Cavernario Galindo Jr.

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Cavernario Galindo Jr.
Cavernario Galindo Jr.
Name Cavernario Galindo Jr.
Real name Gerardo Marentes Durán
Name history Latino (debut), Gran Cosaco, Cavernario Galindo Jr.
Family unrelated to Cavernario Galindo
Maestro(s) Héctor López, Halcón Suriano, La Sombra
Birth date, location November 4, 1954 - Torreón, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location March, 1982 - Auditorio Municipal de Torreón - Torreón, Coahuila
Lost mask to Águila Azul - 1982
Height 170 cm
Weight 72 kg (on his debut)
Signature moves La Cavernaria
Titles: Northern Welterweight Championship, Panamericano Championship, Texas Middleweight Championship


Laguna based luchador rudo since 1982. He was trained by Héctor López and continued with Halcón Suriano and La Sombra and spent four years to become a professional wrestler. His debut was on March, 1982, he went in a tag team match with Estrella Azul against El Canalla and Mano Blanca. Began under the name of Latino as a técnico enmascarado, however he made the rudo turn and stayed on that side for the rest of his career. His time as enmascarado was short-lived, lost his mask barely two months after his debut. Nevertheless, that loss did not affect his career; he made a rudo turn and he enjoyed it and felt more comfortable without the mask.

Used the name of Cavernario Galindo Jr. with the permission of Rodolfo Galindo, but he previously wrestled as El Gran Cosaco for about a year until he received the Copyright approval to use the Cavernario name. Both Cavernarios made tours together. Cavernario Galindo Jr. wrestled in almost all over Mexico, in small and big arenas, also in venues in The United States. Well known for his rudo style and a fan favorite. In despite of being a lightweight wrestler, he was able to raise in the ranks and to go against much heavier opponents. Had memorable matches against Rubén Juárez, Fabuloso Blondy, Rick Patterson, Gigante Silva, and more.

Retired of the active competition on 2007 due to health issues. As Cavernario Galindo Jr. never lost an apuestas match, but he decided to shaved his head voluntary on the ring by Stuka.

Has been promoter and coordiantor at Arena Colón. There is a new Cavernario Galindo Jr. wrestling under his permission.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1982/??/?? mask Águila Azul Latino unknown
1982/??/?? hair Centella Azul Latino unknown
1988.12.11 hairs Latino & Gran Danton Via Aerea & Via Lactea I Plaza de Toros Valente Arellano, Torreón, Coahuila
1990/06/03 hair Latino Llamarada Plaza de Toros de Torreón - Torreón, Coahuila
1994/03/?? hair Latino Llamarada unknown
??/??/?? hair Cavernario Galindo Jr. Gran Davis unknown
??/??/?? hair Cavernario Galindo Jr. Stuka unknown
??/??/?? hair Cavernario Galindo Jr. Espanto IV unknown
1995/06/11 hair Cavernario Galindo Jr. Escorpio III Arena El Tapatío - Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
2001/11/29 hair Cavernario Galindo Jr. Conflictus Arena Olímpico Laguna