Chango Asesino

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Chango Asesino
Chango Asesino
Name Chango Asesino
Real name
Name history Zhifu (debut), Chango Asesino (current)
Family none
Maestro(s) Mr. Tempest (90s), Bobby Martinez
Birth date, location October 1, 1990 - Mexicali, Baja California (though he claims to come from the jungle)
Obituary date
Debut, location March 28, 2014 - Gimnasio Ichinoe, Mexicali, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 167 cm
Weight 87 kg
Signature moves La Anticalambres, Inverted Powerbomb, DDT


Coming from the jungle where he has a farm of bananas. He decided to migrate to Mexicali to find more lands plant more bananas and demonstrate that he is the King of the Jungle.

He dreamed to become a professional wrestler since he was a child. Years later, he decided to attend a local show in Mexicali to see local talent. He saw a singles match of Voltron against Próximo, he was so impressed by their performances. After that he was determined to become a luchador. His inspirations were Voltron, Dr. Wagner Jr., and Mr. Niebla.

He trained with Bobby Martinez for about a year alongside Onyx, Oziel, Matrix, and Yaga. Then he continued his training with Mr. Tempest. Chango Asesino was part of the first generation of wrestlers from Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School. His professional wrestling debut was along with fellow alumni. He is an irreverent rudo who goes bananas (literally) in the ring which he considers his jungle.

He is promoting eat bananas to prevent cramps. His slogan is: Di no a los calambres (Say no to cramps). He even throws bananas to the crowd.

He holds notable feuds with Oziel, Eragon and with another wild luchador Motros Jungle. Both compete to see who is the King of the Jungle.


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