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{{Gallery|name=Poblanatakeda.jpg|caption=w/[[Sombra Poblana]]}}
{{Gallery|name=Poblanatakeda.jpg|caption=w/[[Sombra Poblana]]}}
{{Gallery|name=Takeda vs Brazo de Platino.jpg|caption=mask vs mask against [[Brazo de Platino]]}}
{{Gallery|name=Takeda vs Brazo de Platino.jpg|caption=mask vs mask against [[Brazo de Platino]]}}
{{Gallery||name=Takeda brazo de platino mask.jpg|winning [[Brazo de Platino]]'s mask}}
{{Gallery||name=Takeda brazo de platino mask.jpg|caption=winning [[Brazo de Platino]]'s mask}}
{{Gallery||name=Takeda coco amarillo mask.jpg|caption=winning [[Coco Amarillo]]'s mask}}
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[[Category:Mexican wrestlers]]
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[[Category:Ciudad Juarez based wrestlers]]

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Name Takeda
Real name
Name history El Ninja (1984 Debut), Takeda (1984 - Current)
Maestro(s) Babe Sharon, Gran Hamada ?, claims to have been trained in Japan
Birth date, location August 29, 1969 - Ciudad Juarez (listed in other sources as January 23, 1962)
Obituary date
Debut, location 1984- Ciudad Juarez
Lost mask to
Height 175 cm/5' 9"
Weight 85 kg/196 lb
Signature moves
Titles: IWA World Light Heavyweight Championship (2), IWAS World Tag Team Titles (w/ Maravilloso), AWWA World Light Heavyweight Championship(2), Pacific Coast Tag Team Titles (w/ Maravilloso), Mexican National Atomicos Championship (w/ Maravilloso, Enigma & Samuray, WWA World Light Heavyweight Championship, Chihuahua State Tag Team Championship (w/ Enigmatico), Chihuahua State Trios Championship(w/ Mr Flash & Enigmatico; see history for disputed titles


Takeda is a long time Juarez regular, most notable in the late 90s and early 00s. Takeda first came to Mexico City to join the UWA in 1990, returning in 1992 and 1994 thru the last days of UWA. UWA initially hoped he could be their version of Octagon, a martial arts tecnico the fans would like, but turned out be a disappointment and his first push disappeared. He was brought back in slightly bigger roles in his later runs, as the talent started to disappear from UWA. Later, he had short stints in AAA and IWRG in 2007.

Takeda's myspace page claims he's held championships which are not listed above and are generally ignored. It's only a small part of his career, but is a reoccurring on this page.

He lists the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship, explaining he won the a match for the title against El Dandy but was never given the belt due to a problem with the commission. El Dandy was champion in 1995 and 1996, but there's no record of a title change, and it's be unlike CMLL at that time to have a unaffiliated luchador to win one of their championships. It's very likely there was a championship match between the two and Takeda was given some visual win in what ended up being a disputed finish. It is unlikely, but possible, that Takeda got the win with the promotion and Dandy agreeing it'd be ignored outside of Juarez.

Takeda also claims having won the Mexican National Atomicos Championship with Maravilloso, Enigma and Samuary, which he then lost to Los Vatos Locos and Los Vipers in a cage match for AAA TV taping. That cage match does appear to have taken place on the March 21, 1999 in Chihuahua. However, detailed histories of this championship have been published, and there is no record of Takeda's team defeating Vatos Locos for this championship, as claimed. Vatos Locos are recorded as defending the titles as recently as two weeks before that cage match, which would leave only a little time for a title match. Takeda's team being included in the match suggests they were involved with the titles during that period at that time (none of them were AAA regulars), but there's no record of them being champion.


Takeda's myspace

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
84/?? hair Takeda Tony Barbetta Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
95/06/11 mask Takeda Brazo de Platino Arena El Tapatio, Cd. Juarez
95/07/16 mask Takeda Black Shadow II Mazatlan
95/07/23 hair Takeda Cavernario Galindo Jr. Mazatlan
96/02/23 hair Takeda El Signo Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
97/04/20 masks Takeda & Maravilloso Espanto IV & Espanto V Gim. Municipal, Cd. Juarez
97/07/07 mask Takeda Chupacabras Auditorio Municipal, Cabo San Lucas
98/??/?? masks Takeda & Maravilloso Killer Machine I & Killer Machine II Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
98/??/?? mask Takeda Super Sarahi Coliseo Victorino Durango
98/??/?? mask Takeda Titanic Coliseo Victorino Durango
99/05/09 mask Takeda Coco Amarillo Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
00/06/?? hair Takeda & Enigma Espanto IV & Espanto V Ciudad Juárez
00/10/31 mask(1) Takeda Ave de la Muerte Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
00/12/05 hair Takeda Babe Sharon Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
02/01/01 mask Takeda Zorro (Juarez) Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
02/??/?? mask(2) Takeda Kato Kung Lee Jr. Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
03/??/?? hair Takeda El Chacal Gim. Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Cd. Juarez
10/04/04 mask Takeda Hijo de Pierroth Club Deportivo Unidos, Cd. Juarez
(1)3 way involving Black Fish; (2) 3 way involving Black Fish


mask vs mask against Brazo de Platino
winning Brazo de Platino's mask
winning Coco Amarillo's mask