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Name Rhino
Real name Terrance Gerin
Nicknames "Man-Beast", "The War Machine", "Rookie Monster", "The Big F'n Deal"
Name history Rhino Richards, Rhyno, Terry Richards, Avenger
Maestro(s) Doug Chevalier, Mickey Doyle, Scott D'Amore
Birth date, location October 7, 1975 - Detroit, Michigan
Obituary date
Debut, location 1994
Lost mask to
Height 6'1" /185 cm
Weight 275 lbs/125 kg
Signature moves Gore, Piledriver, Rhino Driver, Belly to Belly Suplex, Spinebuster
Titles: BCW Can-Am Television Championship, CWE Tag Team Championship (/AJ Sanchez), CWA World Tag Team Championship (w/ Joe Legend and Jean-Pierre Lafitte ), EWP World Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Television Championship, JAPW Heavyweight Championship, PTW Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Heavyweight Title, TNA Turkey Bowl (2008), UWE Heavyweight Championship, UXW Heavyweight Championship, WSW Heavyweight Championship, WCW United States Championship, WWF Hardcore Championship


Came to AAA due to the working relationship with TNA and competed at Rey de Reyes, 2007.