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many other luchadors have used the name Titán


Name Titán
Real name unrevealed
Name history Palacio Negro (debut? - 2011), Titán (2011 - )
Maestro(s) Gran Cochisse, Satánico
Birth date, location October 15, 1990 - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location 2008
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm/5'7"
Weight 85 kg/187 lb
Signature moves various rope flip moonsaults, Titanics, El Inmortal, La Cruceta, Nudo Marino, Springboard Lanza
Titles: 2009 Torneo Tanque Dantes (w/Guerrero Samurai II), Occidente Middleweight Championship, Mexican National Welterweight Championship (2), Mexican National Trios Championship (w/La Mascara & Rush), 2014 Copa Express, DTU Nexo Championship w/Tritón (CMLL), CMLL Reyes del Aire (2019), CMLL World Welterweight Championship, Leyenda de Plata (2021), CMLL World Tag Team Championship (w/Volador Jr.)


Exciting wrestler who made his debut in late 2008 working local CMLL shows in Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara. Often teamed with his friend Saturno in the early days. The first big win of his career came on July 19, 2009, when he won a Cage of Death Match to unmask Azazel. Gained more attention for his crazy high-flying maneuvers. Debuted in Mexico City as part of the Mexican National Trios Contenders Tournament, 2010 with fellow Guadalajara natives Metal Blanco and Sagrado. Returned to Guadalajara for a few months, but returned to Mexico City in April for the Gran Alternativa and Forjando un Idolo tournaments. He and Metal Blanco continued to team, though no longer with Sagrado.

Both Palacio and Metal Blanco disappeared from Mexico City in early November. The two were brought back a few weeks later (their third debut in under a year) as Titán and Tritón, new proteges of Shocker, to feud with Reyes de la Atlantida. Metro was also announced as part of this iteration of the Guapos, but had little involvement after the press conference. Titán and Tritón appeared to stay away from their previous signature moves to conceal the identities, but it was obvious to all who knew the previous gimmicks by their first match. CMLL itself did not initially acknowledge the previous identities, but it was not treated as a secret in Guadalajara, and luchadors alluded to their previous identity. (After some time, the pretense of hiding the former gimmicks was dropped altogether.)

The rivalry with Atlantis' trio was short lived: It only lasted two weeks before Shocker was temporarily left out of CMLL due to personal problems. Titán and Tritón did not fare well in the weeks that followed, and CMLL linked their losing streak with the need for a mentor. However, the whole concept was dropped, and Titán and Tritón resumed wrestling in terceras with no particular direction. When Shocker did return to CMLL, his group was not reunited.

The breakthrough opportunity for Titán came in mid-2012, during the first season of En Busca de un Ídolo. Aided heavily by winning the fan voting each week, he reached the finals and beat Euforia to win the tournament. As a result, Titán moved up the CMLL cards (thus ending his regular partnership with Tritón) and was given several memorable singles matches in the second half of the year. Among these, he beat Pólvora to start his first Mexican National Welterweight Championship reign and successfully defended that title against Averno.

After participating in FantasticaMania 2013, Titán was forced to vacate the National Welterweight title in March due to surgery for a hernia that he had been enduring for some months prior. However, he returned to action before CMLL could finish a tournament to decide a new champion, and in time to participate in the NJPW's Best of the Super Juniors tournament, his second trip to Japan of the year.

Throughout the remainder of 2013, Titán feuded with Averno, the new National Welterweight champion; crashing into the ringside barricade during singles matches against Averno became a recurring storyline. Meanwhile, Titán became part of an unlikely trio with Rush and La Máscara and won the Mexican National Trios Championship, and was booked unusually often in Arena México Friday lightning matches. He finished a strong second half of 2013 by recovering the welterweight title from Averno in early December and winning his block of the 2013 Leyenda de Plata tournament shortly thereafter. Although he lost to Negro Casas in the final of the tournament, he earned Negro's respect in the process.

Although a self-professed fan of lucha extrema, Titán nonetheless thrives in CMLL's more conservative environment, particularly in singles matches. Given his creativity and talent within that framework, as well as his standing in the roster, CMLL is probably currently the best place for him and the longevity of his career.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
09/07/19 mask (1) Palacio Negro Azazel Arena Coliseo Guadalajara- Guadalajara
11/09/30 hair (2) Palacio Negro Loco Max Arena Coliseo Guadalajara- Guadalajara
(1)8 man cage involving Azazel, Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro, Idolo, Virgo, Rey Trueno, Rafaga, Guerrero Samurai II. (2)14 man cage involiving Metal Blanco, Toscano, Palacio Negro, Guerrero Maya, Ángel de Plata, Delta, Okumura, Leono, Yoshihashi. Leo, Maléfico, Sagrado, Pólvora, Loco Max


Mexwelter titan2.jpg
Titan cmll 2.jpg
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Titan in stands.jpg
7.30.21 - Winning the Leyenda de Plata

7.30.21 - Winning the Leyenda de Plata
2.25.22 wearing Barbaro Cavernario gear


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