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Current Champion

Dragon Rojo Jr., 21st Champion

Dragon Rojo Jr. is the current champion, defeating Soberano Jr. on April 2nd, 2022 at Arena Coliseo.

History of Championship

13: Averno defeated Negro Casas for the championship on September 17, 2006, part of Averno's continued rise up the rudo ranks. Averno would end up holding the belt for nearly three years, but it was the same afterthought of a championship as it had been prior. Averno defended the title against younger tecnicos, typically in smaller CMLL arenas.

Averno won the NWA World Middleweight Championship in 2007. CMLL did not unify the two similar championships, treating them instead as distinct titles to be defended separately. In practice, this meant Averno defended the more historically important NWA title, and this championship was ignored until the loss to Fantasma.

14: After Hijo del Fantasma pinned Averno to turn back the title challenge of Averno's Los Hijos del Averno team and retain the CMLL World Trios Championship for his team, Fantasma challenged Averno to defend his CMLL title next. Averno surprisingly agreed, and Fantasma defeated him the next week for the title. The period from challenge to title win was surprisingly quick, even at a point when 2-4 weeks was the standard. Fantasma became a double CMLL champion upon winning the title, and appears to be the youngest champion ever at 25.

Fantasma's title reign was more a status symbol than an active championship. It was part of Fantasma's general ascension - he was also the CMLL World Trios Champion during his reign - but not very feuded over. The sudden end of his title reign was a mild surprise.

15: Veteran rudo Negro Casas cleanly defeated the young champion in his second defense. Negro was also CMLL World Welterweight Champion, and interviews in following weeks reminded fans he was also held the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship (though hadn't defended it since CMLL broke ties with IWRG), as well as a belt billed as the UWA World Welterweight Championship (which had not been seen in six years, and there is no record of Negro winning the belt.) This presentation of Negro Casas as a four belt champion seems to designed to soften the blow of what would be to come in retrospect.

16: Negro Casas took a tour with NJPW in late April/early May of 2010 to celebrate his 30th year of wrestling. The tour climaxed with a middleweight title defense against Jushin Liger. Liger had come to Mexico the previous year, but was unsuccessful in title challenges against Ultimo Guerrero (for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship) and Mistico (for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship).) Back in Japan, Liger was able to defeat Negro to win the title, becoming 16th champion.

