Ron Killings

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Ron Killings
Ron Killings
Name Ron Killings
Real name Ron Killings
Nicknames The Truth, Suntan Superman
Name history K-Krush (1999 - 2002), K-Kwik (2000 - 2001), K. Malik Shabazz (XPW), Ron Killings (2002 - 2008) R-Truth (WWE 2008 - current), Pretty Ricky (WWE 2009)
Maestro(s) Manny "The Bull" Fernandez
Birth date, location January 19, 1972
Obituary date
Debut, location 1997
Lost mask to
Height 6'1"/1.85m
Weight 230 lbs/104 kg
Signature moves The Consequence, The True Conviction, Hang Time
Titles: Memphis Championship Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Championship (2), WWF Hardcore Championship (2), NCW/NWA Wildside Television Championship, NWA World Heavyweight Championship (2), NWA World Tag Team Championship with B.G. James, TNA Tag Team Championship, WWE United States Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship


From 2006 to 2008, Ron Killings was a member of the Foreign Legion, making occasional apperances in the ever revolving roster of outsiders. Killings was brought in thru AAA's relationship with TNA at the time, and appeared with the promotion after both AAA and Killings stopped working with TNA. Killings appeared more than most US based Legion members, but did not have any notable feuds or rivalries during this time in AAA. His most noteworthy moment was accidentally breaking Laredo Kid's leg during the 2007 Torneo Antonio Pena gauntlet match.

Killings finished up with AAA in March of 2008. He was listed as working two weeks more, thru Rey de Reyes, but had previously signed back with WWE and was pulled from his remaining outside matches earlier than expected.


in TNA
as R-Truth
rapping in the WWE
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