot for the wrestlers. Though he debuted at the early age of 17, Bucanero was training for many years ahead of his debut.

Bucanero was an early and opening match wrestler for the first half of the 90s, with participating in tournaments (and losing in the first round) being the few new noteworthy matches. He's also credited with winning masks at minor shows. Bucanero started to move up to the terceras in 1996, and broke out by winning the 1996 Gran Alternativa. Bucanero earned the right to wrestle in the semimain the next two weeks, and his team with Emilio Charles Jr. & Satanico gelled well. In March of 1997, the same team won the CMLL World Trios Championship, although they quickly lost the titles. Despite the short reign, Bucanero was solidly encamped as a third/fourth match rudo from that moment on.

Bucanero also started had a slight bit of international success. He joined WWF in late 1998 to work on their Super Astros latino focused show, as the unmasked Rey Ortiz despite not having lost his mask in Mexico. Bucanero had high hopes going in, but he was only used as a enhancement level heel. Bucanero finished up with WWF in spring of 1999. Bucanero lost his mask to Shocker on July 17, 1999 to Shocker in the finals of a ruleta de la muerte tournament, probably because he'd been seen too much unmasked. It was after this where Bucanero adopted the facepaint he's used the rest of his career.

In 1998, Ultimo Guerrero jumped to CMLL and started out around the same level. Bucanero and Guerrero are believed to have teamed for the first time on February 13, but it was just a coincidental teaming of two rudos who were being positioned around the same level, as would continue to happen thru the year. The two became an actual unit in 1999, when Satanico picked them to restart the Infernales. The group gave more attention to the talented youngsters by the presence of Satanico, and the three were frequently teamed together thru 1999.

At the tail end of 1999, the Infernales kept running into tecnico trios led by young Tarzan Boy, starting a new rivalary. Tarzan defeated Bucanero in a special singles match on Christmas Day 1999, and feuded with Satanico in particular. Meanwhile, Bucanero and Guerrero began having success on their own, Ultimo Guerrero winning ciberneticos, the two winning an incrieble trios tournament with tecnico Mr. Niebla, and triumphing in a 16 team tournament to win the CMLL World Tag Team Championship in September of 2000

When former champions Negro Casas & El Hijo del Santo returned to feud with the new champions, the Tarzan Boy/Satanico feud continued to take place in the background. Bucanero and Guerrero surprisingly turned on Satanico and sided with Tarzan Boy in late 2000. The three younger wrestlers formed their own version of the Infernales, and feuded with Satanico over the rights to the name. Satanico recruited various rudos to go after his old pupils for 2001, and eventually 'created' new Infernales Averno (Rencor Latino, reborn) & Mephisto to fight for the name. Bucanero and the rest of his Infernales responded by recruiting Averno's tecnico rival, Mascara Magica, to join their rudo side. After Satanico cost Guerrero and Bucanero the tag team titles to Santo & Casas, the two sides agreed to a cage match with the rights for the name and mask/hair on the line. Mascara Magica was the last left in, so he lost his mask and Satanico's group got to keep the Infernales name.

The four person unit (Bucanero, Guerrero, Tarzan, Magica) renamed themselves Guerreros del Infierno, which is the name that's most stuck despite the variations changes in the group. Bucanero & Guerrero continued feuding with El Hijo del Santo and Negro Casas for the tag team championship into 2002, with many highly regarded matches. The younger wrestlers were finally able to recapture the championship on May 31, and successfully defended them against all challengers for the next two years, only briefly losing to Shocker & LA Park. The run pushed the team to the main event of most shows, and the championships were the most important in Mexico during their reign.

As a trio, Bucanero, Guerrero and Tarzan came close to winning the CMLL World Trios Championship on multiple occasions, but usually failed in the trios match. On his own, Bucanero had a short feud with Brazo de Platino, taking his hair, but losing his own hair to Vampiro at the end of 2002.

Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero lost the tag team titles for the last time on June 25, 2004 to Atlantis & Blue Panther, but Bucanero continued as a top rudo wrestler and the two continued to team up, just without all the defined feuds. Bucanero teamed with Olimpico to challenge (and lose) to Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shinsuke Nakamura when they brough the IWGP World Tag Team titles to Mexico in 2005. A year later, Bucanero and Tarzan Boy defeated Perros del Mal members Damian 666 & Mr. Aguila as the two groups feuded.

Rey Bucanero began having issues with his teammates in May of 2006, culminating with his original partners Tarzan Boy and Ultimo Guerrero turning on him in an Arena Coliseo match. Bucanero joined the tecnicos, and feuded with Ultimo Guerrero. Bucanero took the the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship away from Guerrero, but the feud between them never seemed to take off. Bucanero continued to defend the Light Heavyweight championship around Mexico for the next two and a half years, but the importance of the championship dropped during his reign, due to Bucanero never being in big feuds around it. Early on in the tecnico run, Bucanero took Okumura's and Mascara Ano 2000's hairs, but neither was a major feud. Bucanero's was a semi-main/main top tecnico during his time during that side, but never one that seemed to capture the fan's interest or have much individual momentuem.

