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Super Muñeco (Super Toy)
Super Muñeco (Super Toy)
Name Super Muñeco (Super Toy)
Real name Hebert Alejandro Palafox Montiel
Nicknames none
Name history El Sanguinario Jr. (debut 1979-1984), Super Muñeco (november 20, 1983 - )
Family El Sanguinario (father), El Tramposo/Sanguinario Jr., Super Muñeco Jr., Sanguinario Jr. III (brothers) {neither is the AAA Sanguinario}
Maestro(s) El Sanguinario, Pedro Nieves, Alejandro de Alba , Costeño Nava, Tiburon Negro
Birth date, location April 1, 1962 - Mexico City
Obituary date February 9, 2022
Debut, location March 22, 1982
Lost mask to
Height 5'7"/170 cms
Weight 216 lbs/98 kg
Signature moves Swastika, Tope Suicida, Bobbing his head
Titles: AWWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title, WWA World Middleweight Title, Distrito Federal Trios Titles (w/ Super Ratón & Super Pinocho), AWWA Trios Titles (w/ Super Ratón & Super Pinocho), National Trios Titles (x2, w/ Rey Misterio Jr. & Octagon/Angel Azteca & Hijo del Santo), WWA World Trios Titles (x2, w/Super Pinocho & Super Raton)


Super Muñeco was a journeyman wrestler working as Sanguinario Jr. (no relation to the Sanguinario that died in 2002) and other names, who switched to Super Muñeco in the early 80s for the Pavillion Azteca promotion. When in the late 80s he was found by Benjamin Mora, who at the time ran the Baja California area (Tijuana) and had just bought the "Lucha Libre" magazine from Valente Perez, he was given a big push right away. Just to put things into perspective, "Lucha Libre" was the magazine that 'created' characters like Mil Mascaras and Tinieblas, and it was pretty much like a Mexican Apter Mag, putting on the cover the "cool" guys they liked like Dos Caras, Canek, etc., so being featured on covers with Santo Jr. or Atlantis helped.

At first he was really resented and many old-schoolers would semi-shoot on him (they would work really stiff on him, potato him, etc. every night) because they hated to be selling for a clown, but eventually he proved himself as a good worker (back then he was sort of good) and good draw, so they all loved working with him.

His team with Super Ratón (a little dude built like Mighty Mouse...sorta like a 5'3" Jim Duggan with the big chest) and Super Pinocho (Pinocchio). Pinocho was a poor worker but Raton used to be pretty good. They worked a fast comedy style, and soon became draws with the kids. For a short while, they were awesome draws, getting sellouts at Arena Mexico for a masks vs. masks match with the four Tortugas Ninja (they teamed with Coliseo 2000, who was Muñeco's protege), and drawing 17,500+ in Monterrey for a mask match against Los Thundercats (Leono, Tigro and Panthro).

One funny thing about the Ninja Turtle or Thundercats kind of gimmicks is that usually under the mask there would be an awesome underrated worker, like a Lasser or Skayde type.

Anyway, they got into AAA because they were almost tailor made for Peña's promotion as comedy workers who could do fun stuff, but their trio career in there got killed when Pinocho shoot unmasked La Parka. Back in 1992 during the "TV boom" there was like 14 or 15 different magazines, and they would try anything to get some leverage over the others. For whatever reason, AAA banned "Titanes del Ring" photographers from taking pictures, but they eventually came back. Pinocho was best buddies with a photographer of "Titanes del Ring", who suggested him to unmask Parka so he could take a good picture, and the magazine next week would have a "FRAUD! Parka is Principe Island!" (his former gimmick) cover, which also served as revenge.

Pinocho got such heat for that, that he was blacklisted from AAA and many wrestlers vowed to shoot on him if they were with him in the ring. He even retired for a while so people would "forget".

Anyhow, that started the Muñeco singles push. His work was getting worse even though he could do athletic stuff, but his gimmick worked. He kind of failed in pushes as a major star, and totally bombed as a heel, but stayed a few good years in AAA and eventually left to become and independent contractor which is what he is now. His days of being a major draw are long gone, too, but he's still a fairly popular indy star.

Muñeco is also the wrestler with more RECORDED mask & hair match wins than anyone else. Apparently Estrella Blanca (some 60s and 70s indy star) is the one with more mask wins, with the legend claiming 200+, but we have a record of 20 or so from him.

