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A trio of wrestling clowns that debuted in AAA in late 2007 to a big push & falsified winning streak. They're announced as having a new, slightly higher undefeated run each week on television, but they wrestle only few house shows between TV tapings. The Psycho Clowns have been dominant in all of their matches.

Outside the full team together, Killer Clown lost an indy trios match where he was teamed with El Mesias and Teddy Hart, but it's been ignored as far as the win streak is concerned.

The group consists of (from left to right)

The identities of the clowns still remain a mystery although through various sources it has come out that Brazo de Plata Jr. is one of the clowns (Psycho). The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Ángel Mensajero/Nautilius is also one of the clowns (Zombie) although that seems to be an error and the more likely candidate is Alliens/Highlander. Killer Clown is the only unidentified clown with the only educated guess being that he is an unknown Puerto Rican worker.

Earlier in 2007, AAA tried the same bit with a different set of clowns, though they left the promotion in a few weeks. These Payasos del Mal (Terror, Miedo and Carroña) have since wrestled around Mexican independent shows, including teasing a feud with IWRG's Payasos Tricolor (Coco Blanco, Coco Verde, Cocolores).

Chessman aligned with Psycho Circus to feud with The Dark Family long enough to win the Mexican National Atomicos Championship. After then AAA commissioner Vampiro stripped the foursome of their titles, both the championships and the alliance with Chessman were ignored.

In August of 2009 Killer Clown & Zombie Clown changed their names. Killer became Murder Clown, & Zombie became Monster Clown. Perhaps the name change was a sign of luck as the trio continued their winning streak alive beating La Yakuza at the annual Verano de Escándalo.

In 2010, they turned tecnico by depending AAA against La Sociedad and in particular fueding with Perros del Mal. Through this feud, Psycho Circus both had their first recorded loss in AAA and turned into hardcore wrestlers taking moves through tables and fire.

In 2011 the group intorduced a mini companion named Mini Clown as well as minis of the three originals wrestlers (Monster, Murder and Psycho to wrestle in AAA's minis division.

By 2016, Monster Clown & Murder Clown turned on Psycho Clown to join Pagano as Traidores thus ending the trio.

Reunion Lineup

Psycho Circus teams started appearing on shows again in late 2020, with the following members:


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Psycho Circus
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