Último Maldito

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Último Maldito
Último Maldito
Name Último Maldito
Real name
Nicknames "Yo simplemente fui malo" (I was just bad)
Name history Mr. Maldito (early years), Último Maldito (current), Kahoz (AAA 2018)
Family Destroyer (father), Arcángel Divino (brother)
Maestro(s) Destroyer, Super Black, Extasis, Mr. Maldito
Birth date, location San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location November 22, 2013 - Plaza de Toros San Marcos (old one), Aguascalientes
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm
Weight 86 kgs
Signature moves Malo Driver


Tijuana based rudo, half of the tag team Los Lucha Solos. Born in San Juan de los Lagos Jalisco, but raised im Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes along with his brother. Trained for twelve years in order to make his debut as a professional wrestler. His first ring name came by his maestro, Mr. Maldito. He made his debut in Aguascalientes and did not know which name would use and he decided to take the name of Mr. Maldito with all permission of his trainer. He used that name for several years until he had to changed it when he arrived to Tijuana, because there was another Mr. Maldito already and changed to Último Maldito. His wrestling style is well rounded but he tends more for high flying moves and strong style.

He had wrestled in promotions such AAA, DTU, The Crash and XMW. Moreover, he had wrestled in venues such as Arena López Mateos, Sin Cara Gym, Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, Plaza de Toros San Marcos , Auditorio Morelos (Ags), Auditorio de Tijuana, Arena Naucalpan, Plaza de Toros Guadalajara, Arena Querétaro, and more.

Wrestled under the name Kahoz in 2018.

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
18/11/18 Gimnasio Evodemx - Tijuana Último Maldito defeated Próximo to take his hair

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
18/11/18 Hair Último Maldito Próximo Gimnasio Evodemx - Tijuana, Baja California


early days he is the one of the right
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as Kahoz
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