He's won mask matches over legends such as Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Mazinger Z (Majinga Z), Hombre Lobo (The Wolfman), Batman, Destroyer (wait until Yohe reads this one [Smile] ), The Police, Kamikaze Ninja (Yukihide Ueno, who was Battle Ranger in FMW and Policeman in Super Delfin's promotion), Ultra Tiger (a Tiger Mask clone, also was Ueno), Nazi Soldier and the Mummies from Peru I and II. Actually he's won a few semi-major hairs like Espanto Jr., Popitekus, Ray Richard and Medico Asesino Jr.

Our count (as of 2005) says 82 masks and 21 hairs, all documented and verified.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1982/05/23 mask Super Muñeco Intocable Deportivo Ramos Millan, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Hombre Lobo Deportivo Ramos Millan, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Extravagante Deportivo San Pedro Iztacoalco, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Dr. Tortura Cualtla Morelos
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Maquina Asesina Deportivo San Carlos Zarate, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco El Guarura Deportivo Ramos Millán, Iztacalco
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Rayos X Oaxaca, Oax
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Mago Blink Toluca Edo. Mex
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Toro Salvaje Jalapa, Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Angel de la Muerte Centro Social Aragon, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Fantasma Asesino Ciudad Camargo, Chihuahua
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Germano Los Reyes, Edo. Mex
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Kid Bravo Alvarado, Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Astro Azul San Felipe, Baja California
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Caballero de la Muerte Martinez de la Torre,Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Mr. Atomo Centro Social Aragon, D.F.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Enigma Dorado Puebla, Pue.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Dr. Asesino Deportivo Mexico, Puebla
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Galactus Tenango del Valle, Edo. de Mex.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Destroyer Irapuato, Guanajuato
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Black Star Cd. Obregon, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Angel de Puebla Puebla, Pue.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Cuervo Tampico, Tamaulipas
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Caballero Imperial Parral, Chihuahua
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Super Camaro Tampico, Tamaulipas
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Capitan Furia Nogales, Sonora
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Emperador Azteca Culiacan, Sinaloa
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco The Police Celaya, Gto.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Leon de Oro Guanajuato. Gto
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Magnum Irapuato, Gto.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Guardia Imperial Martinez de la Torre, Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Killer Rock Manzanillo Col.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Venganza India Tezihuatlan, Puebla
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Zafiro Imperial Poza Rica, Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Kamikaze Ninja Culiacan, Sinaloa
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Poder Galactico Iguala, Guerrero
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Diabolico X Tehuacan, Puebla
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Saturno Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo
1980s masks Super Muñeco & ? Los Tigres del Ring Tampico, Tamaulipas
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Star Golden Falcon Los Angeles, California
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Espantapajaros Atlixco, Puebla
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Tigre Negro Los Mochis, Sinaloa
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Trueno Negro San Francisco del Rincon, Gto.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Kaiser Huachinango, Puebla
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Principe Zaku Oaxaca, Oax.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Aguila Roja Minatitlan, Ver.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Batman Tepic, Nayarit
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Zodiaco Cocoyoc, Mor.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Huron Ciudad Constitucion, BCS.
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco It(Eso) Villahermosa, Tabasco
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Soldado Nazi Tepeji del Rio, Queretaro
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Sin Cara San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Mancha Negra Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco El Zar de la Muerte Mexicali
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Mr. Kramer Iguala, Guerrero
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Mr. Kramer Iguala, Guerrero
??/??/?? mask (1) Super Muñeco El Hijo de Black Shadow Ciudad Juarez
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Condor de Plata ?
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco La Hormiga Azul ?
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Chacal Los Reyes, Edo. de Mex.
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Zafiro Arena San Juan Pantitlan
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Oso Vikingo Tampico, Tamaulipas
