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El Halcón (The Hawk)
El Halcón (The Hawk)
Name El Halcón (The Hawk)
Real name José Luis Melchor Ortiz
Nicknames none
Name history Orfeo Negro (Black Orpheus) (debut-69), Bengala (69 - 70), Argos (70 - 12/71), Danny Ortiz (12/71 - 73), El Halcón (73 - 78), Halcón Ortiz (07/77 - 06/84), Horus/Super Halcón (06/84 - )
Family Super Halcón Jr. (son)
Maestro(s) César del Rio Gil, Ángel Negro, Pedro Nieves, Ray Mendoza, Rafael Salamanca
Birth date, location July 23, 1947 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 1968 - Cancha San Pedro - Puebla, Puebla
Lost mask to Mil Máscaras (July 26, 1977 in Mexico, 1978 in Japan) as Halcón
Height 5'10"/179 cms
Weight 231 lbs/105 kg
Signature moves Dandina (La Magistral), Running Tope Suicida, Flying elbowdrop
Titles: Puebla Tag Team Championship (w/Tony Garcia), Arena Mexico Tag Team Titles (w/ El Solitario), National Heavyweight Title (5, three times as Halcón, once as Halcón Ortiz, once as Super Halcón), Northern Tag Team Titles (w/ Ciclón Veloz Jr.), NWA Americas Tag Team Titles (w/ Chavo Guerrero), World Class/Texas: NWA American Tag Team Titles (4, w/ Jose Lothario three times, w/ Kerry Von Erich), World Class: NWA American Heavyweight Title (2), WWA World Heavyweight Title (as Super Halcón), MAWA World Heavyweight Championship


He wanted to be a football player, he enrolled in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, he found the offices closed and he passed by the gymnasium and saw people training Olympic Wrestling and he thought it was easy, but he learned that it was not. He trained with that group and he was beaten. Later on he learned Cesar del Rio Gil was selected to participate in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 1964, since then he wanted to become a professional wrestler, but there was no one who train formally in that discipline. The spent time practicing Olympic and Greco-Roman wrestling where he began to outstand his inspiration were Black Shadow, Rolando Vera, Rene Guajardo and Apolo Curiel. He combined Lucha Libre with Olympic Wrestling. He was invited by his maestro Pedro Nieves to an event at Cancha de San Pedro in Puebla, Puebla. There was a wrestler missing for the first match, Pedro Nieves asked him if he could take that place and he accepted and made his debut. Three months later he was main eventer in that arena wrestling alongside Bobby Bonales, Espectro and the best wrestlers of that time. The wrestler's name who missed that date was Orfeo Negro and he took that identity for four years. As Orfeo Negro he won the Puebla Tag Team Championship with Tony Garcia against Los Hermanos Buitre.

Sometime later he was training at Arena Mexico, and he wanted to be a professional wrestler formally, in order to do so he was helped by Ray Mendoza. Went under different identities, such as Bengala, then he assumed another identity. Atila gave him a mask which he modified to assume the gimmick of Argos, he used that name for a season in Cancha de San Pedro and other places. He met Angel Negro (Karloff Lagarde's brother) and El Pulpo helped him in is early career. Practiced both disciplines Lucha Libre and Olympic Wrestling at the same time. He was national champion in Greco Roman wrestling and represented Mexico in Panamerican Games. He took the decision to become professional, and was supported by Ray Mendoza. He continued his training with Rafael Salamanca and prior his debut Salamanca recommended a name him there was a Danny Hass and Salamanca thought in the name of Danny Ortiz for his trainee.

His debut as Danny Ortiz was on December 8, 1971 in a tag tournament with Tino Herrera. He wrestled under that name for about a year with his ups and downs. There was a contest at El Halcon Magazine, to find a new luchador and they required a wrestler to be the image of the magazine. He was selected among the 12 candidates, he made his debut as Halcon on 1973. He became a big draw and received championship opportunites. There were conflicts between wrestling magazines with the use name of the name El Halcon, nevertheless this did not damage him in any way. He was still a draw and supported by the crowd. After his mask loss on 1977 against Mil Máscaras, he turned into a rudo. He kept winning Championships and received many opportunities. He had epic matches against Sicodelico, Dos Caras, Espanto II, Black Man, and more. There was another notable feud against Los Hermanos Dinamita, particularly with Cien Caras. On 1984, they protagozied a championship match with a controversial result in which Cien Caras became the new Mexican National Heavyweight Champion. Wrestled against Harley Race many times for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Mexico and all over Texas and they always tied. Harley Race himself stated that the best luchadors of Mexico were Alfonso Dantes and Halcon. He made tours in the United States and Japan. Even when he remasked as Super Halcon, he was supported by the people. His retirement match was on 1989 in the lucha de apuestas against Rayo de Jalisco Jr. He made special appearances his last match was on 2000 in the event of "Las Cuatro Decadas", there was another in Arena Naucalpan and the last was in El Audaz's retirement event.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
70's/??/?? mask El Halcón Spoiler Texas
??/??/?? hair El Halcón Gran Davis Arena Pueblo Nuevo - Mexicali, Baja California
1975/03/07[1] hair Halcón Ortiz Raúl Reyes Arena Mexico
1975/05/01 masks Dr. Wagner & El Halcón Los Gemelos Diablo Plaza Mexico - México City
1975/11/07 hair Halcón Ortiz Raul Reyes Arena Mexico
1977/07/22 hair (1) El Halcón Alfonso Dantés Arena México - Mexico City
1977/07/29 mask Mil Máscaras El Halcón Arena México - Mexico City
1977/12/02 hair Halcón Ortiz Herodes Arena México - Mexico City
1978/09/13 mask Mil Máscaras El Halcón Japan
1979/03/02 hair Halcón Ortiz Pak Choo Arena México - Mexico City
1981/06/12 hair Halcón Ortiz Adorable Rubí Arena México - Mexico City
1981/06/26 hair Alfonso Dantés Halcón Ortiz Arena México - Mexico City
1981/10/23 hair Halcón Ortiz Herodes Arena México - Mexico City
1982/04/30 hair Halcón Ortiz Tony Benetto Arena México - Mexico City
1982/06/18 hair Halcón Ortiz Adorable Rubí Arena México - Mexico City
1983/11/18 hair Halcón Ortiz Tony Benetto Arena México - Mexico City
1984/04/01 hair Halcon Ortiz Popitekus Arena México
1984/04/08 hair Halcón Ortiz Pirata Morgan Arena México - Mexico City
1984/06/15 hair Cien Caras Halcón Ortiz Arena México
1989/04/23 mask Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Super Halcón Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
1990/11/04 hair Macho I Super Halcon Pista Arena Revolucion
(1) Triangle match with Mil Máscaras
  1. One of two apuesta matches in the same year


Halcón Ortiz
Super Halcón
Super Halcon
Super Halcón
Super Halcón
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winning Los Gemelos Diablos' masks
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with Lizmark
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father and son

winning Spoiler's mask
as Argos
as Orfeo Negro
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Halcon chavo guerrero.jpg
with Jose Lothario as World Class/Texas: NWA American Tag Team Champions
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