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Name Cibernético
Real name Octavio López Arriola
Nicknames The Main Man, El idolo del bombeo de hierro (The pumping iron idol), El Dios de la lucha libre (The god of Lucha Libre), El Devorador de Pecados (The Sin Eater)
Name history Urko (debut - ??), Espíritu Negro (?? - 07/93), Cibernético (07/93 - ), Cybernetico (1996-7, WWF), Ciber the Main Man (CMLL 2018)
Maestro(s) Karloff Lagarde, Ray Mendoza, Villano I, Villano III, Ojo de Tigre,Ébano Ruiz
Birth date, location April 12, 1975 - Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
Obituary date
Debut, location March 1992 - Arena Querétaro - Querétaro, Querétaro
Lost mask to La Parka Jr. - June 20, 2004
Height 6'0"/184 cms
Weight 234 lbs/107 kg
Signature moves Apocaliptica, Gorilla Press, Lariat, Northern Lights Suplex, Power Bomb, Spear, Stunner
Titles: AAA World Heavyweight Championship, WWA World Heavyweight Championship, National Heavyweight Championship, AAA Campeón de Campeones Championship, IWC World Heavyweight Championship, UWA World Heavyweight Championship, AAA Rey de Reyes, GPCW SUPER-X Monster Championship, Torneo Antonio Peña (2009), AAA World Trios Championship w/ Averno & Chessman, Lucha Libre Elite Heavyweight Championship, CMLL World Trios Championship w/ Scharly Rock Star & The Chris


Began his career as a bodybuilder turned pro-wrestler. Canek took him under his wing and during the dying days of the UWA tried to make Cibernético the new big star by giving him a 20+ match win streak which included singles and tag matches. When the UWA folder, Canek persuaded Antonio Pena to take Cibernético and give him a chance.

Cibernético became long time member of AAA. He wrestled in the then WWF when they had their cross-promotion with AAA in 1996/97. He fought for the WWF World Tag Team titles and in their annual Royal Rumble. After the cross-promotion he came back to AAA and became a part of major rudo factions including Los Vipers, Los Vipers Primera Clase and LLL. In 2004, he created the group La Secta Cibernética - a psuedo-religious cult, with Cibernetico as it's leader.

Cibernético brought in Muerte Cibernética to take care of long tme rival La Parka Jr., the man who took Cibernético's mask. This move went badly: La Parka Jr. took Muerte's mask as well, and then Muerte took over leadership of La Sect when Cibernetico suffered a knee injury. Cibernetico is still recovering, but appears to becoming a tecnico based on his non-wrestling involvement. Cibernetico's expected to return to the ring either at the close of 2006 or the start of 2007.

While appearing on a Mexican TV show, Cibernético got into a fight with Mexican boxer Jorge Kawaghi. The two were supposed to have an arm-wrestling match, but it turned into a small brawl before they were pulled apart. Cibernetico and AAA have steadfatly claimed it was a legitimate unscheduled brawl, but footage and news reports later exposed the staged nature of the fight. Nonetheless, Cibernetico's become a minor celebrity due to the brawl, and AAA's attempted to capitalize it (and repeat it, with Tiffany and Esterllita also getting into 'real' fights on Mexican talk shows.)

There's been no in-ring match between Cibernetico and Kawaghi as of yet, but it may still occur after Cibernetico recovers from his knee injury. Cibernetico's absence from the ring was originally explained as a suspension for getting into the fight, but they seemed to have dropped the cover story to focus in on Cibernetico's knee instead.

Cibernetico, after relations with Estrellita and tv host Sabrina, married valet Apocalipsa.

Ciber entered a long storyline feuding with Konnan and La Legión Extranjera in 2008, which included many "worked shoot" aspects, including him leaving AAA for a while to work for the Perros del Mal promotion. After he returned and won Copa Antonio Peña on October 31, 2009, there were reports of a backstage fight between Konnan and Ciber, but this was also to further the feud. This led to several extremely bloody encounters with Konnan including at Guerra de Titanes 2009 and Rey de Reyes 2010.

After a long & storied career with AAA, in Nov. 2015 Ciber jumped to Lucha Libre Elite. He attacked Caristico & said he had come to challenge Ultimo Guerrero, La Sombra & Rush as well. Also wants to win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. He then brought his old friend Charly Manson to Lucha Libre Elite. He has since begun regularly wrestling on CMLL cards.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2004/06/20 mask La Parka Jr. Cibernetico El Toreo De Naucalpan
2007/07/15 hair (1) Cibernético Kenzo Suzuki Toreo de Cuatro Caminos - Mexico City
2007/09/16 hair (2) Cibernético Espiritu Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progeso - Guadalajara, Jalisco
2013/06/16 hair Perro Aguayo Jr. Cibernético Arena Ciudad de Mexico - Mexico City
2022/10/15 hair Pagano Cibernetico Arena Ciudad de Mexico
(1) Dome Cage Match: Chessman, Charly Manson, Cibernetico vs X-Pac, el Mesias, Kenzo Suzuki; (2) Dome Cage: w/Escoria, Ozz, Cuervo, Chessman, Charly Manson, and Zorro


as Urko
as Espiritu Negro
as Espiritu Negro w/ Skeletor
as Espiritu Negro
Earlier look as Cibernetico

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With Perros del Mal shirt in AAA
Festival Mundial de Lucha Libre - Guadalajara
Promo for his group Los Bizarros
Return to AAA June 2009

After losing his hair in the main event of TripleMania XXI
Cibernetico Bizarro.jpg
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