Mascarita Sagrada

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Multiple wrestlers have used this gimmick.

  • Mascarita Sagrada Jr., who dropped the "Jr." part of his name in the WWF. He's currently known as Tzuki, though he was using the Mascarita Sagrada gimmick on shows up to mid 2007.
  • After the original left, AAA introduced a new mini named Mascarita Sagrada 2000. He dropped the year after a few months. In 2007, this Mascarita jumped to CMLL and changed his name to Mascarita Dorada.
  • Novillerito got to play Mascarita Sagrada Jr. (II) in December 2005 for one night only and has been *RUMORED* to be under the gimmick at times when AAA "accidentally" books the Mascarita Sagrada gimmick in two different places.
  • AAA never really acknowledged Mascarita Sagrada 2000 departure from AAA, promoting Mascarita Sagrada appearing on shows before the previous one had with started CMLL. It's not clear yet if it's the original, Novillerito, or a different wrestler entirely.
  • There appeared to be another unacknowledged change in the character in late 2013. This Mascarita Sagrada is more athletic than his predecessor.