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Name Galaxy
Real name
Nicknames "El Judas Del Ring"
Name history Galaxy (debut -)
Maestro(s) Iron Boy, Black Abyss
Birth date, location February 12, 1989 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location June 6, 2012 - Arena Mexicali, Mexicali, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 164 cm
Weight 72 kg
Signature moves Jumping Ace Crusher, Tijeras Voladoras, La Mistica, La Campana
Titles: Mexicali Trios Titles (w/Paniko & Tiger Lee), Reyes Del Aire Championship, Baja California Trios Championship (w/Galáctico & Iron Boy)


Once Upon a Time

Two best friends who were lucha libre fans went to a local wrestling event to see the debut of another friend named Lexus. They were fans who used to jump into the ring between matches like kids use to do. Inspired by that friend both decided to train this sport. They believed that "if he can, we can"

Training and Debut

Both trained for a year and a half under the tutelage of Iron Boy and Black Abyss. His debut was in Arena Mexicali under the name of Galaxy and his friend and tag team partner became Galáctico. They were agaisnt Titanium and Llorona Jr.. Since he was a kid he use to tell his father that he always wanted a "tastara". His father did not know what he meant until the day he saw his son getting into the ring and told him that he already got his "tastara" (máscara/mask).

Los Judas

After 3 years in Arena Mexicali, Galaxy was invited by Galáctico to go to Empresa Arena Nacionalista. They originally would present there for the first time along with Lexus, however Antrax who was also a former wrestler at Arena Mexicali teamed up against Skalibur, Kamik-C & Fly Boy on February 14, 2016. They had a great match, people threw money on the ring. From then Galaxy, Galáctico, and Ortiz would be known as Los Judas, because they left Arena Mexicali and went to Arena Nacionalista. This trio had notable feuds agaist La Dinastía Hernandez, Strong Stylers, Los Más Odiados among others.

When Galaxy and Galáctico left Arena Mexicali. The promoter decided to give their gimmicks to other wrestlers. In order to avoid that their gimmicks were taken away they registred the names and changed their masks and gears designs for one of their own. The promoter of Arena Mexicali decided to introduce two wrestlers with two very similar names using the old designs and with very similar names Galatik and Galax.

All of them went in a tag team match which began by a suggestion of a fan. Galaxy and Galáctico prevailed and it is unclear if Galactik and Galax took other gimmicks.


He works as a freelance wrestler, being an specialist in high flying and he is skilled as technical wrestler. He was the third Reyes del Aire Champion by defeating Galáctico. He had reached success at local and state levels. His objective in Lucha Libre is to be recognized by the crowds and reach places where no one else had.


Promociones El Dorado


Judas Team

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El Dorado Medals
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