Copa Antonio Peña

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Copa Antonio Peña.

The Torneo Antonio Pena is an annual AAA tournament. It's held at the annual Antonio Peña Memorial show, in late October. The first tournament was held in 2007, a year after Pena passed away. Both the format and the trophy given out has changed over the years.

For the first two years, Torneo Antonio Peña was a king of the mountain type match. Two wrestlers are randomly drawn to start the match. Wrestlers are eliminated in normal fashion, and the loser is replaced by the next random participant. The first tournament featured surprise/unannounced entrants.

Summary of Winners

Year Winner Runner-Up
2007 Charly Manson Konnan
2008 El Mesías Dark Cuervo
2009 Cibernético Konan Big
2010 Aerostar Chris Stone
2011 Electroshock L.A. Park
2012 Texano Jr. El Mesías
2013 La Parka Hijo del Fantasma
2014 Myzteziz Pentagón Jr.
2015 Taurus La Parka
2016 Pimpinela Escarlata El Zorro
2017 Hijo del Fantasma Johnny Mundo
2018 Pagano Hijo del Fantasma
2019 Hijo del Vikingo Taurus
2020 event canceled due to pandemic
2021 Pimpinela Escarlata (2) Mamba


The first Copa Antonio Peña was held on October 7 in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. This was also the last AAA event at that building, which was subsequently torn down. The winner of Copa Antonio Pena received a medal.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Brazo de Plata X-Pac
X-Pac Máscara Divina
Máscara Divina Kenzo Suzuki
La Parka Kenzo Suzuki
Kenzo Suzuki Laredo Kid
Laredo Kid Ron Killings
Ron Killings Alan Stone
Scorpio Jr. Alan Stone
Alan Stone Charly Manson
Scott Hall Charly Manson
Konnan Charly Manson
Charly Manson won the cibernetico


This year's torneo was held on October 24, in Estadio Beto Ávila, Veracruz. Mesias was the winner, beating six straight men to win the tournament.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Gato Eveready Histeria II 01:55
Histeria II Extreme Tiger 04:59
Extreme Tiger Pirata Morgan 07:14
Aerostar Pirata Morgan 09:26
El Alebrije Pirata Morgan 12:42
Pirata Morgan El Elegido 16:11
El Elegido El Mesías 17:33
Psicosis II El Mesías 18:44
Dark Scoria El Mesías 22:21
Silver King El Mesías 25:46
Crazy Boy El Mesías 30:10
Dark Cuervo El Mesías 35:40
El Mesías won the cibernetico


The format changed to a battle royal, under Royal Rumble rules. Luchadors were added about one a minute.

+ Marco Corleone starts
+ Ozz starts
+ Kenzo Suzuki enters
+ Ultimo Gladiador enters
+ Alan Stone enters
+ Pimpinela Escarlata enters
- Ozz eliminated by Pimpinela Escarlata
+ Silver King enters
+ Octagon enters
- Kenzo Suzuki eliminated by Octagon
+ Zorro enters
+ Cibernético enters
- Pimpinela Escarlata eliminated by self/Alan
+ La Parka Jr. enters
+ Konnan Big enters
- Ultimo Gladiador eliminated by La Parka Jr.
- La Parka Jr. eliminated by Silver King
- Silver King eliminated by Octagon
- Marco Corleone eliminated by Cibernético
- Zorro eliminated by Cibernético
- Octagon eliminated by Cibernético
- Alan Stone eliminated by Konnan Big
- Konnan Big eliminated by Cibernético


This year's format was for a rudo vs tecnico cibernetico. In addition to winning the tournament, the winner also would win the runner up's mask or hair.

rudos: The Militia (Alan Stone, Billy Boy, Chris Stone, Decnnis) tecnicos: Elegido & Real Fuerza Aérea AAA (Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Super Fly)


  • Chris Stone sit down powerbomb Super Fly
  • Elegido sit down powerbomb Billy Boy
  • Laredo Kid 450 splash Alan Stone
  • Laredo Kid hurcarrana Decnnis
  • Chris Stone top headscissors Laredo Kid
  • Chris Stone top rope legdrop Elegido
  • Aerostar hurcarrana Chris Stone


This year's match was held under royal rumble rules.

