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The 1993 TripleMania (TripleMania) was held on April 30 in Plaza De Toros Mexico City.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Martha Villalobos, Pantera Sureña, Wendy Larrosa, Lola Gonzalez, Vicky Carranza
2 Salsero, Super Calo, Winners Babe Sharon, May Flowers, Rudy Reyna
3 Misterioso, Rey Misterio Jr., Volador Rocco Valente, Tony Arce, Vulcano
4 El Hijo Del Santo, Octagón, Villano III Fuerza Guerrera, Heavy Metal, Rambo
5 Lizmark La Parka Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
6 Love Machine, Máscara Sagrada, Mascarita Sagrada Blue Panther, Jerrito Estrada, Jerry Estrada
7 Perro Aguayo Sr. Máscara Año 2000 mask match
8 Cien Caras Konnan retirement match [1]
  1. Konnan ultimately got this decision overturned in court

Other Notes

The biggest event in the history of Lucha Libre drew 48,000+ fans to the Plaza De Toros in Mexico City. Antonio Pena wanted his version of WWF's Wrestlemania so he called his show Triplemania with the plan being to run 3 major shows in a short amount of time with each show building off the previous show. Plans changed and the first year was just one major show. There were two major matches that were responsible for the huge turnout: Konnan and Cien Caras put their careers on the line and Perro Aguayo and Mascara Ano 2000 put their hair and mask on the line respectively.

In the first co-main event Cien Caras defeated Konnan in a match where the loser would be forced to retire. This was not without controversy however as making his AAA debut was Jake 'The Snake' Roberts who sat in the front row and distracted Konnan throughout the match. Konnan eventually took exception and got into a physical altercation with Roberts which led to him being counted out. In reality Konnan was planning to take some time away from the ring in an attempt to become an actor. The actual retirement lasted a grand total of just over 6 months.

The second co-main event which sent the crowd home happy saw a bloody Perro Aguayo take the mask of Mascara Ano 2000 who unmasked as Jesús Reyes González.

In an undercard title match, Lizmark and La Parka fought to a 15 minute draw. They both requested an extra five minutes and Lizmark was victorious in the overtime.

In a change designed to make the show more like WWF's Wrestlemania, all undercard matches were one fall in length. When all was said and done the only matches from the show not to make television were matches #3 & #4. It's unclear why match #3 never made it onto TV but match #4 never saw the light of day because Heavy Metal wore a t-shirt that said "FUCK YOU" in giant letters.

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