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The group has gone through various incarnations in various organizations including AAA, CMLL, XPW, WWA & various independent groups. The constant in all its incarnations has been founding member Halloween.

Before, and during, the CMLL stint, Familia de Tijuana was a different group based in Tijuana itself. Besides those in CMLL, Rey Misterio Sr., Konnan (not from Tijuana, but a trainee of Rey Sr.) and Lady Victoria were notable members, but many of the top regular stars in Tijuana either joined the group or fought against it at one point or another.

In CMLL, the trio started as Halloween, Damian 666 and Nicho. When Nicho left/was dropped from CMLL, Halloween and Damian worked as a tag team primarily (and did the same in other promotions. Mr. Aguila was added as a third around the time the group became part of Perros del Mal.

When Halloween jumped to AAA, he recruited Extreme Tiger as a member while being a part of Mexican Powers. Extreme Tiger was convinced and joined Halloween, turning on stablemate Joe Lider. Nicho was then brought in a the third man for a brief time and then he no-showed several AAA shows when La Familia was in trios matches leading to Tijuana's TJ Extreme to replace Nicho. Extreme was later accepted as the new member to replace Nicho. This version did not last too long either as TJ was not a regular in AAA for long and by the fall after losing the AAA World Tag Titles to La Hermandad Extrema, Halloween left leaving Extreme Tiger alone in AAA.

With Halloween, Damian 666 and Mr. Aguila all on the independent scene, it was just a matter of time before they teamed up again. They haven't used this team name, but remain united under the Perros del Mal label.

After Damian, Halloween, X-Fly left AAA and Perros del Mal in March 2012, they along with Damian's son Bestia 666 started wrestling the La Familia de Tijuana name for various Mexican indepedent promotions. Halloween's involvement was short lived however as he jumped back to AAA. Several wrestlers replaced Halloween over time including Nicho and Extreme Tiger. Halloween himself would eventually return after leaving AAA.


Tijuana Members

CMLL Members

  • Damian 666
  • Halloween
  • Nicho

AAA Members

IWRG Members