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Charly Manson
Charly Manson
Name Charly Manson
Real name Jesús Luna Pozos
Nicknames El Rockero Mayor
Name history Jim Kata (debut - ??), Dinamita Luna, El Cazador, Virtual (Promo Azteca/CMLL), Brujería (AAA), Charly Manson (03/98 - 2015, 2021 - current), Charly Malice (Masked Warriors), Charlie Manson (CMLL), Sharlie Rockstar (2015 - current), Scharly Rock Star (KAOZ)
Family Electro Shock (brother)
Maestro(s) El Norteno, Aguila Blanca, Bufalo Negro, Hombre Bala
Birth date, location February 18, 1975 - Torreón, Coahuila
Obituary date n/a
Debut, location October 1990 - Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
Lost mask to n/a
Height 5'9"/175 cms
Weight 181 lbs/82 kg
Signature moves El Pozo, Inverted Gory Special Bomb, Bullet Tope Suicida, Skayde Slam
Titles: Guerrero Welterweight Title, National Atomicos Titles (w/ Picudo, May Flowers & Nygma), UWA World Light Heavyweight Title, Mexican National Heavyweight Championship, 2007 Torneo Antonio Peña, DTU Consagrado Championship, CMLL World Trios Championship w/ Ciber the Main Man & The Chris


Charly Manson was a part of AAA, and has spent most of his career there (though he's had short stints with IWRG and CMLL.) Manson's been part of many different factions of AAA - Vatos Locos, Vipers, LLL, La Secta, and Vipers Revolution. In November 2006 Manson joined Los Hell Brothers along with Cibernetico and Chessman and feuded with the remaining La Secta.

As the name indicates, Manson's look and entrance is very inspired by US Musician Marilyn Manson and serial killer Charles Manson.

Charly's had many high points in his career, the low point was an ill advised fall from a ladder during a 2001 match. The idea was for him to fall thru tables to break his fall, but the tables were not close enough, and Manson crashed to the hard cement floor. Manson was severely hurt, suffering a completely fractured left fibula.

A metal plate was placed on the back of Manson's fibula, to keep the leg intact. Charly had a long recovery, and a rough one without his wrestling income, but did return to the ring in 2002. Manson changed his style and never did another ladder match, but seemed to physically recover from the injury. Manson continued to progress as a wrestler, reaching a solid upper midcard level.

Unfortunately, Manson broke the same bone and plate in May of 2008, just on a simple tope. This time, it required the plate being inserted inside the fibula instead of aside it. Manson returned from his latest injury in early 2009, with much reduced mobility in the repaired leg.

AAA Controversy

Charly Manson was advertised in AAA's Heroes Inmortales III event in a hair vs hair match against Chessman. Charly Manson walked out of the promotion weeks before the show. AAA officials stated that if Manson did not wrestle in the event they would seek legal action. Manson no showed the event and his real life brother Electroshock took his place losing the match and his hair. Charly Manson has since joined up and wrestled in the Perros Del Mal promotion.

Perros del Mal

Charly spent most of his time in Perros del Mal feuding with X-Fly, including losing the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship to the larger wrestler. In another controversy, Manson then lost the same time on a smaller show, and the second loss was photographed and posted on the internet. The Perros del Mal promotion claimed no knowledge of what happened, and had X-Fly appear with the title belt at a press conference. The Mexico City commission acknowledged the issue only to clear the Perros of any wrong doing, and never appeared to take action on the matter. Charly never talked about the situation, which eventually blew over. Manson went on to take X-Fly's hair, but left Perros del Mal before ever winning the title back.


When the Perros del Mal started moving towards AAA, Manson split from the promotion and started working independent shows where CMLL luchadors worked against indy talent. Charly was not one of the initial ex-AAA luchadors brought in for CMLL's The Invasors faction, nor did he work the 2010 Sin Salida show featuring CMLL versus Invasors, but apparently made a good enough impression on the CMLL wrestlers that he was brought in as part of the group in July 2010. Before long, Charly had singles matches with Mistico in Arena Puebla (a loss) and Hijo del Fantamsa in Arena Mexico (a win) and was generally treated as a star.

In fall of 2011, Charly Manson defeated Negro Casas for his hair, while Rey Bucanero defeated Mr. Aguila for his hair in Invasors vs CMLL rudo matchups. CMLL appeared to be setting up Manson and Bucanero in a battle of winners, but Charly left CMLL with no notice within days of Bucanero's win.

Masked Warriors

Manson wrestled as Charlie Malice for the Lucha Libre USA promotion, at the same time as he was fulfilling CMLL and independent commitments. Besides the name change, he's essentially the same character as always. Unlike in CMLL, Malice was a tecnico in the US promotion, and feuded with fellow AAA alumni Rellik in the first season. Charlie Malice reached the finals of the Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Tournament, 2010, but lost due to outside interference to Lizmark Jr.. Manson feuded with The Right during the second season, up until his arrest.


Manson returned to AAA at Guerra de Titanes, 2010, when he was announced as a surprise new member of the rudo stable Los Bizarros. He wrestled Zorro for the Mega Championship at Rey de Reyes, 2011, but lost. Manson's team won at TripleMania XIX against Drago, La Parka, Ozz and Octagon.


Charly Manson and friend Adrian López Reyes were arrested on April 24, 2011 after getting into a fight with police officers. One police officer suffered a fractured skull, the other suffered a fractured nose. Manson's friend Reyes was shot in the foot in the skirmish. Charly was released on bail on May 4th, with assistance from AAA, and returned to appearing on AAA shows. Bail was revoked in late June, and Manson was arrested after the June 30th AAA TV taping in Hidalgo.

On February 23, 2012, the television show Sobre el Ring reported Charly Manson was sentenced for 15 years in prison. The show later disavowed the statement, and other reports say he will be in jail for a fewer amount of years. In August 26, 2013 he was sentenced for seven years and four months in prison of which he had already served two years. In 2015 he was released from prison for good behavior.


After several years of being outside of the limelight, Charly Manson returned to lucha libre at the CMLL show in Arena Mexico on December 4, 2015 announcing he was debuting for Lucha Libre Elite on December 6, 2015, joining his friend Cibernetico. Charly announced he was changing his name to Sharlie Rockstar as well.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Brujería Sagitario unknown
??/??/?? hair Charly Manson El Intruso unknown
??/??/?? hair Charly Manson Centella Inca San Luis Potosí
??/??/?? hair Charly Manson Araña Negra unknown
??/??/?? masks Charly Manson & Bell Boy Los Sagitarios I & II Gimnasio Rodriguez, Izatapalapa
04/07/18 hair (1) Charly Manson Electro Shock & Lady Apache Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
06/06/18 hair (2) Charly Manson Zorro Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
10/05/01 hair Charly Manson X-Fly Toreo de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
10/10/15 hair Charly Manson Negro Casas Arena Mexico - Mexico City
16/12/?? hair Charly Manson Halloween unknown
(1)supposed to be a career versus career match against Electro Shock, Electro and Apache plead for their hair to be taken instead of Electro's career;(2) Last man standing cage match


as Jim Kata
as Virtual
as Virtual
Older picture
With Los Vatos


With Hator
HB, 2007
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