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In late summer 2006, AAA held a 12 person tournament over the course five TV tapings. The concept of Luchando Por un Sueño is similar to AAA's old Young Stars Tag Team Tournaments (1994, 1997), and CMLL annual Gran Alternativa with it's focus on undercard wrestlers. Unlike those tournament, participants weren't limited to 'young' wrestlers; experienced guys like Gran Apache were included, based on their usual card position (and likely to help carry the green young guys thru matches.)

The tournament itself kicked off on August 15, 2006, with a cibernetico to determine first round match ups. However, those match ups were already being advertised before the cibernetico took place. The first round was split over two tapings, and the three semifinal matches were all held on the September 3, 2006 TV taping.

Chiva I----
2006.08.17 |Chiva I----
Paranoica--            |
            2006.09.03 |Kaoma Jr.--
Kaoma Jr.--            |           |
2006.08.17 |Kaoma Jr.--            |
Super Fly--                        |
Rey Cometa-                        |
2006.08.20 |Rey Cometa-            |
Policeman--            |           |
            2006.09.03 |Apache-----|
Pegasso----            |           |
2006.08.20 |Apache----- 2006.09.17 |Laredo Kid
Apache-----                        |
Nemesis----                        |
2006.08.20 |Pesadilla--            |
Pesadilla--            |           |
            2006.09.03 |Laredo Kid-
Laredo Kid-            |
2006.08.17 |Laredo Kid-
Mr. Condor-

The final was part of the annual Verano de Escandalo show. The winner will be pushed as a new star of AAA, and was listed in future semimain and main events.