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Name Toxico
Real name
Name history Toxico, Psicosis (III) (12/18/09 - 10/31/10), Psicosis 2.0
Maestro(s) Chessman, Abismo Negro, Gran Apache, Black Terry, Rocky Santana
Birth date, location December 30, 1977
Obituary date
Debut, location 2004
Lost mask to
Signature moves


First spotted working in AAA around 2006 (and may have used a different name prior.) Made TV several times from 2006 to 2008 as a opening card rudo. Disappeared from AAA in spring of 2008, and reappeared in IWRG that summer, staying there about 15 months. Toxico had no notable singles matches, but participated in multi-man cage matches and the Rey del Ring match. He also started working DTU shows around this time, usually either teaming with or facing Pesadilla.

Returned to AAA in late 2009 as Psicosis (III), as part of the Vipers 2.0 unit. The group got a big introduction, struggled a bit in the ring, and were quickly given up on. Stuck around for most of the year, wrestling off TV for the most part. Brought back to TV one last time in August with Black Abyss, Hernandez & Zorro to lose to Cibernetico & Psycho Circus.

On Halloween night, Toxico worked for IWL under his old identity, having left AAA and the Psicosis name behind.


As Psicosis in DTU
As Psicosis posing
As Psicosis
As Psicosis
As a member of Vipers Revolution with Mini Vipers
As a member of Vipers Revolution