18: Ángel de Oro defeated Dragon Rojo Jr. on March 25th, 2017 to capture the CMLL World Middleweight Championship.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
final of a tournament
1 Blue Panther Satanico 1991.12.18 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco [1]
1 El Dandy 1992.01.18 Pista Arena Revolucion [2]
2 Filoso 1992.03.21 Pista Arena Revolucion [3]
championship announced vacant on 1992.06.25; Panther had jumped to AAA a month prior
finalists from a battle royal the previous week
2 El Dandy Negro Casas 1992.07.03 Arena Mexico
1 Negro Casas 1992.07.14 Irapuato
2 Negro Casas 1992.07.19 Arena Villahermosa
3 Negro Casas 1992.07.30 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca [4]
3 Bestia Salvaje El Dandy 1992.09.04 Arena Mexico [5]
1 Love Machine 1992.09.20 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Love Machine 1992.10.07 Arena Naucalpan [6]
3 Mascara Magica 1992.10.18 Arena Mexico
4 El Dandy 1992.10.20 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca [7]
5 Kato Kung Lee 1992.12.06 Pista Arena Revolucion [8]
4 El Dandy [2] Bestia Salvaje 1992.12.16 Arena Naucalpan [9]
1[10] Bestia Salvaje 1993.01.30 Arena Puebla
2[11] Negro Casas 1993.02.03 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
3[12] Mano Negra 1993.02.16 Arena Morelos, Morelia, Michoacán
4 Emilio Charles Jr. El Dandy 1993.05.12 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
1 Negro Casas 1993.05.20 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
2 Satanico 1993.06.01 Arena Coliseo DF
3 El Dandy 1993.09.21 Arena Coliseo DF
6 El Dandy [3] Emilio Charles Jr. 1993.10.05 Arena Coliseo DF
1 El Engendro 1993.12.14 Arena Aficion De Pachuca
2 Emilio Charles Jr. 1994.01.19 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
7 Javier Llanes El Dandy 1994.02.22 Arena Coliseo DF
8 Apolo Dantes Javier Llanes 1994.09.11 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Satanico 1994.10.23 Arena Coliseo
9 Satanico Apolo Dantes 1994.11.27 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
1 Hector Garza 1995.01.06 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Negro Casas 1995.03.05 Arena Coliseo DF
3 Hector Garza 1995.03.26 Monterrey
4 Hector Garza 1995.04.25 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Hector Garza 1995.08.03 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
6 Lizmark 1996.01.31 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
7 Lizmark 1996.07.21 Arena Coliseo DF
8 Solar I 1996.10.03 Pista Arena Revolucion
9 El Dandy 1997.04.01 Arena Coliseo DF
10 Solar I 1997.08.04 Arena Puebla
11 Lizmark 1997.12.14 Arena Coliseo Acapulco [13]
12 Mascara Sagrada 1997.12.25 Mexico City
13 Lizmark 1998.07.14 Arena Coliseo DF
14 Solar I 1998.08.07 Arena Neza
15 Lizmark 1998.08.21 Odawara, Japan
16 La Fiera 1998.09.13 Arena Neza
17 Negro Casas 1998.10.27 Arena Coliseo DF
18 Negro Casas 1998.12.02 La Carpa Astros
19 Brazo de Oro 1998.12.17 Mexico City
20 Tony Rivera 1999.01.10 Arena Coliseo DF
10 Ringo Mendoza Satanico 1999.03.07 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Blue Panther 1999.04.27 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Scorpio Jr. 1999.07.02 Arena Neza
3 Rey Bucanero 1999.11.27 La Carpa Astros
4 Zumbido 2000.01.02 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Blue Panther 2000.02.27 Arena Coliseo DF
6 Apolo Dantes 2000.03.06 Arena Tropicana
7 Mr. Mexico 2000.04.14 Arena Neza
8 Black Warrior 2000.07.18 Arena Coliseo DF
9 Villano III 2000.08.10 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
10 Mano Negra 2000.09.17 Arena Coliseo DF
11 Emilio Charles Jr. [2] Ringo Mendoza 2001.03.18 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Atlantis 2002.12.11 Arena Lopez Mateos
2 Atlantis 2003.01.14 Arena Coliseo DF
3 Negro Casas 2003.03.19 Arena Lopez Mateos
4 Satanico 2003.07.09 Arena Lopez Mateos
5 Sagrado 2003.11.13 Arena San Juan Pantitlan
6 Sagrado 2003.12.16 Arena Coliseo DF
7 Black Warrior 2004.01.20 Arena Coliseo DF
12 Negro Casas Emilio Charles Jr. 2004.04.26 Arena Puebla
1 Scorpio Jr. 2004.12.18 Plaza de la Unidad PRI - Toluca
2 El Averno 2005.03.01 Arena Aficion De Pachuca
3 Damian 666 2005.04.17 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
4 Averno 2006.08.14 Arena Puebla
13 Averno Negro Casas 2006.09.17 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Alex Koslov 2006.11.19 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Volador Jr. 2006.12.22 Arena Mexico
3 Volador Jr. 2007.01.14 Arena Neza
4 Volador Jr. 2007.02.05 Arena Puebla
5 Mistico 2007.02.20 Arena Queretaro
6 Mistico 2007.02.26 Arena Puebla
7 Blue Panther 2009.05.29 Arena Mexico
14 Hijo del Fantasma Averno 2009.07.21 Arena Mexico
1 Sangre Azteca 2009.12.21 Arena Puebla
15 Negro Casas [2] Hijo del Fantasma 2010.02.14 Arena Mexico
16 Jushin Liger Negro Casas 2010.05.03 Fukuoka International Center - Fukuoka, Japan
1 Sombra 2010.09.27 Arena Puebla
2 Sombra 2011.01.22 Korakuen Hall
3 Mascara Dorada 2011.05.03 Fukuoka International Center - Fukukoa, Japan
4 Texano Jr. 2011.10.24 Arena Puebla
17 Dragon Rojo Jr. Jushin Liger 2011.11.18 Arena Mexico
1 Angel de Oro 2012.01.03 Arena Mexico
2 Sombra 2012.04.30 Arena Puebla
3 Sombra 2012.05.20 Arena Mexico
4 Titan 2012.07.20 Arena Mexico
5 Valiente 2012.10.22 Arena Puebla
6 Titan 2013.02.05 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
7 Sombra 2013.04.07 Arena Coliseo
8 Rey Escorpion 2014.08.08 Arena Mexico
9 Polvora 2014.12.22 Arena Puebla
10 Niebla Roja 2015.02.03 Arena Mexico
11 Mr. Aguila 2015.02.20 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
12[14] La Mascara 2015.09.19 Arena Coliseo
13[15] Titán 2015.12.22 Arena México
14 Guerrero Maya Jr. 2016.06.14 Arena Mexico
15 Ángel de Oro 2016.09.26 Arena Puebla
16 Blue Panther 2016.10.25 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
17 Ángel de Oro 2017.01.17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
18 Delta 2017.03.12 Arena Pavilion del Norte
18 Ángel de Oro Dragon Rojo Jr. 2017.03.25 Arena Coliseo
1 Rey Bucanero 2017.08.02 Arena México
19 El Cuatrero Ángel de Oro 2018.01.19 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
1 Ángel de Oro 2018.06.01 Arena México
2 Ángel de Oro 2018.07.16 Arena Puebla
3 Titán 2018.11.06 Arena México
4 Caristico 2019.12.14 Arena Coliseo
championship vacant on 2021.08.10 when Cuatrero leaves the promotion
final of a tournament
20 Soberano Jr. Templario 2021.12.10 Arena México
21 Dragon Rojo Jr. [2] Soberano Jr. 2022.04.02 Arena Coliseo
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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Gallery of Champions

Blue Panther, 1st Champion
El Dandy, 2nd, 4th & 6th Champion
Bestia Salvaje, 3rd Champion
Emilio Charles Jr., 5th & 11th Champion
Javier Llanes, 7th Champion
Satanico, 9th Champion

Ringo Mendoza, 10th Champion
Negro Casas, as 12th Champion
Averno, 13th Champion
Hijo del Fantasma, 14th Champion
Negro Casas, as 15th Champion
Jushin Liger, 16th Champion

Dragon Rojo Jr., 17th Champion
Ángel de Oro, 18th Champion
El Cuatrero, 19th Champion
Soberano Jr., 20th Champion


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Tag: Ángel de Oro & Niebla RojaWomen: Princesa Sugehit
Trios: Vacant
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: MisticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
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