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Men half.
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The AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling title promoted by AAA. The champions traditionally consist of one male and one female wrestler.

Current Champions

Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti, 17th Champs

Abismo Negro Jr. and Flammer are the 18th and current champions.

History of Championship

The brother/sister team of Cinthia Moreno and Oriental were fighting champions, by AAA standards. They defended the championships and faced other pairs in Relevos AAA matches. After their championship reign concluded, Oriental claimed the pair successfully defended the championship over 150 times. There's nothing close to that documented, but the defenses noted made it one of the more frequently defended championships from its time period.

Over the course of 2007, the Morenos were pulled into the Apaches feud and often served as opponents for either Gran Apache and Fabi Apache or Billy Boy and Fabi Apache as their soap opera played out. Despite the spotlight on their opposition, the Moreno's dominated the results.

Cinthia and Oriental were scheduled to defend the championships in a four way tag team match on November 30, 2007, but did not participate. Cinthia had worked thru a shoulder injury during the middle of 2007 and had seemed to finally be back as full strength, only to suffer a worse spine injury from Mari Apache's Michinoku Driver. Cinthia's injury was public before the show, but there was no announcement of a change in the match until just before. Oriental, for the team, handed the belts back to AAA and was promised a title shot when Cinthia was healed. La Diabolica and Espiritu took the Moreno's spot in the match.

It took many months for Cinthia to recover. In the meantime, the Apaches made peace with each other and somewhat operated on the tecnico side. When Cinthia returned, she and her brother suaght revenge for her injury. As with the previous chapter in their feud, the tecnicos dominated most of the matches with the rudos winning the final title match at the end, but the tecnicos were now the Apaches and the Morenos ended up with the championship at 2008's Verano de Escandalo (with a little help from La Diabolica.

The Morenos remain champions, and their feud with the Apaches has not received as much attention since the title change. There were no other obvious challengers and the two sides continue to have title matches on non-television AAA events.

Oriental decided to leave AAA, and he and Cinthia Moreno lost to Aerostar & Fabi Apache in his farewell. Fabi saw Aerostar as just a teammate and nothing more, but Aero had a (sometimes secret) crush on his partner. Regardless of the reason, Aero helped Fabi battle her baby's mama Billy Boy and his new girlfriend Sexi Star. Before the feud was over, Billy and Fabi (sort) of both lost their hair, but the Legion still couldn't get the tag titles in their hands.

The Legion were finally able to take the titles by taking Mari Apache to their side. At TripleMania XVIII, the rudas won a match where the loser would be forced to be a maid for the winners for a month. Mari lost and, while at ringside being a maid, accidentally hit her sister to cost her the tag team titles to Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie.

Aerostar & Fabi came up short a couple times trying to get back the titles, usually due to more Legion involvement. For the second time in three reigns, the male rudo champion (Koslov) decided to leave the company. Fabi Apache won the titles back, this time with frequent Koslov opponent/admirer Pimpinela Escarlata.

The two did not get a chance to defend their championships. Fabi Apache, and the rest of her family, continued to feud with rudo referee Hijo de Tirantes. Tirantes attacked Fabi after a match, injuring her leg with a club. Fabi returned early to help defend these tag team titles, but Tirantes again got involved, helping Alan Stone and Jennifer Blake win these belts for La Sociedad.

Pentagón Jr. & Sexy Star were the most recent champions. They defeated Drago & Faby Apache and Cuervo & Mari Apache, in April 19, 2014 in Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera. The championship became vacant when Sexy Star quit or retired from AAA and Pentagon relinquished his half of the championship on February 19, 2015.

Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami were the 14th champions, They defeated Venum & Lady Shani on June 19, 2017 in Nuevo Laredo to win the vacant championship.

While 1/2 of the 15th champions, Villano III Jr. announced he was leaving AAA in October 2020. Villano initially declared he'd like to continue to defend the championship. AAA indicated that wouldn't be allowed if he left AAA, and Villano III Jr. decided to abandon his share of the championship. Both Villano & Lady Maravilla said AAA would allow Maravilla to continue to be champion with a yet to be announced replacement partner. Eventually, Villano returned to make the final defense of the title where he would lose it.

Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti were 17th champions. They defeated Arez & Chik Tormenta, Látigo & Maravilla, and Komander & Sexy Star II on April 30th, 2022 in Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey. Due to an apparent injury, Sammy had La Parka Negra substitute for him through most of the match before he rejoined the fray at the end. Naturally, rudo referee El Hijo del Tirantes allowed this display. They were stripped of the titles after failing to make any defenses.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
elimination match to decide initial champions involving Electro/Lady, Gran/Fabi Apache, El Brazo/Martha Villalobos & Chessman/Tiffany
1 Electro Shock & Lady Apache Gran Apache & Fabi Apache
El Brazo & Martha Villalobos
Chessman & Tiffany
2003.06.15 El Toreo De Naucalpan
1 Chessman & Tiffany 2003.07.03 Aguascalientes
2 Chessman & Tiffany 2003.07.30 San Luis Potosi
2 Chessman & Tiffany Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2003.09.16 San Luis Potosi
1 Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2003.10.31 Queretaro
2 Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2003.11.16 Arena Lopez Mateos
3 Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2004.01.16 Acapulco
4 Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2004.01.24 Osaka, Japan
5 Electro Shock & Lady Apache 2004.06.05 Veracruz
3 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache Chessman & Tiffany
Electro Shock & Lady Apache
Oriental & Cinthia Moreno
2004.08.01 Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
1 Oriental & Cynthia Moreno 2004.08.20 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla
2 Oriental & Cynthia Moreno 2004.09.05 Centro de Espectaculos El Rayo, Tlahuac
3 Estrellita & Oscar Sevilla 2004.09.26 Salón Rebeca, Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal [1]
4 Electro Shock & La Hechicera 2004.10.24 Oaxaca
5 Charly Manson & Tiffany 2004.12.20 Auditorio Municipal, Tampico, Tamaulipas [2]
6 Oriental & Cynthia Moreno 2005.06.16 Gimansio Agustin Millan, Toluca
championship vacated on 2005.07.17 after Fabi Apache no-shows title match (pregnancy) and Oriental/Cynthia Moreno fight Gran Apache/La Diabolica to a draw
four team tournament for vacant championship
4 Oriental & Cinthia Moreno Chessman & La Diabolica 2005.12.10 Plaza De Toros, Guadalajara
1 Charly Manson & Tiffany 2006.04.13 Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca
2 Billy Boy & Fabi Apache 2006.10.28 Salon Zitacuaro, Mexico City
3 Espiritu & Rossy Moreno 2007.01.14 Arena Azteca Budokan
4 Pirata Morgan & Tiffany 2007.03.04 Gimnasio de Pesas Axel de Tlahuac
5 Black Buffalo & Rossy Moreno 2007.03.23 Cancha de la Seccion #3 Ebano de San Luis Potosi
6 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2007.04.15 Boca del Rio, Veracruz
7 Gran Apache & Rossy Moreno 2007.04.16 Gimnasio Municipal de Irapuato
8 Zumbido & Tiffany 2007.07.18 Auditorio Miguel Barragan de San Luis Potosi
titles vacated on 2007.11.30 when Cinthia Moreno is hurt and can't make a scheduled title defense
four team match for vacant titles
5 Gran Apache [2] & Mari Apache Billy Boy & Fabi Apache
Espiritu (AAA) & La Diabolica
Mr. Niebla & Ayako Hamada
2007.11.30 Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas
1 Super Calo & Rossy Moreno 2008.01.01 Arena Azteca Budokan
2 Billy Boy & Fabi Apache 2008.04.20 Salon Medina de Carmen Campeche
3 Oriental & Cinthia Moreno 2008.06.04 Palenque de la Feria de Celaya
4 Oriental & Cinthia Moreno 2008.07.06 Arena Azteca Budokan
6 Oriental [2] & Cinthia Moreno [2] Gran Apache & Mari Apache 2008.09.14 Auditorio Benito Juarez de Guadalajara
1 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2008.11.27 Gimnasio Agustin Millan de Toluca
2 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2008.11.30 Arena Azteca Budokan
3 Diabolico I & La Diabolica 2008.12.05 Plaza de Toros Monumental de Torreon
4 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2008.12.06 Plaza de Toros La Concordia
5 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2009.04.15 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
6 Gran Apache & Fabi Apache 2009.06.05 Unidad Deportiva Morelos, Colima, Colima
7 Aerostar & Fabi Apache [2] Oriental & Cinthia Moreno 2009.09.06 Plaza de Toros Tula, Hidalgo
1 Billy Boy & Sexy Star 2009.12.06 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
2 Alex Koslov & Sexy Star 2010.05.22 Auditorio Municipal Torreon
8 Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie Aerostar & Fabi Apache 2010.07.02 Domo del Mar, Carmen, Campeche
1 Aerostar & Fabi Apache 2010.08.06 Plaza de Toros el Relicario de Puebla