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Rey Vudu Pavillon Azteca
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Yoyo Garduño Puebla, Puebla
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Rey America León, Guanajuato
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Adorable Rubi Torreón, Coahuila
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Principe Odin Irapuato, Guanajuato
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Comanche unknown
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Carlos Plata Mexicali, Baja California
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Ray Richard unknown
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Mohak Pavillón Azteca
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Leon Rojo unknown
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Barba Negra unknown
??/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Dino Curtis unknown
??/??/?? masks Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho & Super Raton Angel Mortal, El Bucles & ??) unknown
1982/10/10 mask Super Muñeco King Lamar Gimnasio Ramos Millan, Iztacalco, Mexico City
1984/03/06 mask Super Muñeco Angel o Demonio Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero
84/06/14 mask Super Muñeco Killer Dog Pavillon Azteca, Mexico D.F.
86/??/?? mask Super Muñeco Azote Negro II Pavillon Azteca
86/06/?? mask Super Muñeco Azote Negro Pavillon Ateca
1986/12/15 mask[1] Super Muñeco Conquistador Pavillon Ateca
1988 masks Super Muñeco & The Kiss Las Momias del Perú I & II Tijuana, Baja California
88/02/26 mask Super Muñeco Mazinger Z Puebla
88/06/26 mask Super Muñeco Azote Negro Pavillon Azteca, Mexico D.F.
88/06/26 hair Super Muñeco Nahur Kaliff Tampico, Tamaulipas
90/12/02 masks Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton & Coliseo 2000 Tortugas Ninja (I, II, III & IV) Arena México - Mexico City
91/06/02 hair Super Muñeco Espanto Jr. Auditorio Municipal - Torreón, Coahuila
91/06/21 hair Super Muñeco Popitekus Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
91/12/08 masks Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho & Super Raton Los Thundercats (Leono, Panthro & Tigro) Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
92/04/?? mask Super Muñeco Ultra Tiger Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
94/11/26 mask (2) Super Muñeco Tornado Negro II Huntington Park, California, USA
95/06/04 mask Super Muñeco Asesino Negro unknown
97/12/25 mask Super Muñeco Medico Asesino Jr. Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
98/04/11 mask Super Muñeco Medico Asesino Jr. Salem, Oregon, USA
??/??/?? hair Super Muñeco Médico Asesino Jr. Rosarito, Baja California
1999/10/30 mask Super Muñeco El Hijo del Huracán Ramírez Gimnasio Municipal - Tecate, Baja California
99/11/26 hair (3) Halloween Super Muñeco Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
00/03/17 mask (4) Super Muñeco Rey Pirata Arena San Juan Paltitlan- Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
00/06/17 mask Super Muñeco Mancha Negra Auditorio Municipal - San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
03/03/16 mask Super Muñeco Escorpión Dorado Arena Poza Rica - Poza Rica, Veracruz
04/05/07 masks Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho & Super Raton Los Black Hunters I/II/III Cancun
04/07/01 mask Super Muñeco Cadaver I Palacio de los Deportes - Tabasco, Tabasco
06/05/14 hair (5) Super Muñeco Fuerza Boricua Polifòrum Zamnà - Merida, Yucatan
07/01/19 mask Super Muñeco Coco Negro Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
07/03/04 hair Super Muñeco Halcon Rojo Polifòrum Zamnà - Merida, Yucatan
07/03/10 mask Super Muñeco Coco Rojo Salon 21 - Miguel Hidalgo, Distrito Federal
07/04/26 hair Super Muñeco Bronco Gimnasio Multidisciplinario de la UAT - Tampico, Tamaulipas
07/06/01 mask(6) Super Muñeco Ku Klux Klan I Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
07/06/28 mask(7) Super Muñeco King Tiger Unidad Agustin Millan, Toluca
09/04/11 hairs Super Muñeco & Super Pinocho Coco Rojo & El Pandita Palenque Victoria de Manzanillo, Colima
09/12/12 hair/masks (8) Super Muñeco & Axel Coco Rojo, Coco Verde & Cocolores Plaza Liberacion - Guadalajara, Jalisco
11/05/22 hair Super Muñeco Latin Boy Reyna Andrea - Mexico City
12/10/06 hair(9) Super Muñeco Scorpio Jr. Arena Lopez Mateos - Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State
(1)Cuadrangular along with Octagon & Hijo del Santo;(2) Relevos suicidas match vs. Piloto Suicida and Sangre Fría; (3) Hair vs. hair even though both were masked;(4) Cuadrangular along with Hijo del Espectro & Mosco De La Merced; (5) Was originally a Mask vs. Mask match but the commision made Boricua unmask before the match and it became a Hair vs. Hair match; (6)Relevos suicidas match with Hijo de Rey Misterio and Ninja; (7) finals of a loser advance tournament; (8) Suicidas: Super Nova & Bobby Lee Jr., Oro II & Fantasma de la Opera (9) Cage Match: Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho, Super Ratón, Black Terry, Shu el Guerrero, Scorpio Jr.
  1. luchablog photolog (2013-09-16 02.30.13)


As Rudo
as Sanguinario Jr. with Silueta & Intocable
With Coco Rojo's Mask
El Trio Fantasia
Lucha 2000's list of claimed Muneco apuesto victories
Super Muñeco.JPG
The night before TODO X EL TODO Showdown
100 1684.JPG
Supermuneco 2007.jpg

withCoco Negro's mask
El Trio Fantasia
with other juniors
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Super muñeco 2019.jpg
FB IMG 1502055475069.jpg
with his many masks
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FB IMG 1468095109447.jpg
FB IMG 1511191331719.jpg
FB IMG 1512747137613.jpg

With his family
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245929894 1104148743450523 8743909136680657042 n11.jpg
earlier mask
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