Jushin Liger

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Jushin Liger
Jushin Liger
Name Jushin Liger
Real name Keiichi Yamada
Nicknames Thunder
Name history Keiichi Yamada (debut - 04/89), Flying Fuji Yamada (UK, 09/86 - 08/87), Jushin "Thunder" Liger (04/89 - ), Lyger/Liger (Mexico, 89 - ), Masked CTU-L
Family none
Maestro(s) Kotetsu Yamamoto, Rafael Salamanca, El Halcon
Birth date, location November 30, 1964 - Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
Obituary date
Debut, location March 3, 1984 - Tokyo Korakuen Hall - Tokyo, Japan
Lost mask to
Height 5'7"/170 cm
Weight 209 lbs/95 kg
Signature moves Liger Bomb, Shotei, Liger Kick, La Tapatía, Fisherman Buster, Brainbuster, Top Rope Brainbuster, Shooting Star Press, Quebradora con Giro
Titles: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship (11), CMLL World Middleweight Title, CMLL World Tag Team Titles (w/Hiroshi Tanahashi), WCW World Light Heavyweight Championship, British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship (2), WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Welterweight Championship, WWF World Light Heavyweight Championship, UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship, WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship, WAR International Junior Tag Team Championship (w/ El Samurai), IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (6) (1 w/ Great Sasuke, 1 w/ El Samurai & 1 w/ Tiger Mask IV, 1 w/Minoru Tanaka, 1 w/Akira, 1 w/Koji Kanemoto), Open The Dream Gate Title, GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship, CMLL Universal Tournament 2010, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship (2), All Star World Heavy-Middleweight(Super Middleweight)Championship, Tenryu Project International Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (w/El Samurai), Tenryu Project International Junior Heavyweight Championship, OPW Tag Team Championship (w/Takehiro Murahama), JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member


Japanese light heavyweight legend. Throughout his long career, he has wrestled more than 2,500 matches and appeared in major events in the biggest wrestling promtions around the world.

He practiced amateur wrestling, participated in a national tournament in which he ended in second place defeated by Toshiaki Kawada. Tried to enter in the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo, but he was rejected due to his light weight and size. Nevertheless, he traved to Mexico in hopes to begin his training there. No one in Arena Mexico wanted to train him, because he was considered too young and light weight. In a good gesture, Rafael Salamanca and El Halcón decided to train him. [1] Both saw potential in that the young trainee, as they noticed he was a quick learner. He continued his training back in Japan, with Kotetsu Yamamoto, Tatsumi Fujinami, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, and Tokyo Joe. He was also trained by Stu Hart at some point.

As Lyger, he's had short tours of CMLL (along with a 1994 AAA appearance and working AAA shows in Japan.) Had an extended stint in CMLL in 2010 as a top level rudo, feuded with La Sombra and Mascara Dorada both in Mexico and Japan. Returned to Mexico in 2011 as a tecnico.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
91/07/04 mask Jushin Liger Pegasus Kid Fukuoka, Japan
94/01/04 mask Jushin Liger Tiger Mask III Tokyo, Japan
  1. Box y Lucha #3377


unmasked as Keiichi Yamada
In his MMA style mask
Jhusin Lyger.jpg

Liger early.jpg
Lyger iwgp.jpg
as GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion

original design
Liger half.jpg
Liger Sasuke.jpg