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Multiple wrestlers have used this name or related gimmicks, all playing on the same look of a dancing skeleton.

If you are thinking of the La Parka considered as the original La Parka, the one who wrestled in WCW, you're looking for the wrestler now known usually wrestling under the name L.A. Park. He's still uses the La Parka name on occasion outside of Mexico, and actually won that name back in a match at TripleMania XVIII, before that match was declared a no contest.

The other well known La Parka is the the man who took over the identity in AAA after the original left, and was a top guy in that promotion beginning in the late 90s. He's listed under La Parka AAA and often listed in results as La Parka Jr., though AAA almost always called him La Parka.

There appear to be countless minis using the La Parkita name, and at least one using the Mini Park name.

Other known related wrestlers

  • Super Parka - The uncle of the original La Parka, he was introduced to be a related character.
  • La Parca - This one existed before the others, but he was just a local wrestler that never had any fame or whatsoever. Early in AAA, the original La Parka's name was also sometimes spelled "La Parca".