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Caifán Rockero II
Caifán Rockero II
Name Caifán Rockero II
Real name Sergio García Mendoza
Name history Pequeño Powe (debut), Espadachin II, Robin, Guerrero Ninja, Caifán Rockero II/Caifán II
Family Caifán Rockero I (brother)
Maestro(s) Panthro,Cachorro Zapata
Birth date, location February 26, 1976- San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Obituary date
Debut, location 1992
Lost mask to
Height 164 cm
Weight 71 kg
Signature moves Running Somersault Plancha (through the ropes), Victory Roll (off the top rope), Asai Moonsault(outside the ring), Springboard Moonsault Plancha
Titles: Nuevo Leon Junior Tag Team Titles (w/ Caifán Rockero I) , Northeast Tag Team Title (w/ Caifán Rockero I)


Early Life

Very talented luchador from the Monterrey area. His interest in lucha libre began when he was 4 years old. His idol and role model was and is Pequeño Diamante. He used to watch Pequeño Diamante as tag team partner of Mario Segura. His father brought him to lucha libre events. During his childhood his brother and him used to work as paperboys and selling candies. If they sold 30 newspapers they received courtesy passes to lucha libre shows at Arena Coliseo Monterrey at the general area. Sergio always wished to touch a luchador, when his father took them to the local shows they always went in the general area and the courtesy passes were for the general area as well and the fence that divided the sections of the Arena made it impossible. They used to see the most notable wrestlers of that time such as Panterita del Ring, Jerry Estrada, and more. His passion for this sport made him want to become a professional wrestler.

Early Career

Began his training with Panthro and continued with Cachorro Zapata. His debut was on 1992 in an event celebrated at a barrio unmasked under the name of Pequeño Power. Then he teamed up with Estrella Fugaz and assumed the identities of Los Espadachines I & II (he was Espadachin II) but that tag team was short-lived, he also went as Robin for a short period of time. He eventually became El Guerrero Ninja, with this gimmick he wrestled for four years and presented in Arena Coliseo Monterrey and teamed up with Los Orientales I & II.

Los Caifanes Rockeros

As El Guerrero Ninja, he was known as an spectacular tecnico while his borther Caifan was a rudo with a strong wrestling style. They were rivals and protagonized strong matches. Lic Genaro Saul Reyes Calderon had the idea of teaming them. He believed that with the espectacular moves of Guerrero Ninja and the stiff wrestling style of Caifan would make an unique tag team. There is some influnence in the Rock en Español band for the tag team name. Sergio left behind his former gimmick and teamed with his older brother as Los Caifánes Rockeros, but Super Parka suggessted to shorten their ring names just to Caifanes making easier to recall and cheer for the fanss. They immediatly impressed everyone from the live crowds to the crowds watching Arena Coliseo Monterrey TV on the internet to the promoters. The team was even compared to Los Gringos Locos and began using their old superplex/frog splash to finish matches and wrestling gears as a tribute. They also innovated with moves lf their own. Los Caifanes were nicknamed as "Los Hijos del Pueblo" and "Los Hijos del Cerro de la Silla" due to their humble personalities.

Notable Feuds

They eventually began a feud with Los Orientales which led to many great tag team and trios matches. The peak of the feud occured on July 8, 2001 at Arena Coliseo de Monterrey as the teams faced off in an epic masks vs hairs match where the rudos ended up bald. The match got tons of praise locally, in some national magazines and in various tape trading circles. The teams would continue their feud for many years to follow with a twist being added as Los Caifanes became the tecnicos and Los Orientales were the rudos. During that time period a new Caifán made his debut but it was short-lived.

Another rivalry they had was against Alan Stone & Chris Stone in which they protagonized epic matches. They also went into important rivalries agaisnt Los Porros which led to a lucha de apuestas; and Los Pilotos. One more longtime rivalry was against los Diluvios Negros I & II which lead to series of matches involving championships and even cash.

When Caifan Rockero III left the trio, he was replaced by Raiden. They went against a powerful trio as Virus, Ricky Marvin & Volador Jr. They held a feud against La Familia de Tijuana and had series of matches different venues. He debuted Extreme Tiger and Místico in Monterrey.

One of his most difficult matches of his career was against Chucho Mar Jr. who previously won a lucha de apuestas match against his brother. Caifan II had to avenge Caifan. He went against a formidable rival with a vast experience in Olympic wrestling. He succeeded in taking Chucho Mar Jr's hair.

Retirement and Return

In September 24, 2006 he announced his retirement from wrestling. On 2017 he decided to make a comeback and go in tag team matches with his brother. Despite of his great talent he had been thinking on retiring definitively, because the opportunities that he had received recently are not what he expected. In 2018 he had appearences on a part-time basis in independent events in matches that the crowd throw money to the ring.

One of his beliefs is making the difference in each bout. Wrestling as it was the last match giving all his courage and heart.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
01/07/08 hairs Orientale I & Orientale II Caifán Rockero I & Caifán Rockero II Arena Coliseo - Monterrey, Nuevo León
03/11/30 masks Caifán Rockero I & Caifán Rockero II Piloto Negro & Piloto Suicida (Monterrey) (not L.A. one) Gimnasio Nuevo León - Monterrey, Nuevo León
04/¿?/¿? Masks(1) Caifán &Caifán Rockero II Piloto Suicida&Piloto Negro Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
04/07/18 hair Caifán Rockero II Chucho Mar Jr. Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo León
06/06/11 hairs Diluvio Negro II & Los Caifanes Rockeros I & II Leon Rojo, Obett & Perico Arena Solidaridad - Monterrey, Nuevo León
(1) Triangular with Moro III & Leopardo Negro