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Name Pesadilla
Real name
Name history Kid Scándalo (2000 - 2005), Nowhere Man (2005), Fuego Extremo (2005), Pesadilla (AAA, DTU)
Family Super Crazy, Crazy Boy, Rey Cuervo (Uncles), Dinastía, Lancelot (cousins)
Maestro(s) Super Crazy, Crazy Boy, Rey Cuervo
Birth date, location July 24, 1986 - Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Obituary date
Debut, location April 30, 2000 - Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Lost mask to
Height 177 cm
Weight 95 kg
Signature moves Spanish Fly
Titles: Tulancingo Tag Team Titles (w/ Amo De La Noche), XMW Tag Team Championship w/Peligro, DTU Extreme Championship, DTU Nexo Championship w/Rocky Lobo

Appeared in AAA during and around the 2006 AAA Luchando Por un Sueño tournament, beating Nemesis but losing to Laredo Kid. Didn't stick with AAA, but worked their spot shows within range of Tulancingo. Appears in promotions started by people from his city: Super Crazy's LJLL and Crazy Boy's DTU. (The three are listed as related, but it's unverified.) Has appeared on Perros del Mal undercards.


as Nowhere Man
Pesadilla with Hormiga (DTU), Aeroboy, Radge and Crazy Boy
with DTU wrestlers Crazy Boy (center bottom) and Demente Extreme (center top)
in DTU