Fabián el Gitano

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This is the first Mexico City wrestler named Metro; see Metro for a full list of wrestlers under that name


Fabián el Gitano
Fabián el Gitano
Name Fabián el Gitano
Real name Emilio Fabian Fernandez de Leon
Name history Fabian el Gitano (2003 - 2005, 2006-), Metro (2005 - 2006)
Maestro(s) Blue Demon, Solar, Shocker, Tony Salazar, Satánico
Birth date, location January 24, 1972 Mexico City
Obituary date March 17, 2011
Debut, location September 11, 2001- Pachuca, Hidalgo
Lost mask to Angel de Oro - July 18 , 2010 - Arena México
Height 180 cm/5' 11"
Weight 90 kg/198 lb
Signature moves Tope Suicida, Cruz Nipona


A dancing, stripping tecnico who's oddly in CMLL.

Fabian was trained primarily by Solar, and honors him in his mask design, but does not resemble his style in his ring. Fabian is in the mold of the dozens of pretty boy dancer tecnicos AAA's created over the years, despite never wrestling in the promotion. Fabian instead first was noticed as a wrestler in IWRG, as part of the Los Strippers group with Star Boy and Marco Rivera.

Fabian was introduced to CMLL through the second Guapos U group, though he still was mostly wrestling for IWRG. Fabian's membership with the group was mostly unnotable, except for the rudos in the group turning on him when he was showing everyone else his stripping moves, and those rudos then being kicked out of the group.

Fabian's first long run in CMLL was in 2005 under the Metro name, a gimmick sponsored by the newspaper of the same name. Fabian was the winner of a set of tryouts for the new gimmick, but didn't reach any notable successes under that name. He did get to be in middle of the card matches regularly, which was a bonus for someone of his experience and ability at the time.

The Metro gimmick didn't get over, so it was handed to Neutron to try in 2006, and Fabian resumed wrestling in CMLL under that name. Fabian's continued as a second/third match tecnico since then, with little notable matches.

Fabian seems to be a lesser in-ring wrestler, who makes up for it with his physique and stripping persona. Fabian doesn't seem to lack for effort, but his ability is somewhat questionable. For a long time, he tried a Asai Moonsault as his signature dive, but showed bad form with hit and narrowly avoided accident many times. On one try gone especially wrong, Fabian managed to injure Okumura, putting him out for several weeks due to shoulder issues. Okumura and Fabian have talked about having a match to settle the issue now between them, but CMLL hasn't given them more than occasional random trios. Okumura does not seem to hold a grudge as much as look at it as opportunity to get an important match out of it.

Fabian's work outside of the ring include running his own gym, and still working in stripping. Early in his CMLL career, pictures surfaced of Fabian unmasked and stripping, and it's not clear if he stopped stripping at that point. Fabian's recently worked with Rey Bucanero to promote CMLL shows at night clubs with stripping in between the matches.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2010/07/18 mask (1) Ángel de Oro Fabián el Gitano Arena México - Mexico, D.F.
(1) Final Ruleta: Infierno En el Ring


stripper look
As Metro
As Metro
Fabian in action
as Metro
Fabian VS El magnifico - Coacalco Feb 07