Mexican National Welterweight Tournament, 2013

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CMLL announced the Mexican National Welterweight Championship on March 21st, 2013 was vacant. Reigning champion Titan gave up the championship due to injury.

A tournament to determine a new champion started on April 19. It was a two week ten man cibernetico, where the final two left in the cibernetico would meet in a three fall match the following week.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Sangre Azteca Fuego
2 Guerrero Maya Jr. Volador Jr.
3 Fuego Tiger
4 Namajague DQ
(foul on Rey Cometa)
5 Rey Cometa Averno
6 Tiger Valiente
7 Valiente Volador Jr.
8 Volador Jr. Mistico II
Averno & Mistico II advanced to the next week

Averno defeated Mistico to won the championship on April 26.