# order of entry order of elimination eliminated by
1 La Parka La Parka Silver King & La Parka
2 LA Park Cibernético Silver King & La Parka
3 Silver King Silver King Electroshock
4 Electroshock Zorro LA Park
5 Cibernético Magnus Electroshock
6 Zorro Joe Lider LA Park
7 Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett LA Park
8 Joe Lider LA Park Electroshock
9 Magnus Electroshock (not eliminated)

Electroshock was the winner.


The 2012 Copa Pena was held at the Heroes Inmortales VI event, at the Domo Centro de Espectaculos in San Luis Potosi on October 7, 2012

# order of entry order of elimination eliminated by
1 Daga Toscano El Mesias
2 El Mesias Extreme Tiger El Mesias
3 Psycho Clown Ultimo Gladiador Texano Jr.
4 El Elegido Psycho Clown
5 Juventud Guerrera Alebrije II Mesias
6 Extreme Tiger Heavy Metal Texano Jr.
7 Toscano El Elegido
8 Ultimo Gladiador Juventud Guerrera (injury)
9 Texano Jr. Daga El Mesias
10 Heavy Metal La Parka El Mesias
11 Alebrije II Hector Garza El Mesias
12 La Parka El Mesias Texano Jr.
13 Hector Garza Texano Jr. winner


Texano Jr. was initially announced as the winner, but was disqualified after the match for fouling Mesias before eliminated him. AAA has since listed no winner for this match.

This was Hector Garza's final match. He announced his cancer diagnosis in the days after this event and would never return to the ring before passing away the following year.


The format changed again in 2013. This year's tournament was a one night, sixteen luchador elimination tournament, in the traditional Rey de Reyes format. The tournament was held at Heroes Inmortales VI in Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla on October 18.

Semifinals   Final
 El Mesias  
 Fenix W  
 Silver King    
 Monsther Clown  
 Hijo del Fantasma W
 Axxel      Fenix  
     Hijo del Fantasma  
       La Parka W
 La Parka W      Chessman  
 Parka Negra II    
 Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.    
 El Hijo del Perro Aguayo
 Chessman W

Hijo del Fantasma was a luchador surprise, who jumped from CMLL and started with El Consejo on this show. This was also the debut of the second Parka Negra; Zorro returned to his original character on this show (and was never acknowledged to be the original Parka Negra.)


The tournament, held on October 12, was a Royal Rumble match. The final two would have a one fall match.

Order of entrances

  1. Pentagon Jr.
  2. Australian Suicide
  3. Fenix
  4. Zorro
  5. Villano IV (replacing Daga)
  6. Myzteziz
  7. La Parka
  8. Blue Demon Jr.

No one was eliminated until everyone entered.

Order of elimination

  1. Australian Suicide
  2. Fenix
  3. La Parka Jr.
  4. Zorro
  5. Villano IV at the same as...
  6. Blue Demon Jr.

Myzteziz beat Pentagon Jr. to win


Taurus won a royal rumble with Cibernético, La Parka, Blue Demon Jr., Averno, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Electroshock, Aerostar, Chessman, and Niño Hamburguesa


Pimpinela Escarlata won a royal rumble with Zorro, El Elegido, Niño Hamburguesa, Bengala, Lady Shani, Dark Scoria, Dark Cuervo, Octagoncito, Big Mami, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, and Pirata Morgan


Hijo del Fantasma won a royal rumble style match held on October 1, 2017 at Heroes Inmortales XI which also included Johnny Mundo, La Parka, Rey Escorpión, Psycho Clown, Hernandez, Psicosis II, Mamba, Murder Clown, Dark Cuervo, Monsther Clown, Dark Scoria, Estrella Divina, Histeria II, Marty Martinez, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Dave The Clown.


Pagano won a royal rumble style match held on October 28th at Heroes Inmortales X which also included (Kahoz, Chessman, Hijo Del Vikingo, Súper Fly, Parka Negra, Hijo del Fantasma, Espectro, Averno, Niño Hamburguesa.

This was the only TV appearance of Ultimo Maldito (Kahoz) & Black Danger (Espectro) under the old characters of Antonio Pena. They were intended to be permanent changes, then dropped after one show and explained as "tributes" to Pena.


The 2019 competition was held at Coliseo La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz on October 19th. The match was held on AAA's Copa rules, a royal rumble match until the final two, where it becomes pinfall/submission rules.


Hijo del Vikingo pinned Taurus to win.


4 people started the match then replaced by elimination, pinfall or going over the top rope


Pimpinela Escarlata pinned Mamba to win.

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