CMLL Second Generation Tag Team Tournament, 1995

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On September 1, 1995 at Arena Mexico, CMLL held a one-night tag team tournament featuring teams comprised of famous juniors. The teams entered were:

Apolo/Emilio------                   |
Demon/Tinieblas---                   |                   |
                  |Demon/Tinieblas---                    |
Espectro/Pierroth-                                       |
                                                         |Apolo Dantes
Solitario/Negro---                                       |Emilio Charles Jr.
                  |Solitario/Negro---                    |
Karloff/Scorpio---                   |                   |
Santo/Rayo--------                   |

Due to the successful turnout for this tournament, it is considered the precursor for the Copa Junior tournament that would take place a few months later.