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Robin Hood/Brazo Cibernetico was called Atomo in CMLL for a portion of 1992


Zacarias el Perico
Zacarias el Perico
Name Zacarias el Perico
Real name
Nicknames (as Ultimonito) Monoblock, Kemonote, Ultimonito de la Atlantida, Minimo
Name history Drag (debut-?), KeMorito (Laguna, - 07), Ultimonito (05/07 - 11/07?), Atomo (11/06/07 - rarely after 04/08?), Perico/Zacarias (July 2011 - current)
Maestro(s) Ultimo Guerrero
Birth date, location January 8, 1992- Matamoros, Tamaulipas
Obituary date
Debut, location 2007
Lost mask to
Height 3' 10"/117 cm
Signature moves La Silla, tope en reversa, flying butt-bump, Moonsault, 619
Titles: Mini Del Norte Championship

Micro luchador who's best known as Zacarias el Perico, the tiny bird who interferes in matches and gives tecnicos 619s.

He was introduced in 2011 as a mascot for Rey Bucanero, who had just joined the La Peste Negra comedy rudo group. Zacarias ended up accompanying all the Peste Negra members as the comic foul to Kemonito. Zacarias briefly left Peste Negra with Bucanero when Bucanero formed the TRT trio with Terrible & Texano Jr., but these more serious rudos kicked him out of the group and Zacarias returned to Peste Negra quickly. He's been the mascot of the group ever since. (Rey Bucanero now jokingly claims Zacarias became a big star and left his friend Bucanero behind.)

In 2014, Zacarias was used to add more members to the Peste Negra group. He explained to Mr. Niebla that he had found his own mascots outside of Arena Mexico, and introduced Niebla to Barbaro Cavernario and Herodes Jr. as new members.

In 2017, CMLL brought back micro matches. Zacarias and Mije were the lead rudos against Micro Man and El Gallito. Zacarias debuted a new mask design in the future match, apparently helping his visibility and maneuverability.

Mini Maximo?

Zacarias is thought to have performed as other characters in CMLL, but it's not clear. He was believed to be Mini Maximo at one point, though there's another Mini Maximo who also ended up using the gimmick. CMLL at one point aired a vignette with both of Zacarias & Mini Maximo, which could be seen as disprove or winking at the same person working twice on some shows.

It's possible he was also a Ultimonito, the mascot of Guerreros del Atlantida and the rudo rival of Monito or Atomo, a short lived minis character - but those also could have been the other Mini Maximo.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2008/12/?? mask Mini Maximo La Novia de Chucky Gomez Palacio, Durango
(1) 5 way Mask/Hair Match vs. Pentagoncito,Chucky (La Laguna), Ricky Estrada, La Novia de Chucky


in Merida
being abused by Shocker
In Olimpico Laguna
Pentagoncito vs Atomo
In the right with Mascarita Dorada
Moonsault towards Semental and Pentagoncito
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Guerreros Laguneros
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Mascots: Ultimonito (original) * Ultimonito

La Peste Negra
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