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post Abismo Negro

Vipers Revolution was an AAA stable, based off the old Vipers stable. The members, particularly when Electroshock was part of the group, pushed the idea that there was no leader and they were all equals. In practice, Abismo was the top guy.

This version of Vipers was pretty much a third rung stable after La Secta and La Legión Extranjera. As a matter of fact, Vipers were a part of the Legion.

The claim of leadership actually became a point of conflict. Abismo Negro started missing shows due to personal issues, and the rest of the Vipers blamed their struggles on Abismo's lack of leadership. In the spring of 2008, it boiled over into a fight for leadership with Mr. Niebla, who Abismo had brought into to the group the previous year. They had two matches for control of the group, and Abismo won both. However, both times, AAA leader Joaquin Roldan over ruled the decision and declared Mr. Niebla the leader of the Vipers for no obvious or explained reason. (One can only assume AAA felt it was beneath Abismo to either lose to Niebla or remain rudo leader of this Vipers, so they tried to make both happen.)

While Abismo joined the tecnicos and feuded with the Vipers, the Vipers replaced him...with another Abismo Negro. Similiar's to AAA strategy of replacing departing stars by putting another wrestler in the same gear, using the same name, and ignoring any differences, the Vipers created a new Abismo Negro (dubbed Black Abyss, a brute force English translation) and claimed he was the true Abismo. Abyss even debuted by replacing Abismo Negro in a trios match, with his tecnicos partners caught unaware until he refused to help them, and only sure it wasn't just Abismo turning rudo again when the actual Abismo ran in for the save.

The Abismo Negro/Vipers feud was announced to culminate in Abismo Negro vs Mr. Niebla mask match at TripleMania and was hyped as such in AAA's official magazine. For reasons never publicly stated, the match was changed to Abismo Negro and all the Vipers in one cage match, with the last man in losing his mask. Still later, the entire match was pulled from TripleMania, with the Vipers instead scheduled for an undercard trios match against AAA tecnicos.

As a result of the mask match being pulled, Mr. Niebla left AAA on the day of TripleMania, rejoining CMLL to do a mask match feud with Dr. Wagner Jr. instead. Abismo Negro disappeared from AAA shows the month prior to TripleMania. AAA claimed his match was removed due to a neck injury, while telling the wrestlers that he'd been fired. It was strongly rumored that Abismo Negro's personal issues were the reason the mask match was changed at TripleMania (with the switch to the cage match so they could still do the match if Abismo disappeared on the day of the show) and the reason AAA stopped using, but it should be noted Abismo Negro has vehemently disputed these claims, instead citing an unspecified family situation.

Abismo Negro, either never actually fired or simply rehired by the company, returned to AAA in August to resume his feud with the Vipers before disappearing once again. Abismo returned once again in December of 2008, seemingly building to a mask match with Black Abyss until his unexpected death in March.

Histeria and Psicosis departed from AAA in March 2009, putting an end to the group until it was brought back to life in December as Los Vipers 2.0 with Black Abyss reprising his role as leader, yet another new pair of Psicosis and Histeria and the debuting Amnesia. The new Vipers Revolution has taken the role of the older version being apart of lower card trio and atomico matches. After temporary break due to legal problems, Vipers Revolution members Black Abyss and Psicosis returned as members of The Militia.

Former Members

  • Histeria - (left to CMLL)
  • Psicosis II - part of the reformed group at the start, left almost immediately to join Mexican Powers, later turned on the Mexican Powers to rejoin the group. Left to CMLL.
  • Abismo Negro (claimed leadership before Vipers Revolution turned on him and had several returns and departures from AAA; deceased)
  • Black Abyss (Nemesis of Abismo Negro, left AAA in 2010)
  • Antifaz (departed AAA)
  • Mr. Niebla (claimed leadership during his tenure before jumping to CMLL)
  • Electroshock (left the promotion, came back as a member of a different group)
  • Extreme Tiger (for a very short time, left the promotion, came back as a member of a different group)
  • Charly Manson (left to join Los Hellbrothers)
  • Escorpion Negro (given a big introduction as a member, never followed up on and later ended up a member of Los Guapos VIP)
  • Kaoma Jr. (announced as member, teamed with them for a bit, disappeared from AAA)


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