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AAA's Parka Negra character, an evil version of La Parka in the tradition of evil versions of AAA's tecnicos, debuted in 2013. At least three people are known to have taken the identity.

  • Zorro was the original Parka Negra when the character was introduced in 2012, and thru most of the first year. The concept seemed to set up Parka Negra unmasking as Zorro at some point down the line. Parka Negra's identity quickly got out, whatever plans there were for the character seemed to disappear nearly as quickly, and Zorro made a random and unexplained return in late 2013 to face off with Parka Negra and 'prove' they weren't the same person.
  • Ultimo Gladiador, utility man on AAA's roster, is believed to have taken over the character in late 2013. Gladiador also became part of the Infernal Rockers as Demon Rocker. It's unclear when he stopped using the Parka Negra character, as it appeared increasingly infrequently after it was no longer Zorro
  • Dizzy, a fringe AAA luchador for a number of years and local show promoter, is understood to be the current Parka Negra when Gladiador became Demon Rocker full time. The transition happened sometime in 2014. The character is used on house shows often, but only on TV rarely.

It's possible other wrestlers played the character on a short term basis. There were theories Ozz had taken over the character, explaining his own disappearance from lineups, but it's now believed he simply retired from AAA and moved back home.