Thunder Kid

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Thunder Kid
Thunder Kid
Name Thunder Kid
Real name
Name history Thunder Kid (debut-current)
Maestro(s) Mike Castillo, Mr. Tempest, Black Shadow Jr. II, Luminoso
Birth date, location Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location January 24, 2014. Gimnasio Ichinoe - Mexicali, Baja California.
Lost mask to
Height 163cm
Weight 60kg
Signature moves Huracarrana, Cavernaria, Tornado DDT, Bulldog, Springboard Dropkick, Cristo Negro
Titles: Arena Azteca Championship


Since very young Thunder Kid loved lucha libre he used to watch Santo's films and watch the EMLL/CMLL and AAA a on TV. He was the one in his family who likes professional wrestling. While attending University he had a team project related with interviewing someone who has an unusual job. One of his teamates knew a luchador who could be a potential interviewee. He was enthusiastic when he heard about the idea he inmediately wanted to conduct that interview. The luchador they met was Mr. Tempest. After that experience. After that experience he heard by one of his friends who was training with Mike Castillo for free. Thunder Kid decided to join him and train with Castillo as well. Although that experience lasted some months, he considers Mike Castillo as his very first maestro.

He eventually approached Mr. Tempest once more this time training at his own school. Thunder Kid completed his training with Mr. Tempest (90s) after two years and a half of intensive training. He became part of the first generation of graduates from Mr Tempest Professional Wrestling School. He was the only Tecnico of his generation.

The overall time he trained to become professional was six years. Other trainers who contributed with his preparition had been Black Shadow Jr. II & Luminoso. His ring character comes from a fear to a force of nature. He has a fear for thunderbolts. He chose this natural phenomenon to define his ring name and character. He made one of his fears a strength.


Promociones El Dorado


Notable Matches

Date Location Match
25/04/14 Gimnasio Ichinoe - Mexicali Thunder Kid, Eragon, and Datura defeated Black Master, Chango Asesino and Baronessa in a mixed tag match
19/10/15 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Próximo won the RLI Adrenalina Cup in a Six Man elimination match which also participated Enigma, Genio Del Aire, Matrix,Fly Boy and Thunder Kid
25/06/16 Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali Thunder Kid won Ru2TV 2016 Cup defeating Mr Wright in the finals. Also participated Galáctico, Galaxy, Deja Vu Centurión, Centella, Prinxipe,and Marino
18/09/16 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Stelaris & Prinxipe defeated Thunder Kid & Gladiador in a tag team match
05/11/16 Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali Thunder Kid defeated Dark Warrior in a singles match
29/01/17 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Thunder Kid defeated Rey Tortura in a singles match.
09/12/17 Auditorio de la Casa del Señor - Mexicali Ángelus, Iron Boy & Dinámico defeated Thunder Kid, Maverick & Play Boy Jr. in a trios match.
25/03/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Galáctico, Kamik-C & Skalibur defeated Thunder Kid, Dark Warrior & Tempestad Guerrera Jr. in a trios match.
21/07/18 Auditorio de Tijuana Thunder Kid, Prinxipe & Galaxy defeated Los Marginales & Los Haraganes in a triangle trios match for El Dorado Medals
10/28/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Rey Tortura defeated Thunder Kid in the finals for the Arena Nacionalista Cup 2018. Also participated Galáctico, Humilde Jr. Platino, Prinxipe, Galaxy, Centurión, and Marino. Money was thrown after the match
11/18/18 Arena Nacionalista 420 Brothers

defeated Thunder Kid & Fly Boy in a tag team match

24/18/18 Gimnasio de Mexicali Próximo & Black Phantom

defeated Thunder Kid & Mr. Tempest and Galaxy & Galáctico in a triangle tag team match