Bucanero lost his hair at the end of 2007, in a match beset with personal issues and late changes. The match originally was to feature Shocker & Rey Bucanero (partners in the High Society group, which never went anywhere) versus Black Warrior & Toscano (the former Tarzan Boy). Given the momentum of those involved, it seemed as if Toscano's side was scheduled to lose, until Toscano came down with a (questionable) injury. Hijo del Lizmark was nominated to take Lizmark's place, but Warrior did not want to team with him. Bucanero, angry at Shocker for not showing up to the press conference for the match, agreed to team with Warrior himself, and was defeated by Shocker & Lizmark.

While Bucanero lost his hair, the match did start his momentum towards rejoining the rudo side. Bucanero and Guerrero reunited their team as part of a relevos increible match on January 18, 2008, and Bucanero was back in the Guerreros (now the Guerreros del Atlantida within a few weeks. Bucanero had no particular long turn rivalaries, but teamed up with Guerrero and Atlantis often in 2008 and 2009.

Immediately after the 2009 H1N1 flu shut down, Bucanero started feuding with Ephesto. It began when Bucanero was sitting in the front row of the first show back, Ephesto happened to collide with him after a dive, and the two suddenly got into a fight. Bucanero and Ephesto interceded in each other's matches for the next couple weeks, leading to Bucanero putting up the Light Heavyweight championships versus Ephesto. After they split the first two falls, Rey Bucanero severely hurt his knee on a missed dive out of the ring. Bucanero attempted to continue, but the doctors put a stop to the match, and Bucanero missed most of the rest of the year recovering from ACL surgery.

Bucanero returned at the tail end of 2009, right back to the main event rudo spot, still teaming with Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero. There had been talk about resuming his feud with Ephesto, but there's been no movement in that direction.

Bucanero is considered one of the better wrestlers in Mexico, especially during the peak of his tag team run with Guerrero. He's not been the singles star Guerrero has, but he's still one of CMLL's better known stars. There's been occasional rumors of Bucanero jumping to AAA, particularly when his uncle Pirata Morgan has been in the promotion, but Rey's never left the group he started with.


Bucanero's been a part of a number of groups:

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1995/??/?? mask Rey Bucanero Pegaso I unknown
1995/??/?? mask Rey Bucanero Black Machine unknown
1999/07/17 mask (1) Shocker Rey Bucanero Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
2002/08/11 hair Rey Bucanero Brazo de Platino Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
2002/12/13 hair Vampiro Rey Bucanero Arena México - Mexico City
2006/04/28 hair Rey Bucanero & Tarzan Boy Damián 666 & Mr. Águila Arena México - Mexico City
2006/06/18 hair (2) Rey Bucanero Okumura Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
2006/08/07 hair Rey Bucanero Mascara Ano 2000 Domo de la Feria - Leon
2007/12/07 hairs Shocker & Lizmark Jr. Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior Arena México - Mexico City
2010/12/03 hair Rey Bucanero Mr. Aguila Arena México - Mexico City
2011/09/30 hair (3) Felino Rey Bucanero Arena México - Mexico City
2014/12/05 hair (4) Rey Bucanero Felino Arena México - Mexico City
2015/03/20 hairs Máximo & Volador Jr. El Terrible & Rey Bucanero Arena Mexico
2018/11/18 Hair Niebla Roja Rey Bucanero Arena Mexico
(1) Finals of a Ruleta de la Muerte tournament; (2) 8 way cage match with Universo 2000, Negro Casas, Tarzan Boy, Maximo, Heavy Metal, Terrible; (3) final of a cage match also w/Rush, Mr. Aguila, Hector Garza, Terrible, Texano, Blue Panther, Negro Casas, (4)Shocker, Terrible, Blue Panther, Máximo, Marco Corleone, Volador Jr., Cavernario, Último Guerrero


as a rookie
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Coacalco Feb 2007
Lost Hair
El Halcon
High Society
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Rey Bucanero entrada
as NWA World Historic LH Champ (Vs.El Hijo del Fantasma)
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Guerreros Laguneros
Ultimo Guerrero * Euforia * Gran Guerrero
GdI: Rey Bucanero * Toscano * Mascara Magica
GdA: Atlantis * Sangre Azteca * Olimpico * Eclipse * Rey Escorpión * Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mascots: Ultimonito (original) * Ultimonito

La Peste Negra
Negro Casas * Mr. Niebla * Felino * Zacarias* Barbaro Cavernario
Associated: Princesa Blanca * Puma King
Former: Heavy Metal * Rey Bucanero * Herodes Jr.

Terrible . Rey Bucanero . Tiger
Former: Texano Jr.