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For other wrestlers who have used the name Metro, see this page.


DMT Azul
DMT Azul
Name DMT Azul
Real name
Nicknames La Joya Del CMLL, La Joya Más Valiosa De La Lucha Libre
Name history Romano (2007 – 2009), Metro (2009 – 2012), Diamante Azul (2012 - 2021), DMT Azul (2021 -)
Maestro(s) Franco Colombo, Tony Salazar
Birth date, location December 20, 1983 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 2007 - Arena Neza, Nezahualcoyotl
Lost mask to
Height 183 cm/6'0"
Weight 120 kg/264 lb
Signature moves El Escudo, German Suplex
Titles: Club Coralillos Heavyweight Championship, CMLL International Gran Prix 2017, CMLL Leyenda Azul Tournament 2012, CMLL Parejas Increíbles Tournament 2019 (Puebla Version) (w/Tiger), CMLL World Tag Team Championship (2, once w/Atlantis, once w/Valiente), Distrito Federal Heavyweight Championship, Mexican National Heavyweight Championship, Mexican National Trios Championship (2, once w/Máscara Dorada & Stuka Jr., once w/Delta & Stuka Jr.), NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship, Occidente Heavyweight Championship, Producciones TC Absolute Heavyweight Championship, The Crash Heavyweight Championship


Third Mexico City–based wrestler to use the name Metro in short order. He uses the same red and yellow color scheme as those before him, but his outfit is redesigned.

Turned up on a couple Arena Neza cards in late 2007. Vanished until the end of 2008, where he started working openers in Arena Coliseo. He never appeared under that name in Arena México and was taken back off the shows after just a few weeks. It's possible the promotion already had decided on big plans for him and wanted to make sure he wasn't known under the previous name.

He started as Metro on January 27, 2009, although he still continued to work as Romano on non-CMLL shows for a couple months. Metro immediately was springboarded to the tercera level on non-Friday cards, and rose to semi-main (and occasional main events) by the end of his first year. To start year two, Metro captured the Mexican National Trios Championship, with new partners Máscara Dorada and Stuka Jr.

Unlike most of CMLL's técnicos of his age and experience, Metro is more of a power type wrestler, not a high flyer. His German suplex finish fits that mold, a strength move uncommon as a finish for natives.

Metro has leaped over many more experienced wrestlers in his short CMLL career. Presumably, this means CMLL is high on him, but we may not know for sure until he takes on a character that's not so obviously sponsored.

On February 16, 2012, Metro was repackaged under the ring name "Diamante Azul" (Blue Diamond), wearing a mask, trunks and cape very closely resembling Blue Demon. This would instantly draw the ire of Blue Demon Jr.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2017/03/17 mask Diamante Azul Pierroth (CMLL) Arena Mexico - Mexico City, Mexico


as Romano
At Arena Coliseo
Nwalh diamanteazul.jpg
Using the German Suplex

Diamante azul.jpg
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Tribute to Mr. Niebla

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