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this is the AAA/Lucha Underground Drago. Many more luchadors have used the same name; see them under Drago (disambiguation)


Dios del Inframundo
Dios del Inframundo
Name Dios del Inframundo
Real name Víctor Manuel Soto Flores
Name history Morfo (debut - 09/99), Billy Jean (10/99 - 2000), Alan (2001 - 2008), Gato Eveready (04/16/08 - 2010), El Gato (2011), Drago (4/2011-2023), Dios del Inframundo (2023, after leaving AAA)
Family Némesis (AAA) (brother)
Maestro(s) El Picudo
Birth date, location July 23, 1975 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location April 1998
Lost mask to
Height 174 cm/5' 9"
Weight 79 kg/163 lb
Signature moves Canadian Destroyer, Dragon's Tail / Dragon's Lair, Dragon Twist, Running Flipping DDT, Superkick, Running Twisting Moonsault Plancha
Titles: Mexican National Atomicos Championship [2] (w/Oscar Sevilla, Billy Boy, Decnis), AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship (w/ Faby Apache), Alas de Oro 2015, Chikara King Of Trios 2015 (w/Aero Star, Fenix), Lucha Underground Trios Championship (2) (1 w/ Aero Star & Fénix & 1 w/Vibora & Pindar), AAA World Tag Team Championship (w/Aero Star), EMW World Middleweight Championship, AAA Latin American Championship


Began his career in AAA working as Morfo and feuding with Arlequin as the two were rivals who both reached the finals of the Torneo Novato de Oro in 1999.

Afterwards Alan has had a number of different gimmicks marketed to women, but he's best known as one-third of the Barrio Boys. The group was a constant on AAA's undercards for many years, often fighting the Black Family.

Over the summer of 2007, the Barrio Boys turned on each other and split apart. Billy Boy's soap opera marriage caused the breakup, and he continues with that. Decnnis was recruited to join the Guapos, and Alan basically vanished. Alan is occasionally listed as working spot shows, but did not appear on TV during Fall of 2007 and Winter of 2007.

Since February of 2008, Alan has re-emerged as leader of a new group of Barrio Boys.

Recently it became known that Alan splits his duty between working as a Barrio Boy and as Gato Eveready, the wrestling feline advertisement for AAA. He didn't play the role from day one of the gimmick being created but instead took it over on the April 16 AAA show in Celaya.

Popular opening match luchador for a number of years. Lost the battery sponsorship in 2011 and wrestled briefly as El Gato.

Reborn as Drago, based on an anime character. He's been portrayed as a new luchador, though he uses many of the same moves (especially the tornillo dive.)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Alan Tony Cirio Unknown
2002/08/13 hair (1) Vangelis Alan Huamantla
(1) Cage Match w/ Los Warriors(Kevin/Brandon/Vangelis) vs Los Barrio Boys(Alan/Decnis/Billy Boy)


as Morpho
as Billy Jean
the new Barrio Boys
as Alan
with a fan

posingas El Gato Eveready
as El Gato Eveready
as Drago
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