CMLL Sangre Nueva Tournament

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A CMLL tournament focusing on the 'new blood' of CMLL. This tournament debuted in 2012, and surprisingly returned the following year. It appears to have been replaced by La Copa Jr. tournaments since that time.

The tournament is held over three consecutive Tuesday Arena Mexico shows. The first two weeks feature blocks of luchadors for a cibernetico. The two block winners meet in a three falls match on the third week.


This was the first year of the tournament. It was billed as showcase for young luchadors. In practice, this was an odd mix of young luchadors who mostly worked openers, slightly more experienced luchadors who worked in the midcard, and very experienced luchadors who have new-ish characters. Blocks were eight wrestlers each. Battle royals were used to set the teams.

March 6th block

Teams, after the battle royal:

A: Cholo, Soberano Jr., Cancerbero, and Dragon Lee
B: Bobby Zavala, Titan, Stigma, and Camaleón

This match was Stigma's debut in Arena Mexico. He'd previously been a regular in Arena Puebla.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Cholo Camaleón 8:11
Bobby Zavala Cancerbero 8:48
Soberano Jr. Stigma 10:12
Camaleón Dragon Lee 11:28
Stigma Cancerbero 12:08
Cancerbero Titan 13:00
Titan Dragon Lee 15:02
Dragon Lee won the cibernetico

March 13th block

Teams, after the battle royal:

A: Disturbio, Hombre Bala Jr., Raziel, and Triton
B: Robin, Bronco, Hijo del Signo, and Super Halcon Jr.
Eliminated Eliminator Time
Robin Disturbio 11:06
Hombre Bala Jr. Hijo del Signo 14:43
Bronco Triton 16:14
Disturbio Super Halcon Jr. 17:17
Super Halcon Jr. Raziel 18:54
Hijo del Signo Raziel 20:01
Triton Raziel 24:54
Raziel won the cibernetico

March 20th final

Dragon Lee defeated Raziel to win the tournament in three falls. Dragon Lee was awarded a cup for his victory and slightly moved up the card (though other developments soon moved him up faster.)


The same format was followed in 2013, though there were fewer veterans and only wrestlers who worked primarily the first or second matches were involved. Blocks were expanded to 10 each. There was no seeding battle royal this year, just tecnicos versus rudos. Times are taken from the television airing of each match.

February 26th block

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Akuma Höruz 10:00
Cholo Camaleon 11:34
Höruz (injury) 13:29
Espanto Jr. Hombre Bala Jr. 14:17
Camaleon Herodes Jr. 15:00
Herodes Jr. Stigma 16:06
Stigma Bobby Zavala 17:29
Bobby Zavala Hombre Bala Jr. 21:17
Hombre Bala Jr. Soberano Jr. 26:49
Soberano Jr. won the cibernetico

March 5th block

Scheduled to appear:

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Genesis Zayco 11:18
Inquisidor Sensei 15:03
Zayco Super Halcon Jr. 16:59
Robin Guerrero Negro Jr. 19:21
Oro Jr. Disturbio 20:02
Sensei Taurus 22:31
Super Halcon Jr. Guerrero Negro Jr. 23:25
Disturbio Guerrero Negro Jr. 24:59
Guerrero Negro Jr. Taurus 29:05
Taurus won the cibernetico

March 12th Final

Soberano Jr. defeated Taurus, taking falls 1 & 3 in 12:54 long match.

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