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Name Skadi
Real name
Nicknames Reina de los lobos (Queen of wolves)
Name history
Family Marcela (mother)
Maestro(s) Marcela, Rey Mercurio, Virus
Birth date, location November 14, 1996[1] - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location April 14, 2012
Lost mask to
Height 5'6"/167 cms
Signature moves Michinoku Driver II; La Alejandrina, Pumphandle Backbreaker; Tope En Reversa
Titles: Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship (w/Andrómeda/Kira)


Skadi is the daughter of Marcela and debuted on 30/03/2014 in CMLL as a tecnica.

- 02/10/2020 she competed in the tournament that assigned the vacant Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship forming a tag team with her mother Marcela. In the first round they defeated La Comandante & La Seductora, but in the quarter final they were defeated by Amapola & Metalica.

- 27/10/2023 Skadi competed in the CMLL Gran Prix de Amazonas as part of the Mexican Team.

- 19/11/2023 she competed in the Cibernetico for the "Copa Mujeres Revolucionarias" held in Arena Puebla, resulting in the final three, but being eliminated by Catalina.

- 16/01/2024 she earned her first opportunity to compete for a single championship in CMLL defeating Amapola, Persephone and the reigning Mexican National Women's Champion Reyna Isis alongside Andromeda and Marcela. The match for the Mexican National Women's Championship took place on 23/01/2024 in Arena Mexico, but she resulted defeated.

- 08/03/2024 she won the first championship of her career, winning the Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Andromeda (who would change her name to Kira mid-reign) by defeating Jarochita and Lluvia and ending their record 1,238-day reign.


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