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Jerry Estrada
Jerry Estrada
Name Jerry Estrada
Real name Gerardo Hernández Estrada
Nicknames El Puma
Name history Jerry Estrada (debut - )
Family none
Maestro(s) Alberto Mora, Herodes
Birth date, location January 10, 1958 - Monclova, Coahuila
Obituary date n/a
Debut, location 1978 - Monclova, Coah
Lost mask to n/a
Height 5'10"/178 cms
Weight 191 lbs/87 kg
Signature moves Media Cerrajera, Flying Senton, Tope Suicida, Salida de Bandera
Titles: National Middleweight Title, National Trios Title (w/ Pirata Morgan & Hombre Bala), CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title, National Light Heavyweight Title, Puerto Rico: WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title (2)


When famed wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer began watching lucha libre, he wrote that the three best workers in the EMLL were El Dandy, Pirata Morgan, and Jerry Estrada. In fact, the first match from Mexico ever to get a vaunted four-star rating in Meltzer's newsletter may have been Estrada's hair match with Satanico in March 1990. A Northern-based wrestler from Monclova, Estrada came to Mexico City in the early 1980s at the suggestion of Herodes, one of the men who had trained him. He gained a reputation as a bit of a wild man, but Estrada's working ability ensured his placement in the wrestling scene. Working rudo in the middleweight and light-heavyweight divisions (he won titles in both categories), he was expected to be able to brawl, fly, wrestle technically, stir up the crowd, and even compete with an eye patch on as a member of Los Bucaneros, Pirata Morgan's pirate-themed trio. His standout attribute was his bumping, particularly the high handstand-like vaults he took on backdrops outside of the ring.

Estrada was seldom the focus of his promotions, instead being tasked with making the tecnicos look good. He did main event one of the 1994 Triplemania shows (Estrada jumped to AAA a month or so after the promotion's inception) against newly turned Heavy Metal, but that match ended in disaster, with the finish supposedly being changed multiple times. After Estrada won the match as (apparently) planned, Antonio Peña ordered a fourth fall, promptly won by Metal. This all led to Estrada storming off without getting his head shaved. Perhaps his greatest moment was in his hometown when he took the hair of longtime rival Stuka in a match taped for television.

In spite of his reckless style and a long period of apparent retirement, Estrada remained semi-active through at least 2019. In his old age he usually wrestles in the North, but in 2018 he found his way back to Arena Mexico one last time on a show featuring several legends from the past.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Jerry Estrada Cachorro Mendoza Mexico City
82/02/28 hair Jerry Estrada Tony Arce Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City
83/01/23 hair Chamaco Valaguez Jerry Estrada Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City
83/07/01 hair Jerry Estrada Franco Colombo Arena México - Mexico City
83/08/12 hair Jerry Estrada Javier Llanes Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
83/09/25 hair Cachorro Mendoza Jerry Estrada Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
86/09/05 hairs El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro El Dandy, Talismán & Jerry Estrada Arena México - Mexico City
198?/??/?? mask[1] Jerry Estrada Ultraman Torreón, Coahuila
88/??/?? hair Jerry Estrada Ultraman unknown
89/??/?? hair Jerry Estrada Kato Kung Lee Arena México - Mexico City
89/10/20 hair Jerry Estrada Javier Cruz Arena México - Mexico City
90/03/23 hair Satánico Jerry Estrada Arena México - Mexico City
91/09/08 hair Jerry Estrada La Fiera Arena México - Mexico City
94/04/26 hair Heavy Metal Jerry Estrada Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
94/10/30 hair Jerry Estrada Stuka Plaza de Toros Buenaventura - Monclova, Coahuila
98/06/19 hair Jerry Estrada Stuka Arena Siglo XXI - Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
99/10/03 hair The Panther Jerry Estrada Arena Coliseo - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
02/08/15 hair Jerry Estrada Stuka I Arena Olimpico Laguna, Gomez Palacio, Durango
02/10/04 hair Pimpinela Escarlata & Hijo del Enfermero Jerry Estrada & Misterioso Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
02/10/31 hair Stuka Jr. Jerry Estrada Arena Olimpico Laguna, Gomez Palacio, Durango
02/11/03 hair (1) Jerry Estrada Espectro Jr. Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
(1) Espectro Jr. lost the wig attached to his mask


As Bucanero
Taking Javier Cruz`s hair in 1989
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