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Name Atila
Real name Roger Galve Castilla
Name history Mr. Krimen, Atila, Astucia
Birth date, location March 21, 1947- Quintana Roo
Obituary date Aug. 1985
Debut, location
Lost mask to El Solitario - November 11, 1975 - Palacio de los Deportes
Signature moves


With assistance from Carlos Hernandez Valdes via Facebook:

Atila was born on March 21st, 1947 in Quintana Roo. He was a former soccer player with a tough personality. His name comes from a ruthless historical ruler named Atila the Hun. He known for teaming with Bleda. The name also came from history, as Bleda was Atila the Hun's brother. The pair stopped teaming together after Bleda lost his mask to Halcon Dorado.

His mask design came from Valente Perez, the head of Lucha Libre magazine and the creator of many famous masks such as Mil Mascaras, Gallo Tapado, Sangre Fria and As Charro. After running into the creator of Fishman's mask, he changed his mask design some. A skull was added to the forehead of the mask and symbols were added that were inspired by Hunic war banners. His yellow and purple color scheme was influed by the colors that religious bishops wear.

While he fought hard, he never was able to get a spot with EMLL. However, he was noticed by Benjamin Mora of the WWA and became a star there. There, he formed a guerilla inspired tag team gimmick with César Valentino.

He had long desired to fight El Solitario in a mask vs mask match and was able to do so on November 19th, 1975. The match was said to be bloody. Near the end of the match, Soliatrio capitalized on a mistake made by Atila and was able to defeat him. Atila was revealed as Roger Galve Castilla. Galve was a name of French origin.

He continued to compete against wrestlers like Mr. Krimen and Apolkalipsis but later got out of wrestling. He moved to Baja California where he was killed in an accident in August 1985.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair[1] Atila Paco El Elegante unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila El Zarzi unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila El Burgués unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila The Black Terror unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Mario Escudero unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Shadito Cruz unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Roberto Robles unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Porthos unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Marinero Acosta unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Petróneo Limón unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Maravilla López unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Oso Blanco unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Milo Ventura unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Ruddy Palma unknown
??/??/?? hair Atila Chico Veloz unknown
??/??/?? mask Atila Maravilla unknown
1972 hair[2] Atila Eduardo Montenegro Arena Puebla
??/??/?? mask Atila The Flash Guadalajara - Jalisco
74/08/31 hair Atila Mario Rocca Puebla
75/11/19 mask El Solitario Atila Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
78/11/27 mask ? Atila Ixtlahuaca
78/11/28 mask Batman Atila ?
70's mask ? Atila ?
70's mask El Marqués Astucia ?
72 mask (1) Baron Siniestro Astucia Cuernavaca
(1) Triangle match w/ Fantasma De La Carolina
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  2. [[2]]

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Right after losing mask vs EL SOLITARIO, Nov. 1975
Rev. LUCHA LIBRE back cover 1974
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