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Group History

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Legión Extranjera (Foreign Legion) is an AAA rudo group, though loosely affiliated. It's basically a catch all for one time and irregularly scheduled foreign heels, working as Konnan's hired guns. This is also allows AAA to advertise matches where the Legión Extranjera are scheduled, without announcing the specific participants before the show (and since they appear to have last minute changes, it prevents false advertising.)

The Foreign Legion leader is Konnan. At the end of 2006, he was put out of action by Cibernetico (giving him time to take care of health issues.) Nicho debuted in 2007 as the replacement leader, getting revenge for Konnan while he was recovering. Konnan eventually returned and remained in control. Since his heel turn, Dorian Roldan has been a sort of co-leader, but has also led his own group.

During the period Konnan worked for TNA, many TNA wrestlers appeared in AAA as both members of Legión Extranjera and as representing their promotions. When Konnan left TNA on bad terms, TNA stopped sending title. By 2010, the promotions had patched up enough to share talent again, most notable Hernandez.

Most wrestlers listed appeared very few times; this list is an attempt to include everyone who was part of Legión Extranjera. Besides Konnan and Nicho, only Kenzo Suzuki and Head Hunter I were regulars early in 2007. Both X-Pac and Ron Killings became regulars with unit (and promotion) in mid 2007, and Sabu frequently appeared with them as well. The Foreign Legion has had ties to La Secta, Vipers Revolution, Vipers 2.0, The Hart Foundation 2.0, La Hermandad and The Dark Family. In 2010, the group was allied with Los Perros del Mal and supported by The Militia, a group of lesser rudos.

Through 2008, Konnan fought for the ownership of AAA. In October 2008, he won the rights to own AAA via a War Games style cage match. When Konnan controlled AAA, it was not uncommon for other AAA rudos to partner with the Legion where it benefits both sides much like Vipers Revolution had in the past. This would last until TripleMania in June 2009, when Konnan lost his power and the Legión disbanded from a mega stable. The Dark Family resumed operating as a regular group, Kenzo Suzuki split to form La Yakuza, and Electroshock and Silver King teamed with Dr. Wagner Jr. to form Los WagnerManiacos. Other Legion members remained partners, but no longer considered themselves part of the Legion.

Legión Extranjera resurfaced in fall of 2009. Konnan returned, saying he was still under contract to AAA and the promotion could not keep him out of AAA while under contract. The Legion resumed, grouping back together the wrestlers who had previous split. Those who refused to join the group were attacked and laid out for their betrayal (most notable Electroshock.) The new lineup also featured foreign women who were around for longer stretches than previously.

In 2010, the group became a sub group along with Perros del Mal, La Milicia, Los Maniacos and Los Maniarquia under the La Sociedad umbrella.

As usual, any other rudo on the roster might be allied with the Legion, or might fight them to defend AAA, depending on the night.

Former Members (of this version)

  • Konnan (leader)
  • Dorian Roldan (leader/sponsor)
  • Chessman - unclear when he actually joined the group, but became a member at some point joined with Los Maniacos He later joined in September 2011 as the lieutenant of Legion.
  • Sexi Star
  • Jennifer Blake
  • Hijo de Tirantes - rudo referee allied with the group, occasionally forced to call matches without bias
  • Roxxi and Lorelei Lee have appeared with this version of group in late 2009, but just for single appearances.
  • Goddess was introduced as a member but kicked out after one appearance.
  • Tirantes was a major associate of this iteration of the group, but left AAA in October 2009. His son Hijo de Tirantes has already taken his spot as rudo referee aligned with this group.
  • Nicho el Millionario & Joe Lider often worked with this group, but insisted they were mercenaries and not bound to the group by more than their payoffs.
  • Teddy Hart - suspended by AAA and later quit the promotion.
  • Rocky Romero - joined the group on the July 4, 2010 TV taping but quit the promotion following the taping.
  • Rain and Christina Von Eerie teamed as a part of Las Gringas Locas with Jennifer Blake.
  • Alex Koslov - left AAA in October 2010 for a WWE developmental deal.
  • Kenzo Suzuki - though he made a big deal about going on out his own to start La Yakuza, quietly returned to this group when the Yakuza fell apart. Left AAA in July 2010 to return to Japan.
  • Christopher Daniels and Nosawa have made appearances as members of the Legion.
  • Hernandez - returned to AAA at Rey de Reyes 2010 as an old friend of Konnan, hung around for most of 2010
  • El Ilegal - Puerto Rician wrestler part of the group for the last few months in 2010
  • Carlito - part of the group around Rey de Reyes 2011
  • Zorro - member and lead wrestler of the group in multiple incarnations, kicked out for general insanity in May 2011

Past Membership

Wrestlers that wrestled for the previous version of La Legion but are not currently a member of the new group:

TNA Wrestlers (who only appeared during the TNA/AAA partnership)

Other TNA wrestlers have appeared in vignette for the group, but have not wrestled in TNA as of yet.




La Sociedad
Dorian Roldan
La Legión Extranjera: Konnan - Chessman - Sexi Star - Hijo del Tirantes
TNA: Jeff Jarrett
Perros del Mal: Perro Aguayo Jr. - Daga - Taya Valkyrie