9 Fabi Apache [3] & Pimpinela Escarlata Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie 2010.10.01 Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas
10 Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata 2011.03.13 Plaza de Toros Monumental, Morelia, Michoacan
1 Lolita & Elegido 2011.05.13 Gimnasio Mario Colin, Cuautitlan, EdM
11 Halloween & Mari Apache [2] Fabi Apache & Atomic Boy Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake Lolita & Fénix 2012.10.07 El Domo, San Luis Potosí
12 Drago & Faby Apache [4] Halloween & Mari Apache 2013.07.19 Arena Xalapa
1 Sexy Lady & Peligro (Veracruz) 2014.04.04 Gimnasio Municipal, Coatepec, Veracruz
13 Pentagón Jr. & Sexy Star Drago & Faby Apache Cuervo & Mari Apache 2014.04.19 Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera
1 Daga & Taya Valkyrie 2016.02.19 Queretaro
championship vacated on 2016.02.19 after Sexi Star no-shows title match and Pentagón Jr. defends title in a handicap match and decides to vacate the championship
14 Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami Venum & Lady Shani 2017.06.19 Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
1 La Hiedra & Villano III Jr. 2018.03.01 Arena Aficion
2 La Hiedra & Villano III Jr. 2018.05.31 Arena Aficion
3 Hijo Del Vikingo & Vanilla Vargas
Dinastía & Lady Maravilla
Angelikal & La Hiedra
2018.08.25 Arena Ciudad de Mexico
4 Joe Lider & Vanilla Vargas 2018.10.06 Lienzo Charro Prof. Enrique Gzz, Saltillo, Coahuila
5 La Hiedra & Villano III Jr. 2018.11.17 Arena Neza
6 Halcon 78 Jr. & La Hiedra 2018.12.04 Nucelo de la Feria, La Barca, Jalisco
7 Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. 2019.03.16 Acropolis, Puebla, Puebla
8 Goya Kong & Raptor 2019.04.19 Patio Zapotitlan, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
9 Lady Maravilla & El Patriarca 2019.05.10 Auditorio Municipal, Tampico, Tamaulipas
10 Lady Maravilla & King Balam 2019.05.30 Auditorio del CDC, Tequisquiapan, Querétaro
11 Lady Maravilla & King Balam 2019.07.04 Arena Naucalpan
15 Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami
Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux
Australian Suicide & Vanilla Vargas
2019.08.03 Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City
1 Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa 2019.09.03 Arena Afición, Pachuca, Hidalgo
2 Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa 2019.09.22 Auditorio Municipal, Amecameca, Mexico State
3 Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa
Keyra & Látigo
2019.10.19 Coliseo La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz
4 Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa 2019.10.24 Patio Zapotitlan, Tláhuac, Mexico City
5 Argenis & Lady Shani 2019.11.11 Barrio San Martin Caballero, San Salvador Huixcolotla, Puebla
6 Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa 2019.12.13 Foro Zina, Toluca, Mexico State
Villano III Jr. relinquishes his share of the championship on October 17, 2020
16 Arez & Chik Tormenta Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla 2021.10.11 Xalapa, Veracruz
1 Taurus & Flammer
Laredo Kid & Sexy Star II
2021.11.04 Taxco, Guerrero
2 Villano III Jr. & La Hiedra
Octagón Jr. & Sexy Star II
2022.02.19 Estadio Universitario Beto Avila, Veracruz
17 Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti Arez & Chik Tormenta
Látigo & Maravilla
Komander & Sexy Star II
2022.04.30 Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey
1 Ashley D`Amboise & Flip Gordon 2022.06.19 Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, USA
2 Ruby Soho & Ortiz 2022.09.04 Now Arena, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA
championship vacated on 2022.12.28 after the team failed to make defenses in Mexico
three-way match made for the title
18 Abismo Negro Jr. & Flammer Lady Shani & Octagón Jr.
Komander & Sexy Star II
2022.12.28 Arena GNP Seguros, Acapulco
1 Drago (AAA) & Sexy Star II 2023.12.12 Planta Bardahl, Mexico State, México
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


  1. SuperLuchas New 79
  2. Box y Lucha 2693

Gallery of Champions

Chessman & Tiffany, 2nd Champions
Gran Apache & Fabi Apache, 3rd Champions
Oriental & Cynthia Moreno, as 4th Champions
Gran Apache & Mari Apache, 5th Champions
Oriental & Cynthia Moreno, as 6th Champions
Aerostar & Fabi Apache, 7th Champions

Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake, 10th Champions
Halloween & Mari Apache, 11th Champions
Drago & Faby Apache, 12th Champions
Pentagón Jr. & Sexy Star, 13th Champions

Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami, 14th Champions
Chik Tormenta & Arez, 16th Champs


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